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The McSunday band celebrated this year at the Maifest in Wiesenstetten or Comeback in Original Set. (Photo archive) Photo: Baiker

After the two-year-old Corona Zwangspause, there is also the following: The Musikverein Wiesenstetten celebrated on Friday, April 29, until Monday, May 2, again in the legendary Maifest on the Festplatz at the Bittelbronner Straße.

Empfingen-Wiesenstetten – Am Freitag, 29. April, begins the Wiesenstetter Maifest with a “Volksfestgaudi”. For the mood in the underlying festival, the AllgäuPower band is served in the evening. Through their long-distance experience of the Cannes State, Munich, Vienna and many other popular folk festivals, the music and entertainment can be found. “Gerne in Dirndl and Lederhosen gekleidet, erwartet die Visucher nach der langen, pandemiebedingten Abstinenz endlich wieder ein Fest im Bierzelt mit allem, was dazugehört und dem großen Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest in (fast) nichtich nichtsche nèchtes.

“McSunday” is back after a long break

A musical highlight awaits on Saturday, April 30, on a long day from the Wiesenstetter Maifests: More than 20 years ago, the cover band McSunday is fast open to the Inventory of the Maifests, before 2017 – of course until recently – many more Add to favorites Fans free. After a five-year break, you can go back to the original set and celebrate your comeback at the Maifest. You play hits from rock and pop on the upcoming year.

The public has a good choice, based on the Word Desert Reception from the Horb. The next-door musicians will be able to watch the Pandemic, a public event in the field of play and play free of charge, while the Maifest Wiesenstetten in the 2022 season starts.

Haxen, Ochsenbraten and Weißwürsten

Am Sonntag, 1. Mai, wird es traditionell, denn wie gewohnt steht der 1. Mai in Wiesenstetten unter dem motto “Bayrischer Tag”. The Haitian, Oxsenbraten and Weisßwürsten also have a rich, well-cooked coffee shop with special features, which can be used with special needs. At 4.30 pm we will play the Böhmisch-máhrische Blaskapelle Honk & Blow aus Bierlingen on, but we will not be able to do more on May 1. In Wiesenstetten wegzudenken ist.

The fourth Wiesenstetter US-Car-Treffen

Parallel dazu found on the outdoor area the fourth US car hits under the motto “Music & Cars”. In addition to the many years, we have been able to find more than 150 street cruisers and muscle cars on the way to Wiesenstettet, and this year is also worth a lot of PS cars and fans from Nah and Fern. From 12 o’clock you will be offered the opportunity to pay a round of payment for a good evening for a sunny trip in addition to a checkout.

On Monday, May 2, the Wiesenstetter will be able to read an old tradition, and after many years we will be able to enjoy the children’s festival at the children’s festival with a handicraftsman. Punctually at 2.30 pm starts at the City Hall a children’s train, directly to the festival and on the afternoon. The stage program includes the best children in the community with a small opening and at 3.30 pm the beginning of the show “Mike Magic” is a great show.

Mitmach program of the dance school

At 4.30 pm, the Match Program of the Gayer Dance School is located on the stage of the festival, with Horb’s statue and children’s make-up artist and a balloon artist. Musical entertainment takes place from 6 pm with the communal youth chapel of the music district from Bittelbronn, Gruol, Stetten, Weildorf and Wiesenstetten. At 6.30 pm, the Eutingen Music Chapel will be crowded and rich in handicrafts.

On top of all the montage hinweg finds a round about the Festzelt a Oldtimertreffen historic vehicles and tractors statt, wobei jeder mit dem Oldtimer adreisende Fahrer bei der Anmeldung auf der Ausstellungswiese eine Wertmarket für eigrhä.

Further information

Further information on this festive program is available at or on Facebook and Instagram under #maifestwiesenstetten.


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