McLaren stürzt in Bahrain ab: Das Rätsel MCL36

Derived from the accession of Bahrain to McLaren and the Fiasco. In the Qualification, the WM-Vierte des Vorjahres das drittlangsamste Auto. Im Rennen befand sich McLaren im freien Fall. Woking rats, woher der Absturz kommt, und ob im MCL36 möglicherweise ein größerer Bock steckt.

This is not the case. McLaren entered into a valid test facility in Barcelona for the purpose of the transfer. The company for Ferrari has been a member of the Woking team in Eindruck in Bahrain. Stattdessen stürzte man ins Bodenlose. In the case of tests, the group’s problems with the Rhythmus team. McLaren is required to supply brass equipment for this purpose.

In this case, the metal must be treated with a carbon base. McLaren hofft, bis Imola entsprechend nachzurüsten. The interconnection process. The transfer measures are not relevant to the problem. It is therefore necessary to extend the scope of the test, in which case the test is not carried out.

In terms of qualification, Daniel Ricciardo entered in Q1. Lando Norris packed from Q2 to the 13th round of the round. Zu Haas, Alfa Romeo, Alpine and Alpha Tauri are listed here. Im rennen ging es noch weiter zurück. The McLaren pilot piloted Lance Stroll in Aston Martin and Alexander Albon in Williams. McLaren fiel ans Ende des Feldes zurück. “This is because we are not involved in this”, said team member Andreas Seidl.


McLaren was born with Williams and Aston Martin in the Tabellenkeller herum.

McLaren fehlt Grip und Abtrieb

This is the case with Ecken and Enden. The MCL36 is not subject to mechanical grip and aerodynamic abstraction. “The balance of war in the order”, said Seidl fest. Das ist ist diesem Fall kein gutes Zeichen. The products are not automatically used. Im dritten Training rolls in Norway with a green front end to the backrest. The FloViz-Farbe schauten sich die Ingenieure den Luftstrom an der Vorderachse an.

McLaren hatched to the front in front of Gepäck. In addition, the operation of the vehicle was not affected by the use of the brake system. For example, the sensing effect of the reaction is to be controlled. “This is not a fundamental problem with a car. It can be used to analyze the situation, and it is possible to use the same method as before.” Nachsatz: “Unser Ziel ist es, auf allen Strecken wettbewerbsfähig zu sein.” In the year 2021, the car in the car was replaced by a car.

The two members of the Board of Directors of the Plan, the McLaren and the Board of Directors in Barcelona were informed. “By the Court”, widerspricht der Teamchef. “Wir sind in Barcelona ean ganz normales Testprogramm gefahren. Dort hat unser Auto auf Anhieb funktioniert. Dazu stimmte die Zuverlässigkeit.” The goods are sold at a rate which is not the same as the stop-and-go stroke of Sakhir. Dazu war es in Bahrain deutlich wärmer.

Überall zu langsam

Schon in Barcelona war zu erkennen, dass der MCL36 nicht unbedingt langsame Kurven mag. In Bahrain, I would like to. “It is designed to be used by Mercedes with a motor. It can only be used in various constructions.

The PS-Vorteil des Mercedes-Motors scheint weg. The Ferrari-Alfa Romeo and the Company are not included in the scope of this decision. For the purposes of the US Rennstalls, the manufacturer would not be able to meet the requirements of the Ferrari Formation. Haas entwickelt sein Auto in Maranello. McLaren plädiert schon seit Jahren, dass dieses Model aufgelöst werden muss. The motor and the gearbox are sold by the team. The rest of the group is selected from the factory and the factory.

Lando Norris - McLaren - GP Bahrain 2022 - Sakhir


The Landesverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH is established in Germany. For the start of the process, the test results are complete.

McLaren will Ruhe bewahren

In this case, McLaren is not involved in the transfer of goods to Germany. Ins Detail wollte man nicht gehen. “Management of the Parameter Management”, according to Seidl. The pilot has been used for a period of time in connection with the operation of the windshield, which may be the subject of an operation. Here are some of the funeral cheeses.

The melting can be improved. “We are using the Renn-Simulation in the Rennen area. We have been able to use the car for this purpose.” Klingt wie bei Mercedes. The motor vehicle has been used as a test medium.

The start of the median war is limited to the establishment. Nach dem Motto: Deg Gegenteil machen und hoffen. “In this case, the start of the operation of the influenza plant has been carried out,” said Mr Seidl. “We have been able to use the medium and the other side of the body of the soft toy. It has been shown to be safe.”

McLaren was the first to go to Nase. “Wissen, dass wir ein Problem bei der Performance haben, das wir selbst lösen müssen”, sagt Seidl. For example, the area above the halves and the tops of the sea are dried, and the mixture is set in Gefahr. “I bring a lot of money to the forefront. We are still involved in the analysis. We are working with talent and training in the team, and we are working in Rennen.


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