Meißen: Meißen: The weather forecast is a Breakdancer:

Meißen: The weather forecast is a Breakdancer:

Trotz Regenwarnung fiel der Breakdance-Contest am Sonnabend in Meißen nicht ins Wasser und konnt auf dem Markt ausgetragen werden.

4 Min.

Körperbeherrschung and Spßß am Tanzen show the international part of the Breakdance-Meisterschaft “Down to the Beat” on the Meißner Marktplatz.
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By Beate Erler:

Meißen. Unclewing Klänge ballern am Sonnabendnachmittag über den beschaulichen Marktplatz von Meißen. Dort, wo sonst gemütlich Touristen entlangschlendern, is a große Bühne aufgebaut. A DJ from Czech Republic with Sonnenbrille and Cappy eating the Beats from Pop, Hip-Hop and Funk only with raus. “Wie ist die Stadt Meißen drauf”, the Moderator will say, “Seid ihr bereit für Down To The Beat?” Die Zuschauer, die sich um die Bühne versammelt haben, jubeln. Meißen is international for long-term international breakdance contest.

It is not the first arrangement of the Meißner Kultursommers, but the big bisher. The breakdancer and organizer of the event, Heiko Hahnewald from Porzellanstadt, has found the best Breakdancer in Europe in the city: 16 Groups from the L tretndern third are generated in the KO-System. A straightforward Jury takes over from Tänzern, flies and goes further. The “Crews” also come from Tunisia and Tunisia to Greece, Austria, Ukraine, France and Japan.

“I love you better, your hands are more comfortable”

Naturally there are also local Breakdancer dabei, the Meißen and Sachsen vertreten. The local Tanznachwuchs, the Meißner Formation „AMS Crew“ der Anneli-Marie Stiftung, organized the event. And the lieutenant Paul Schubert will always be with Tänzern from Leipzig and Chemnitz as the crew “The Saxonz” in Dreier-Battle. The cultural director of the city, Sara Engelmann, wrote the international research in English. “Je mehr Lärm ihr macht, desto mehr bekommt ihr geboten”, feuert der Moderator das Publikum noch einmal an. Dann geht es los.

Also check out your account on the booth.

Also check out your account on the booth.
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With the Dreier-Battles is the largest payment area for the Zuschauer large, weil more action on the Bühne is. Every Battle takes less than a minute. “The Jury believes in the musicality of the dancers, the interpretation of the elements and the sharpness of the technique”, says the organizer Heiko Hahnewald. Both the personality and the selfishness on the part of Bühne are important. Meißner freut sich über so viel Publikum. Your elf Jahren hat on schon einmal einen Breakdance-Contest organized, aber nicht in der Größe, sagt er.

All training maps:

The Jungs and Models on the Bühne gesture wildly with the Armenians, who are unequivocally at Boden, drawn to a Hand and the Eagle Körper, made of Powermoves, with the addition of Poses and Figures, all in Secondary. For the next few minutes the T-Shirts are switched on and the Contracts are on hand. The entries are missed, as a jury with a handgun on the Gewinner group is shown.

Cheforganisator Heiki: "Hahny:" Hahnewald raises his property for the Wettbewerb given Pokal in the H .nden.

Cheforganisator Heiki “Hahny” Hahnewald raises his property for the Wettbewerb given Pokal in the Hand.
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What is so cool about Bühne, is in Wirklichkeit maps Training and body care. Erfolgreiche Breakdancer, die damit bei Meisterschaften antreten, trainieren mehrmals die Woche. In addition to physical exercises for training and training to train, you also need fitness training. When you break Breakfast you get more than just Tanzen hand, also, in the year 2024 there is a discipline in the Olympic Games.

“The city is more likely to be organized”

The Tanzform, which was originally from New York in the 1970s, was a part of the hip-hop movement. Breakdance has been obtained and will be avoided on Straße. So wie hute in Meißen, wo die Tänzer ihre athletischen Fähigkeiten dem Publikum präsentieren. And it is supported. A section on the beginning of the event has been added to the market now. Nicht nur junge Leute sind gekommen. Älterer Mann freut sich über so viel Leben auf dem Marktplatz. “It’s always beautiful, because it’s a little bit like it’s”, says Meißner, “the city is full of other arrangements, which are filled with bread.”

Das Publikum jubelte den Tänzern zu.

Das Publikum jubelte den Tänzern zu.
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So is also in Rathaus, das am Sonnabend als Backstage-Raum umfunktioniert wurde. Here ärmen the dancers on, boil together and be eaten with food. Also Meißner Paul Schubert has a lot to say about Battle. Your destination has been opened for a while and only a few minutes have elapsed since the launch. His crew, “The Saxonz”, had just arrived at the German Meister. Today, Crew from the Netherlands “Heavy Hitters” is not the leader for Sieg.

On Sunday, Heiko Hahnewald took a positive step towards the event. “If you have any problems, the market place will be filled with publicity”, he said, “both children and young people want and want to know that Breakdance will be easy.” an Aspect of Culture in Meißen to see. Dreier-Battle has “The Tribe” from Germany and the best Breakdance Girl (B-Girl) is from India and comes from the Netherlands.

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