Kreissparkasse Rottweil: A look at the popular business year and digital innovations – Rottweil & surroundings

Reports of an important business year of the Kreissparkasse (links): Christian Kinzel and Matthäus Reiser. Photo: Kummer

The Kreissparkasse Rottweil has a very strong Marktumfeld 2021 experience. Die Kreissparkasse mache zudem einen wiesten großen Schritt in Richtung Digitierung und berate Kunden auch vollständig digital.

Kreis Rottweil – The balance sheet total in the year 2021 is up and down to the annual 3.440 billion Euros, it is in the middle of the department for business.

The balance of customer loans is 2021 at 1.9 billion Euros. Die Neuausleihungen betrugen 2021 erstmals mehr als eine halbe Milliarde Euro, das sind 100 Millionen mehr als 2020. Dieses Wachstum zeige die Leistungsstärke der Kreissparkasse Rottweil.

Large share of the loan for housing construction

A large part of the credit floss dabei in the apartment building. On the other hand, companies also have loans for extensions and investment financing. Damit surely the credit offices work in the region, so the Kreissparkasse. In addition to the benefits of the Sparkasse, a number of credit loans are also available. The balance of the goods is up to 3.6 percent of 398 million euros.

“For 2022, we are waiting for private loans with a view to the additional information and the question of property according to the Wohneigentum and another credit institution. .In the sum we appreciate a positive development for the current year “, so Christian Kinzel, stellvertretender Vorsitzender des Vorstands der Kreissparkasse.

Rent customer services

Customer sells their money in the crossroads. The customer systems have a lot to do with the news, as well as the cross-border collection facilities for new and existing customers. Jedoch has the option of investing in the amount of 6 percent of the new 4.0 percent available. The customer funds are up to 2.49 billion Euros. “With this development, we will be able to find out how much we have to do with the payment of the loan,” said Matthäus Reiser, Vorsitzender des Vorstands.

With a view to the inflation rate, there are a number of measures in the Sachen Geldanlage in the development. In September 2021, the Sparkasse region was housed in the Government of the Republic of Rottweil.

Inflation erredder Umdenken

The share of stock and stockholders will be available in 2017. Weiterhin würde jedoch knapp die Hälfte des Vermögens zinslos geparkt, das sei bei Inflationraten von teilweise über fünf Perzent suboptimal. “Only the most expensive counselors of the EZB in their political policy should be supported, but these money of the savior is not possible.

One of the most important developments in 2021 is for the customers of the Rottweil Kreissparkasse in the paper mill. In addition to the existing funds, the clients have over a total of 850 Million Euros in their deposit accounts, and in the previous year they are believed to have a total of 700 Millions of Euros. Dieser deutliche Anstieg sei sowohl auf den Neuabsatz von Wertpapiren als auch a Kursgewinne an den Börsen zum Ende des Jahres Zurückzuführen.

Stock exchanges stark

Currently, the stock exchanges are taking over the wars in Ukraine. The additions to the world economy are still unavailable. Reiser rät hier zu einer ruhigen Hand in Bezug auf die erworbenen Wertpapiere. At the request of the Customer, you can find your advice.

The customer service is also open in the consultation. There is always a complete digital consultation for more customers. On the other hand, the Sparkasse is now with a digital consulting team. The team is focused on the new activities and understandably technically equipped, but the quality of digital consulting is a personal consultation in the first place.

“Our main marker is based on advice on our customers and customers, both digitally and digitally,” said Reiser. Personal appointments for service providers on business premises can be very easy. Before everyone else, the use of money in the payment system is very different. The number of transactions with the Sparkassen card is limited to the annual number of 2.5 million out of 4.9 million fast, overdue, bookkeeping post offices and cash registers and in the business offices are back to back.

The number of employees at the Rottweil district parking lot is located at 459 employees. This time we have 54 independent employees.

The title of the Swiss Marktumfelds is located on the Rottweil Kreissparkasse, an orderly result for businesses. The company value according to the estimate is 0.69 percent of the total balance on the level Nieau in the year 2020. .

Association for associations

The commercial engagement in the business is worth 302,800 Euros. Provide support for the support of the association. It is very important to be able to live in the Crown Pandemic. The unforgettable amount of money can be extradited and 43,000 euros are spent, there are 43 members of the business profit. –


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