Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance

The series of AMG alloys are plug-in hybrids, which are designed to be battery-operated and form a bitumen-V8. Ob das zusammen passt? Lesen sie hier.

Nein – kleiner hatten sie es wohl nicht – in Affalterbach. Mercedes-AMG stands for a high-performance hybrid with a wattage of 2.38 Tons of a GT GT with a system size of 843 PS. Maximal Drehmoment? Eintausendvierhundertundsiebzig Newtonmeter. Null-hundert? 2.9 Seconds. The selection of the GT Coupé Black Series V8 is not limited to the best of Geraden.

Yes, this is not the case. It is therefore assumed that the power supply to the E-Bolide is classified as a power supply. The following measures are taken: The transmission is equipped with a permanent synchronous electric motor (150 kW) plus electronic differential and electronic differential transmission. The E-Motor is designed to stand at 320 Nm, and at 13,500 rpm (140 km / h) in an electric actuator in the Ganges. It is possible to use the other means. Alles schön compact verpackt und nahe der Kardanwelle – getreu dem Motto: kurze Wege, geringe Verlused.

Achslastverteilung 50:50

Other products and oils are treated in the form of Alu-Gehäuse 560 Lithium-Ion-Zellen, which has been used for a total of 14 liters. Low temperature: round 45 degrees. An energy meter with a power of 6.1 kWh or 89 kg is used and the power is ideal, and the energy supply can be fixed or recuperated. In the case of a job, the classic battery life is limited. Klingt nach ganz nach Formula 1? Yes, genau. The F1 experts from Brixworth have been booted. Reichweite? Nebensache. Vielmehr geht es um reine Performance.


Null-hundert? 2.9 Seconds.

Damage to the Kraft and Traction is not carried out by mangel, but AMG is used as a solid form (639 PS, 900 Nm) as well as Neungang-Automatic (Speedshift MCT 9G). A starter generator with 14 PS is added to the feeder, and the mixture is filtered and then removed. These variables are shown to be optimized and the optimization of the airfoil (all series) is limited. 2.38 Tons of the AMG top model in Waage. 245 Kilo als bislang; In this case, the transfer price is not higher than 50:50. The battery is properly heated.

In this case, the energy supply is determined

After a kilometer of curve and a straight line in the area of ​​Seville plus a couple of round trips on the circuit of Monteblanco can be found as follows: After 25 minutes, the mixture is treated with a white solid for one minute. The net included in the tank and the brake system, which can be used for more than 3,000 tours, after which the standard is used.

The new The new Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance: Press Test Drive, Spain 2022


The Cockpit des Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance.

However, in the case of such an operation, the transmission system may be connected to the operating system and the transmission lines of the ESP, the transmission and the transmission network. If the cruise control is also connected to the battery, it is possible to replace the V8, which is unmatched. This measure is based on the provisions of the Federal Law. Ideally, the Spanish spine should be used.

The new The new Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance: Press Test Drive, Spain 2022


The 4.0 liter groove V8 in the front form.

Oder, for example, in Race-Betrieb a further Gebrüll, fröhlichem Turbogezwitscher, at Pufpaff and a massive Schub gen Horizon or a Kehren heraus. The battery is fully charged for a second. Klingt zu kurz? Sicher nicht – nur zu Erinnerung. For vehicles with a maximum speed of 100 km / h per second. Und jetzt noch weitere sieben Sekunden 843 PS? Yes, genau. The right. Immer. Wobei er selbst dann nicht zum brachialen Monster gerät, sondern seine Newtonmeter geschickt zwischen den dick Wels verteilt and sehr beherrschbar bleibt – so that the Assistant Fahrer und Fahrzeug überwachen. ESP Off? Bitte nur auf abgesperrtem Terrain. For this purpose, six, if not all of the products are used. For example, the telemetry of the AMG is used to maintain the temperature of the E-motor, the cells and the generator in the same way. For the purpose of the two-way recuperation (via the mode of operation) and the final dosing of the ceramic-ceramic valve, the output is approximately 100 kW or less.

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For this purpose, the electric power program is switched on, the mains of which are processed on the touchscreen, the mains of the pedal are pressed, and the cardan shaft is pulsed. At a distance of 120 km / h, the PHEV from the Affalterbach is also connected to the power plant and the road is under the Räder. More than one kilometer was measured.

The new The new Mercedes-AMG GT 63 SE Performance: Press Test Drive, Spain 2022


335 Liter Gepäck fasst der Plug-in-Hybrid.

This. This is the case under the auspices of the Motor. The manufacturer is required to carry a 315 or more rubber with a rubber and end grease. The mixture is completely absent in the case and in the hopper. The battery has a capacity of 126 liters. It weighs 335 liters (and has a yield of 380 kg). It is also possible to have a coffee shop. An der Kasse ruft Mercedes 197.600 Euro für seinen PHEV auf. The 900 PS basics are available for around 22,000 Euros and are technically topped off.


Nein, damit verliert er an Charakter.

On the other hand, a high performance is required.

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Schon klar. Dieser Plug-in-Hybrid is available from Greenland. In fact, the performance-oriented hybrid strategy of the AMG family is based on the fact that Kraft is an all-purpose sports car. For PHEVs, these species are then present in Greenland.


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