Mehr Sport war nie – Fahrbericht: Harley-Davidson Nightster

The new nightster, the Harley-Davidsons, have been shown to be capable of being used in the manufacture of sportswear, such as heavy-duty wagons. These gels are treated with a pair of classic self-adhesives.

Fahrbericht: Harley-Davidson Nightster – Mehr Sport war nie – Ähnlich handlich wie die neue Nighster war noch kein anders Motorrad aus Milwaukee

SP-X / Girona. Wers on the waterfront of the Spanish Costa Brava from Tossa de Mar to the center of the country were in Kurventanz ist. Hier Harley-Fahren? The stress is stressful. The exterior of the heating system is based on the following: The 221-kilometer vehicle is equipped with up to 30 kilometers of light-duty 1200-model Sportster models with a power output of up to 20 kW. PS stärker. Nach der Fahrt six die Nightster im Bereich der Fußrasten zwar etwas Material verloren, doch im Hirn ihres Fahrers hat sich die Erkenntnis festgesetzt: Da geht was! Denn ähnlich handlich war noch kein anders Motorrad aus Milwaukee.

In the case of a nightclub, it is possible to use the following conditions: The cylinders of the motors are then made from 60 to 45 degrees, and then the wattage of the air is removed from the air. In this case, the ring is used in the same way as the Tucker-Tucker-style in which the Tacher-Tucker-style is used. The design is best developed for the purpose of the Harley-Tech Revolutionary Technician, so that the equipment used in the sports industry is complete.

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Fahrbericht: Harley-Davidson Nightster - Mehr Sport war nie

It is intended to cover the cost of the transfer of EUR 14,995 to EUR 280 million.

In this case, the silhouette of the nightster is further described by the following elements: Networking. These angels are described as having a dominant position. It is not yet possible to pay for the transfer of EUR 14,995 to EUR 280 million. Viele Flächen erscheinen sterile, haptisch unattraktiv.

From 2021 onwards, 1250er-V2 (“Revolution Max 1250T”) was used as a means of obtaining a variable power supply from the same type as the hub and the head. The maximum output of the 975ers (“Revolution Max 975T”) is set at 7,500 rpm, with a maximum torque of 5,750 rpm at 95 Nm. For this reason, we have the right to use the brackets for the purposes of the sport in the first place in the area of ​​the Costa Brava. The “Wumms” in the field of Harley-Sinn from 975 to all Hightech-Finesen are not used.

The system is connected to the test wheel, and the quickshifter may not be used. The flow rate is harmonized with the position and a maximum of 95 percent and half a ring are used. The rolling stock is provided for this purpose. Kurven sind kein Hindernis, sondern Grund für breites Grinsen. The braking system of the vehicle is designed to be used in such a manner as to ensure that the ABS is protected by a blanket in the form of a blanket and is not fitted with a seal.

The instrumentation of the nightclub is derived from a single spar; The TFT display, which is a 15,000 euro class, is equipped with an analogue analogue with an LC component that is not very clear. The “Rain”, “Road” and “Sport” devices are designed to be compliant with the gas supply system, traction control and ABS control. “Rain” is reduced to 15 km from the motor vehicle. Damit lässt sich prima leben. The Smartphone Integration is not available. For the purposes of this Regulation, the products and compounds of the present invention are used.

We must not have had any of the statutes of the gorillas, which may have been caused by nightfall; in the case of 70 Zentimeters of which the components are equipped with a headlamp according to the conditions of operation of the Anhalten, the handrails of which are connected to the home and function of the light, the LEDs of which are LEDs. In addition, the night swinging of the lock can be extended to the wall. Bleibt nur ein noch die Kernfrage dieser Marke: Was ist dem dem Sound? The aid granted was granted in accordance with the procedure laid down in this Regulation. Allerdings nicht nach Harley. However, these are described as technical measures.

Während Harley-Davidson in Nordamerika 2021 wieder auf den Wachstumspfad zurückgefunden hat, verzeichnet die Motor-Company überall sonst anhaltend rückläufige Zahlen. It is possible to use the new Sportster for this purpose.

Harley-Davidson Nightster – Technical Data:

Engine: Fluidized circuit 60-degree V2 motor, with valve and cylinder, with nozzle oil (DOHC), 975 cc Hub, 66 kW / 90 PS at 7,500 rpm, 95 Nm at 5,750 rpm; Einspritzung, 6 Gänge, Zahnriemenantrieb

Fahrwerk: Stahlgitterrohrrahmen, Motor mittragend, Alu-Heckrahmen; vortex cable ø 41 mm, 11.4 cm Federweg; Stahlprofil-Zweiarmschwinge, zwei Federbeine (Federbasis einstellbar), 7,6 cm Federweg; Aluminum gusset Räder; Reifen 100 / 90-19 (vorne) and 150/80 B 16 (hinten). 32 cm Einscheibenbremse vorne, 26 cm Einscheibenbremse hinten

Accessories: Zweikreis-ABS, 3 Fahrmodi, Traktionskontrolle, Motorschleppmomentkontolle, selbstrückstellende Blinker, Keyless-Startsystem

Weight and width: Radstand 1.545 m, pitch 70.5 cm, yield 221 kg, yield 197 kg; Tankinhalt 11.7 Liter

Fahrleistungen: Höchstgeschwindigkeit 180 km / h; Normverbrauch lt. EU 5 5.1 l / 100 km

Farben: Schwarz, Rot, Grau

Price: from 14,995 Euro

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