Learn about the Internet:

Schon häufig haben wir Ihnen in dieser Rubrik kostenlose Anwendungen vorgestellt, die im Alltag eine große Hilfe sind. About Routing Planning, Image Support, Videoconferencing Or Reading Lexicon: The most important information and information on the Internet is free of charge for anyone. Man muss sich das gesammelte Wissen nur zu Nutze machen!

All of them can be found here, and you can use the Internet for free at any time. In addition to the complexity, the dunkle Jahreszeit sinnvoll zu nutzen. Verbessern Sie zum Beispiel Ihr Spanisch oder lernen Sie a ganz neue Sprache!

Google Translator:

The most up-to-date Google Translators can also be found on the Smartphone app or on the website translate.google.com. With Google Translate, you can translate words and phrases into any language in the world. The functionality in the app also works with the spoken language. Das bedeutet, Sie sprechen einfach Ihren deutschen Satz in das Handy hinein und erhalten die Übersetzung – oder umgekehrt. The Google Translator will not be able to translate into Wunsch anytime, even if the search engine can check it. Zum Lernen can be translated into Google Translate all over the world, and only one word can be deleted. Auserdem hilft er unglaublich gut, wenn man im Ausland nicht mehr weiterkommt u dringend schnell eine èbersetzungshilfe braucht.


The Youtube Videoplattform Internet site brings the Volkshochschule to Ihnen nach Haus. Youtube is not long enough to have only one page for easy, shared Spassvideos. Here you can find professional videos on all the themed clichés – as well as the languages. Das Tolle an Youtube: You can create a video on a single channel, you can watch new videos regularly, as if you were a fan. The “problem” on Youtube is hingegen, dans man in the Millions of Videos erst einmal das richtige finden muss.

We have some for you to enjoy and all the free Youtube channels to learn English, Spanish and French. Search on Youtube to sign up for this Channel:

  • English: English with James:
  • Spanish: Spanish with Tom :s:
  • French: A French with Jeanne:

Manche Kanäle eignen sich, um eine neu Sprache von Grund auf zu lernen (in unserem Beispiel Spanisch und Französisch), andere sind gedacht, um ene Fremdsprache zu verifyen u zu verbessern (in unserem Beispiel Englisch).


Of course, there are also some great apps that can easily be used by users of Sprachen. You can also use the interactive Lern-Möglichkeiten as Vokabeltrainer, Lückentexte, Sprachtraining or Sogar Live-Kontakt zu Sprachlehrern genutzt werden. There is free shipping and free shipping costs.

Subscribe to this site for more information on Duolingo if you want to find out more about Duolingo. With the Handy app, both for Android and iPhone, you can learn Vocabulary and your vocabulary or grammar training. Dabei is possible, a language of Anfang to learn or the language in a language to verify. In the app you can use the Lernziele (zoom the base 10 minutes per day) and then hand out the ads. Beim Lernen arrives at Punkte, which provides further assistance for further Lerninhalte. This entry was posted in “Gameification”, but also then games (Game) will be played.

The most convenient and largest application for free language courses for the App is securely available. On the de.babbel.com page you can see that the app is working and you are learning with Babbel languages. Der Jahreszugang kostet 6,99 Euro pro Monat. Dafür bekommt man sehr umfangreiche Lernmöglichkeiten. With a genuine Ansatz training man the language of the language, the conversion skills are facilitated by interactive dialogues and some grammatical tips, with the help of languages, scripts and words.

Wikipedia and other Internet sites:

If you want to find a language that can help you get started and get used to it, please do not hesitate to contact us. So beispielsweise alle bekannten Zeitungen einen Internetauftritt. Have you ever heard of a person who speaks the language in another language? Dann besuchen Sie doch einmal die Seiten nytimes.com, elpais.com oder lemonde.fr. You can also edit Wikipedia entries in other languages. If you want to learn more about Wikipedia, you can also find what you are looking for in other languages.

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