Kosten und Realverbrauch: Porsche Macan

Seit dem Facelift im Sommer 2021 leistet der Basis-Macan 20 PS mehr. The cost of the 265-PS-Benziner in Alltag.

“The passenger compartment is tested (in the case of an Audi Q5 and a BMW X4) with a wheelchair, which can be used as a front-wheel drive; This is the case under the auspices of Heinrich Lingner for the Cayenne-Bruders Basis. Do you want to use a compact SUV for all your needs? Finden wir in unserem Kostencheck heraus.

Unser Testverbrauch

10.1 liters of super gasoline for the two-way cylinder-turbocharged WLTP-Messenger for a distance of 100 km. The Test gel was a 1915-kg SUV that did not last. Im Mittel flossen 10.9 Liter durch die vier Brennkammern. An tank with a capacity of 100 Kilometers is currently available for 21,80 Euro. In the case of concrete, the ecological value of the concrete is slow to a value of 8.7 l / 100 km, with a capacity of 17.40 Euro. Angesichts seines Dynamik-Potentials dürften solche Spar-Fahrten aber eher die Ausnahme bleiben. The sport was only calculated at 13.2 l / 100 km, with an exact new euro of 26.40 euros. For the purposes of this Regulation, the Kraftstoff-Preises on the Partner-Portal mehr-tanken.de (14.04.2022 / Super: 2.00 Euro / Liter).

Achim Hartmann

The test set is 70% of the Pendler-Runde and 15% of Eco and Sport.

Monatliche Unterhaltskosten

Zusätzlich zu den Spritkosten fallen jährlich 432 Euro an Steuern an. The cost of transport costs is 509 Euro. Wer per Teilkasko aufrüstet, zahlt weitere 152 Euro. The German-German Scholar Scheme has a capacity of 961 Euros per room. All in all, there is a monopoly of EUR 474 and a capacity of 15,000 kilometers per year. At 30,000 Kilometers set up in the amount of 872 Euro. Der Wertverlust spielt bei dieser Kalkulation keine Rolle.

Porsche Macan

Achim Hartmann

The cost of Porsche Macan is 64,464 Euro.

So wird getestet

The motor vehicle and sport test drive are also suitable for the use of high speed vehicles. 70 Prozent macht der sogenannte “Pendler-Verbrauch” aus. This is the first step in the 21st kilometer of the workstation. With 15 percent of these free spars gefahrene, ca. 275 Kilometers of the Eco-Range in the value of. A total of 15 percent of the results were obtained. The route is also an eco-cycle, and the route is connected to a large number of vehicles and is then connected to the environment. For the purposes of the Articles of Association, the image is provided by the “Portal” of the Portals of the Article.

The unit is equipped with a power supply of 15,000 and 30,000 kilometers, respectively. Grasslage der der Testverbrauch, eine dreijährige Haltedauer, Schadenfreiheitsklasse SF12 für Haftp fl icht- und Vollkaskoversicherung bei der Allianz als 25 Jahre).


The Porsche Macan with 265 PS standard Zweiliter-Vierzylinder-Turbo costs a total of 64,464 Euros and is sold at a rate of 10.9 Liter, was 100 Kilometers with a flow rate of 21.80 Euros per meter. The total cost of the contract is 474 Euros and the maximum capacity is 15,000 Kilometers. This is 30,000 Kilometers, the amount is 872 Euros.

Technical Data

Porsche Macan
Grundpreis € 64,464
Außenmaße 4726 x 1922 x 1621 mm
Coffer volume 488 and 1503 l
Hubraum / Motor 1984 cm³ / 4-cylinder
Leistung 195 kW / 265 PS and 5000 rpm
Höchstgeschwindigkeit 232 km / h
0-100 km / h 6.0 s
Verbrauch 8.8 l / 100 km
Testverbrauch 10.9 l / 100 km

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