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  • Round 368 kW (500 PS) starter Hybrid-Turbo-Allradler from M-Sport Ford in the Rally Monte Carlo
  • The M-Sport Ford awaits the Puma Hybrid Rally1 for the first time in Saison. Other commercial vehicles in Croatia 22 we have been sold under the Ford Fiesta
  • Craig Breen spoke for the M-Sport Ford. Nebrien Adrien Fourmaux und Gus Greensmith Pierre-Louis Loubet wall Debut from Steuer des Puma

In particular, the road to the road and the rally in the car rally in Monte Carlo, in the same way as in the classical asphalt road and in the high temperature system: Rally 1 and the Rally of Croatia have been approved by the Government of the United Kingdom. The WM-Lufund is set aside from the Landesverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH for 20 years. In this case, the debut is based on a number of strings, the topography of which has been the subject of a Finnish rally, all of which have been described as part of Schotter. The Rallye-Crimea has now reached a level of 0.6 seconds.

Until the premiere of 2021 at the Rallye Croatian state: Adrien Fourmaux ging zum ersten Mal with the top of the World Rally Car Class at the start. The Ford Fiesta WRC for the second time is still available and the WP value is set to 1.1 seconds. Diesen Erfolg – and amide from this – will be used as a natural solution. In the case of the Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1, the potential performance of the vehicle is limited to a total of 368 kW (500 PS) of the turbocharged turbocharger. Interesting aspect: The Rally1-Top category is set to take place in the CO2-neutral Kraftstoff. The remaining leagues of the Liga des Rallye-Sport have been approved.

We bring M-Sport Ford in Croatia next to Rally1-Boliden an den Start. The name of the company was Craig Breen and Paulifle. In the case of a new company in the Ford Puma Hybrid and the Rallye Monte Carlo, this is the case with the British Gus Greensmith, who is currently a member of the WP-Best Association. In the case of the Aden Fourmaux / Alexandre Coria, the novice in the Cockpit of the Puma Rally1: Pierre-Louis Loubet and Beifahrer Vincent Landais The M-Sport set is a Ford Fiesta Rally2 for Finland Jari Huttunen / Mikko Lukka is a member of the WRC2-Class, where the Fiesta Rally3 for Junior-WM is running. The competition for 26 of the 66 Rallye-Crews and the WM-Rallye Croatian auf einen Ford.

“This is a productive test run with all the Puma players in the rally in Croatia. “We have been able to provide positive feedback. We have been able to play the role of the Rallye Monte Carlo. -Louis schon lange.This sich sehr intense a sein Debut mit unserem Auto varbereitet and stellt eine starke The team for this team. WRC zenem Zeitpunkt bereits weitgehend eingestellt hatten, waren wir über die Performance sehr eutre.

Craig Breen / Paul Nagle (Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1, Startnummer 42); WM-Rank: 7; Rallye-Kroatien-Starts: 1. Bestes Ergebnis: Platz 8 (2021)

“The new rally in Croatia is covered by the WM-League, which is free of charge”, the concrete is 32-inch. “It is possible to use asphalt. However, the test group is used in the construction of the Puma Hybrid Rally. For the purposes of the Rallye, the Croatian authorities shall have the right to apply the contract without further admission.

Gus Greensmith / Jonas Andersson (Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1, Startnummer 44); WM-Rank: 4; Rallye-Kroatien-Starts: 1. Bestes Ergebnis: Platz 7 (2021)

“After the performance of the Rally Monte Carlo, we will be able to perform the rally in Croatia”, ie the 25th Greensmith. “This is not the case when the test is performed. It is possible to use the test as long as the test is carried out. The Puma Hybrid Rally ! ”

Adrien Fourmaux / Alexandre Coria (Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1, Startnummer 16); Rallye-Kroatien-Starts: 1. Bestes Ergebnis: Platz 5 (2021)

“For the purposes of this Regulation, the Republic of Croatia shall enter the territory of the United States of America as a member of the World Rally Car Association in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation, including: or with the addition of a category of best-colored bearings “, the result is 26-fold Fourmaux. “In 2021, the results of the gelation will be reduced. Schotter-Rallyes auf dem Program stehd. ”

Pierre-Louis Loubet / Vincent Landais (Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1, Startnummer 7); Rallye-Kroatien-Starts: 1. Bestes Ergebnis: Platz 9 (2021)

“In the case of a group of vehicles, the team of the M-Sport Ford company”, unterstreicht der 25-jährige Loubet. “For this purpose, the test drive with the Puma Hybrid Rally1 is anberrant and has been used in the Rallye Südbelgien als Vorausfahrzeug bestritten – only in accordance with the Plan. wir werden es Schritt für Schritt angehen. ”

Jari Huttunen / Mikko Lukka (Ford Fiesta Rally2, Startnummer 27); WM-Rank: 15; Rallye-Kroatien-Starts: keine.

“The first start of the WM-Rally in Croatia, if we were not involved in the race, was carried out in Zagreb,” said the Huttunen clarifier. “For the purpose of repairing the vehicle on the other side of the vehicle, the use of the vehicle is still in progress. However, in the case of a class which is not very stable, it may be replaced by a constant wall. ”

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