Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5er in Test

The Wettstreit will be a BMW and Mercedes in the middle of the car and sports vehicles. In the case of the new diesel model, the base gasoline 520i and E 200 with the hybrid hybrid cylindrical turbocharger are used to replace the motor vehicle with the premium model.

Baut BMW bessere Autos als Mercedes? This is because the development of a class of two-wheelers in the field of motor vehicles and sports 20/1976. This is the case with the BMW 520 and Mercedes 200. The E-Class was manufactured in 1993 with the model model W 124. It is classified as the model space in the model space and the market is clearly defined.

Schneller Mercedes

The current E-Class is shaken up to 2020 and is based on a two-phase cylindrical cylinder with 197 PS and a hybrid hybrid. Zen wenig? Immediately the flow rate is “200” of the standard print at 7.8 seconds and 240 km / h.

Hans-Dieter Seufert

The Mercedes is in all areas of the BMW, including the Slalom. It is considered to be 87 kilograms.

The BMW 5er is designed for the “Life Cycle Impulse” wall, with a turbocharged turbocharged engine with 184 PS starting and a 48-volt system. On the 20th of 1976, a motor vehicle was fitted with a motor vehicle, with a cross-section of the grafting machine, 115 PS and a cross-section of the sports field. It is considered that the provisions of this Regulation should be extended to a maximum of 1.7 tonnes.

Sparsamer BMW

BMW 5er

Hans-Dieter Seufert

The BMW is designed to be effective. The test drives a distance of 8.0 l / 100km in half a liter as well as a Mercedes. In addition, the fastest eco-driving range is 5.9 l / 100 km (6.3 in Mercedes).

The hybrid system is then used to start and heat the torque. In this case, the automation system is provided to us and is designed to be easy to use. About us? These alternatives to the gears are used in the manufacture of motor vehicles. Beim Übergang von Schub- zu Lastphasen sind kleinere Ruckler zu spüren. The other Disharmonien bleiben jedoch aus.

Alte Werte?

Alternatively, the adaptive temperature control can be carried out in such a way that the water supply can be removed. Sportlichkeit? Now, the dynamics of the dynamics of the BMW are not overestimated. It is possible to carry out the use of water, in which case it is safe to use water. For the purposes of this Regulation, the products referred to above may be used in the manufacture of the E-Class.

Dagegen überzeugt die Fahrassistenz auf ganzer Linie – na ja, fast. These components, the sphincter assistant and the ACC are used as a test device for the purpose of performing the test. The central aid is slowly applied to the deactivator. The “accessories” are designed for the purpose of the bedding, which includes a touch screen and a touch screen and a high-performance display. The menus are logical, clear and wide. To configure the Cockpit display with the display, the Scale display can be found in the image.

BMW 5er

Hans-Dieter Seufert

The iDrive system in BMW is equipped with a three-wheel drive and functions as a touchscreen for benzene.

Zurück zum Fahren: Was a large part of the dampers that did not meet the requirements of the Comfort System. For the purposes of the present case, the BMW is used for the purpose of determining whether the vehicle is equipped with a vehicle. For this purpose, the competent authorities for the application of this Regulation may be excluded from the scope of this Regulation.

The Fund is responsible for the implementation of this Regulation. Einzig der Kofferraum könnte ein paar zusätzliche Ablagen vertragen. This is determined by the fact that the BMW is part of an experimental tank and is equipped with a 68-liter tank. The serial car of the 520i is equipped with a touchscreen with Navigation, Connectivity and entertainment programs.

Charakterliche Annäherung

In 1976, a Mercedes was used as a vehicle manufacturer for the first time. The W 123 may be used for general purpose, for example, and for the purpose. The criteria are set out in this section for motor vehicles and sports equipment. These BMWs and Mercedes are designed to fit the comfort of the BMW and the vehicle. The E 200 is used as a shaker and can be used for all or part of the operation. Woran liegt’s? The Mercedes is equipped with a shuttle with a 275-way reel (!) On the crossbar.

Aberration of the power plant with 245-year winter tires is also suitable for all vehicles. In order to be able to operate comfortably and comfortably, the E 200 is equipped with a Sport mode with a large curve. The rest of the company was allowed to run under the guidance and feedback. It is therefore considered to be a special purpose vehicle for BMW. In the Sport-Plus mode, the hinge can be overwritten with the optional air filter and the power supply unit is fully retracted.

Mercedes: Guter Komfort, schlechte Bedienung

Mercedes E-Klasse

Hans-Dieter Seufert

The capacitance of the capacitor is not subject to overloading and the test is performed on a single ring.

The vehicle is also equipped with a comfort mode that is equipped with the comfort of the vehicle. The type of air is set out in the text of the Financial Regulation. In this case, the E-Class is subject to a control of the gel at the bottom of the bed, which is not particularly short-circuited, and is also used in the form of a blanket with a blanket.

Auch der Motor is only available at this time, after which the vehicle can be fitted to the BMW and can only be used as part of the car, but not with the fixed automation system. The MBUX system can be used for high-speed operation, as well as for menu operation and the use of a touchpad via a touchpad that does not fit the BMW system.

Deutliche Absüge is designed and equipped with high-capacity reactive capacitors and slides, such as entertainment and speed controls. We use BMW to ensure that the equipment is equipped with a power supply that is suitable for the manufacturer.

Sitze mit Langzeitwirkung

In Sachen Wertigkeit bleibt sich der Stern ganz treu three: Offenporiges Holz, feinstes Leder, taktil klickende Regler – only buy a new solid and then have been sold by BMW. Sämtliche Zierleisten schließen perfekt mit ihren Gegenstücken in den Türen ab. Optionally, the multicontractor is equipped with a BMW and is equipped with a special ergonomic office, so that the comfort can be achieved by using the same conditions.

However, the total mass of the E-Class is determined by an automatic system according to the conditions of the roundabout. The position, the system of which is set to a Daimler-Truck-Sparte command, and the position of the system are set out in the menu.

Enclosures in this category: The Mercedes-Options are still available, or the brilliant brand BMW has a chance and is not included in the E-Class for the test – the current number of pre-policies. It is considered that the Rückbank has a fixed number. These vehicles may be used in the same way as motor vehicles from 1976 onwards.

Mercedes E-Klasse, BMW 5er

Hans-Dieter Seufert

The Mercedes dieses Mal, wenn auch nur knapp. The comfort, comfort and top brakes of the kitchen are the same.


Ich mag keine Limousin.

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1. Mercedes E 200
649 points

The rooms are south-west, comfortable and comfortable. The top motifs and the dynamic motivation are obtained. (Lenkrad-) Bedienung nicht optimal, sehr teure Extras.

2. BMW 520i
644 points

Damals are dynamic and have been motorized. These heavy-duty variants and with a high-speed brake are located on the ground floor – the top of the bed.

Technical Data

Mercedes E 200 BMW 520i Luxury Line
Grundpreis € 50,754 € 55,750
Außenmaße 4935 x 1852 x 1460 mm 4963 x 1868 x 1479 mm
Coffer volume 540 l 530 l
Hubraum / Motor 1991 cm³ / 4-cylinder 1998 cm³ / 4-cylinder
Leistung 145 kW / 197 PS and 6100 rpm 135 kW / 184 PS and 5000 rpm
Höchstgeschwindigkeit 240 km / h 235 km / h
0-100 km / h 7.8 s 8.1 s
Verbrauch 8.5 l / 100 km 5.3 l / 100 km
Testverbrauch 8.5 l / 100 km 8.0 l / 100 km

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