Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series: Limitierter Kundensportler

The AMG motorsport is 55 and the same is used with the sounders. The GT Track Series is a state-of-the-art public transport company in the Affalterbach area.

Behind the 55th part of the Mercedes-AMG motor sports in Affalterbach is a sports car for the Reckstreckeneinsatz. For 55 years, the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is limited to 55 copies. For example, Mercedes-AMG has been involved in the field of sports sports and has been involved in sports for Trackdays and Club Sports events.

V8 legt auf 734 PS zu

In the case of the GT Track Series, the rules applicable to the other parts of the GT Track Series do not apply to the power supply of the GT Track Series. The Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series is a 4.0-liter V8 bit turbocharged engine from the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, with a high-pressure and high-speed motor output of 734 PS and a maximum torque of 850 Nm. In this sequence, the HLS 6-Gang-Rectangle with the same difference is found in the kraft and the feeder.

On the other hand, the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series can be used in the construction of the Vier-Wege-Dämpfer from Bilstein. In this case, we also use high-speed and high-speed feeds in the field of printing and printing and other towing. The stabilization is provided in such a way that an individual set-up is obtained.


The aerodynamics are optimized by carbon sequestration.

In addition, the optics and the accessories are connected to a motor vehicle with the help of a stopper, a socket, a safety switch and a socket valve and a socket. The carbon monoxide mixture is selected from the group consisting of carbon monoxide. In the case of elements with a high carbon content, the mixture is formed in a vertical manner, which results in an optimal flow rate. These effective combinations are described as having the effect of reducing the flow to the exhaust and the radiators. This is due to the Diffuse Diffuser in the air.

The front of the exclusive model is based on the fact that AMG has a specific type of high-performance combination. The High-Downforce Fronts are available for the GT Track Series. The aid is based on the mechanical means used. This is based on the Aeroelement of the GT Black Series, which is described above as an auxiliary element. The radiators of the AMG are glossed with an 18-inch cross-section with a more suitable format than the rearrangement. The result is a series of tracks which can be used in the manufacture of silicon with elements in rot and anthracite.

Viel Rennsport, null Comfort

Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series


Hier regiert der Rennsport.

The pilot is then carbon-free, in which case the Sechs-Puncture is fixed, and the transfer is in the form of a carbon-free circuit and a pressure switch. The traction control and the Renn-ABS are slowed down and the reaction is performed. The wax balance system is shown to be suitable for the operation of the feedstock. For ergonomic applications, the circuits and pedals can be set up. The comfort element is adapted to the GT Track Series as a Rennwagen völlig. A total of 1,400 kilograms is sold.

The limitation of 55 copies is limited. Jedes einzelne wird over Handarbeit in Affalterbach gebaut. The “x of 55” – Plaques in the interior are also available in the “Track Series” -Specialization in the frame and in the limited Car Cover of the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series as a unique sound system.

Kundensportrenner costs 369,000 Euro plus Steuern

For the Mercedes-AMG Track Series for the front of the 369.000 Euro building. Optional Mercedes-AMG can be used as an adjustment and maintenance package. The training model is based on the quarter of 2022. The training is based on technical training. We are responsible for the return of individual customers and the use of track days and club sports, as well as for the provision of services for the provision of logistical services in order to ensure optimal performance.


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