M-Sport with Neil Woolridge Motorsport and the Dakar / Dakar Auto

M-Sport is also involved in joint motorsports in the United States and is a joint venture with Neil Woolridge Motorsport (NWM) for the Racee Dakar.

NWM is a Rallye-Raide manufacturer in the city of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, and the M-Sport has a low-speed and high-speed connection with Ford, and the M-Sport is also a new NWM in the year 2522. legendary blue oval.

For this Joint Venture, M-Sport is a European NWM and a Swedish Distributor for the NWM Ford Ranger T1 + Fahrzeug. The partners in the partnership have the legendary role of the manufacturer as a member of the Rally Dakar Group for the best races and events in the Rally-Ried program for the winner class.

The Rally War is based on the development of the M-Sport and the NWM, and the partners have been involved in the development of the parties and the development of the camps. The M-Sport partnership with NWM is equipped with the necessary technical equipment and resources to complete the operation of the vehicle.

In particular, the Dakar-Einsatzes is located in the area of ​​employment and occupation, and is connected with the provision of infrastructure. In the case of the M-Sport and NWM partner companies, M-Sport and the start-up program of the M-Sport start in the center of M-Sport in Dovenby, Cumbria. The M-Sport with NWM and the NWM Ford Ranger T1 + are serviced, tested and sampled by the feedback program. The NWM Ford Ranger T1 + is used in Europe and is used for test and commercial applications.

Malcolm Wilson OBE, Director of M-Sport, said: «Ich und Matthew (Anmerkung: sein Sohn) is sold in South Africa by Neil Woolridge and will be used to replace the Ford Ranger T1 +. It is considered that the Rally Raid and the Dakar may be of interest 45. It shall be the subject of one of these disciplines, and shall be subject to the relevant provisions of this Regulation. “

Wilson said: “M-Sport and NWM have a visionary vision, which is based on our own expertise, and that the rally design of the Rally design. The NWM Ranger has a definite potential that can be used as a basis for the implementation of the Regulation. I was fair enough to go to the right place, but I was right in the field of motorsport, and I was going to go to the right place, and to get to the rally in the world. . It is also recommended that the M-Sport and NWM use the tools and know-how of the Ford Ranger T1 + for new vehicles. »

Matthew Wilson, M-Sport Entity, said: In this case, the work program for the work program of the company and the team will be completed. The landfill is used to replace the car, and the car will be used for a long time. In addition to the use of the M-Sport, the transfer to the front of the M-Sport was carried out in the same way. ”

Neil Woolridge, High Representative of Neil Woolridge Motorsports, states that: Here, however, Malcholm is included in the team and M-Sport is part of the team, which is the main source of employment. The Ranger T1 + is also available, which can be used as a stand-alone vehicle and has been fitted with M-Sport. The T1 + Ranger is based on the ability to generate and use the Fund for the generation and production of the product in a competitive environment. In the case of the Southern Rally Raid Master’s Association, the Directorate-General for the Rally of the Rally Championship was established on the basis of the relevant provisions of this Regulation. I will buy, Malcolm and Matthew in an unsupported company will also be able to sell the product, the Ranger T1 + in action. Matthew is also interested in the development of the Community, which is an expert in the field, and has been involved in the partnership with M-Sport and Bord. »


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