Mercedes-AMG SL 43: SL-Einstieg mit Vierzylinder

Mercedes-AMG 2022 is available in other SL versions. The first road roller is connected to a roller cylinder and is not used in the building of SL.

The system is equipped with 190 SL of W 121 and 1,9-liter benzene with a total strength of 105 PS. 60 These measures also apply to modern SLs with a reed cylinder without a tube.


A generator according to M139 is provided with two liters of integrated high-voltage starter generator (RSG), 48-volt circuit board and an electric AMG E-Turbo 381 PS with 14 boosters. The maximum torque is 480 Nm. The cylinder is equipped in a compact model with no electric turbocharger. The SL 43 is tested in the slope and is derived from the Formula 1 E-Turbo.

Directly on the wavelength of the turbocharger – the turbine of the turbocharger is connected to the exhaust gas and the vertical flow of the turbocharger. These gels are electronically tested in the direction of the turbochargers directly and without the use of conventional devices in the conventional manner. It is therefore considered that the said Member States have decided to apply the provisions of this Regulation. It is recommended that the torque be lowered. The turbocharger is used at a rate of 170,000 rpm.

Technical data Mercedes-AMG SL 43

Mercedes-AMG SL 43
Zylinderzahl /-anordnung 4 / R
Hubraum (ccm) 1991
Leistung (kW / PS) 280/381
and / min. 6,750
Low Boost System (kW / PS) 10/14
Torque (Nm) 480
and / min. 3,250 – 5,000
Antrieb Hinterradantrieb
Getriebe AMG Speedshift 9G
Fahrleistungen, Verbrauch, Emissionen
Clearance 0-100 km / h (s) 4.9
Höchstgeschwindigkeit (km / h) 275 (electronically stored)
Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert WLTP (l / 100 km) 9.4 – 8.9
CO2 emissions combined WLTP (g / km) 214 – 201
Maße und Gewichte
Radstand (mm) 2,700
Spurweite vorne / hinten (mm) 1.665 / 1.629
Länge / Höhe / Breite (mm) 4.705 / 1.359 / 1.915
Wendekreis (m) 12.84
Coffer volume (l) 213 – 240
Exemption rate for EG (kg) 1.810
Weight (kg) 335
Felgen vorn: 9.5 J x 19; hint: 11 J x 19
Reifen vorn: 255/45 ZR 19; hinten: 285/40 ZR 19


The high-speed transmission is based on the transfer of the “AMG Speedshift MCT 9G Gearbox” (MCT = Multi-Clutch Transmission). In the case of an operating aid. These are reduced to the design of the model and are then used in the form of spurt and dry sorghum. In the “Sport” and “Sport +” programs, you can also select the “Race Start” mode with the Spurt Assistant.


The 43er model according to the “AMG Ride Control” model is equipped with an optional adaptive measuring device. The upper part of the frame is equipped with a handle, the complete inner part of which is bordered. This is the first step in Mercedes-AMG sales.


The accessories according to the accessories are the following programs: “Comfort”, “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Sport +” and “Individual”. This option is available in the “AMG Dynamic Plus” package and includes the “Race” function. The SL 43 is described as the AMG Dynamics operating system, and the ESP functions for this function are selected.


The optics of the AMG SL 43 are specially designed for the top models 55 4-Matic (476 PS) and 63 4-Matic (585 PS) with V8 engines. The roadster is connected to the front with a barbecue grill and the inertia is shown in the direction of the hose and is also used to make a double-sided operation. Typically, the bodywork is naturally occurring in the case of overhangs and derailed motor vehicles. Both the AMG 19 green metal, the extra-euro shaft and the aerodynamic optimizer 20 and 21 are used. This is indicated by the model cylinder.

Apropos Aerodynamik. The 43er-SL comprises an active airfoil with an horizontal airfoil in the airfoil of the airfoil. Some Mercedes trucks are fully integrated and at 80 km / h are equipped with a trailer coupling. In this optional aerodynamic package, the mains of the feeder and the heavy duty diffuser are included.

We have been responsible for the operation of the electrical system of SL 43 with the electric power supply for a period of 15 seconds. clear – at a speed of 60 km / h.

The SL 43 is an AMG in the form of lacquers and dachts. Zudem stehen drei Exterieur-Pakete for Germany:

  • AMG Chrom-Paket Exterieur: Hochglanzchrom an der Frontschürze, der Seitenschwellerverkleidung sowie am Heck.
  • AMG Night-Package: Exterior elements in the winter and open in the end. In the AMG Night Package II you will find other items in the area. Uk Kühlerverkleidung, Typography and Mercedes-Stern am Heck.
  • AMG Carbon Package Exterior: The components of the carbon monoxide and the front panel and the flame retardant are selected from the combination. These endowments in the carbon monoxide can be used as a diffuser in the carbon or in the carbon monoxide.


The SL 43 digital docking station with a high-speed connection is provided with a high-speed connection between the satellite docking station and the power supply. The turbine conveyor can therefore be used as a power supply in the console. The MBUX infotainment system is based on the generation of AMG-specific inhalers and components on the board, which are electrically and manually installed in the light source and offset. This is the first step in the production of sports equipment in the sports model.


The ad hoc 12.3-inch LCD screen of the combi-instrument is freely conceived, the sonar is integrated in the “visor”, and the spin-off system is evaluated separately.


The V8 model is manufactured in front of 158,240 Euros. 187,098 Euro Euro. The price for the Mercedes-AMG SL 43 is less than 130,000 Euros. The best start is not required.


Oh yeah, and wie das geht!

No, you don’t need a V8!

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Mercedes-AMG is available with an SL 43 version in SL-Welt. For example, the Roadster is equipped with an E-Turbo derailleur and the starter and then the position of the V8 model.


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