Kommunales in Vöhrenbach: Knappe Mehrheit für ein Starkregen-Risikomanagement – Furtwangen & Umgebung

Regentropfen prasselt auf die Erde. Starkregen war in the young community administration in Vöhrenbach Thema. Photo: Benfe – Pixabay

How can I react to a stark war? Can you help me? How did you inform the population about the drowning drive? These topics are discussed in the Vöhrenbacher municipality.

Vöhrenbach – Die Stadtverwaltung hatte dem gemeinderat vorgeschlagen, ein Starkregen-Risikomanagement wie vom Umweltministerium befürwortet i gefördert für die Stadt zu erstellen. Peter Neff von der Bit-Ingenieure AG steels the municipality before, as a solic management exits. Der Gemeinderat stimmte dem Vorhaben zu, allerdings nur mit knapper Mehrheit.

The cost estimate of the Bit-Ingenieure AG lies at a round of 93,000 Euros for the design of the driving license, a follow-up risk analysis and a detailed handling concept. The property is valued from 70 percent of the land, which costs around 28,000 Euros at the city. First of all, it will be installed in the Haushalt 2022.

The halves are not allowed

Following the discussion, based on the instructions of the fire brigade commander Ralf Heizmann, the conclusion was made: The management was together with the Bit-Ingenieure AG on the basis of the existing offers. In addition to the costs, the mayor of the region, Heiko Wehrle, must be informed about the basis of the cost of the risk management. Die Abstimmung fiel knapp aus: fünf Gemeinderäte einschließlich des Bürgermeisters stimmten dafür, drei dagegen, zwei enthielten sich.

What is Starkregen?

Peter Neff von Bit-Ingenieure mate deutlich, es sei wesentlich zwischen unterschiedlichen Gefahren Hochwasser und Starkregen zu unterscheiden, was erhand von Bildern und Grafiken verdeutlichte. Trotzdem gab es offensichtlich bei den Gemeinderäten immer vieder Unklarheiten. Von Starkregen speaks directly, he is in short time and the local limit is settled, well-known more than 20 millimeters inside of six hours. The events have a very common approach. While hochwasser, in addition to Vöhrenbach, is well-preserved, by means of a large rainbow, in a large area, it can be seen, sorted out by the authorities, overshadowed and judged. Solche Starkregen-Ereignisse is based on the current climate development, but still has a good time. Current change of the power of attorney through overfishing and other damage at least 50 percent of the total damage to high water in the country.

Starkregen risk management

Beim Starkregen-Riskomanagement geht es um die Vorsorge bei Starkregen-Ereignissen. According to the proposed wording in Baden-Württemberg 2016 and in 2021 we will recommend a further plan. In addition to the maps, it is possible, as in a community, the large water masses in the short time on the roads and other different areas to run and in the area of ​​the orchards to the streets can be found. Dabei ist die Vorhersage eines solchen Ereignisses sehr schwer und vor allem nur kurzfristig möglich. With a risk management can be based on the simulations of the stars in the community, which will be combined with a Starkregen-Ereignis water waste mass.

Take away the goods

It is not free, all the damages are different, but only the big damages are all in addition to driving for the passengers. Considerable results can be applied to the implementation of construction plans. If the place in the town is filled with water masses, the canals and water heaters should not be used. Denn ein solches kurzes Ereignis führt noch nicht zu einer Überschwemmung durch einen Fluss oder Bach. If the risk, first of all, of the risk points to be observed and given to the counselors, we can reduce these risks to the best possible reductions. All selected objects are also available for children or children. With the plans and payroll, you can also work a business concept, before the Bureau, the Engineering Office, the City, the Fire Brigade and also the Burger.

Fire commander: Bislang no concept

Commander Ralf Heizmann made it clear that he had to pay a summary of the summons. Where should the population be? How can the overhauled be at a time of 30 to 60 minutes? Who and where can the fire brigade be in the fall? In Vöhrenbach beispielsweise seien noch Sirenen vorhanden, aber die Signale hätten aktüell für die Bevölkerung keine praktische Bedeutung.

Albert Schwörer: “Höhere Gewalt”

Albert Schwörer (BWV) äußerte Zweifel am Sinn eines solchen Konzeptes, denn Starkregen sei “höhere Gewalt”, die man nicht in den Griff bekommen könne. The concept is very theoretical. Rüdiger Hirt (CDU) criticizes everyone, but the high costs do not correlate with the total use. He sees the traffic for Ort in Hochwasser in the hill of Furtwangen. Marion Ketterer (CDU) made a solitary concept for sinnvoll. Auch beim Hochwasserschutz habe man Modelle errechnet und damit als Vorsorge den Hochwasserschutz möglich gemacht. Beim Starkregen gelte e ebenfalls, Gefahrenstellen aufzudecken.


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