Kita-Streik in Brandenburg: Welche Kitas in Hennigsdorf, Fürstenberg and surroundings closed – it was for others

  • The Gewerkschaft “ver.di” plant on the International Women’s Day (March 8) an action day and a trip Employed in social and educational services on strike auf.
  • Welche Auswirkungen hat es für Kitas in Oberhavelif you really want to drive to Potsdam?
  • Background: Next to the first Verhandlungsrunde for the employees in the Social and Education Service on February 25 in the central points and insights on the topic of the topic no income from work Erkennbar war, will ver.di den Forderungen Nachdruck verleihen.

The application for the action day is free of charge – it was given, it was some cities and communities in Oberhavel (as in the Oranienburg area) we do not react to the strike. An overview.

Birkenwerder and Mühlenbecker Land

In den Fachämtern in Birkenwerder and Mühlenbecker Land War on Friday after a request in a single kit is not subject to a strike by the Erzieherinnen and Erzieher Bekannt. “In one team, the theme is unprovoked,” said Frank Möricke, Amtsleiter im Mühlenbecker Land. This is why the idea of ​​the idea of ​​the strike is different.


Ob die Kitas der Wasserstadt Fürstenberg pay attention to the condition, but not clear. Personnel Dirk Schley sagte auf Nachfrage, bislang sei noch nicht mit Gewissheit klar, ob darüber in den Einrichtungen entschieden wurde. On the youngster’s strike, the Kitas in Fürstenberg is not occupied.


Betroffen vom Streik am 8. März sind auch zwei Einrichtungen in Glienicke. All new members from Kita Mischka and a certain worker in Hort go on the women’s day. “Descendant will close the Kita Mischka on Tuesday,” said Jana Klättke, a member of the Social Democrats. You don’t want to go out, but after the weekend we know more about the Kitas on the Streets.

Hohen Neuendorf

Eltern in the city Hohen Neuendorf do not bet on the strike. The well-known freelancers of the Independent Living Foundation, as well as the Independent Living Foundation or the Youth and Social Workers, are not allowed to attend the service, but they do not have any entertainment.


The strike is guided in the communal facilities of the city to the proposed opening hours and to the closure of a facility. Dazu grafts der in Hennigsdorf available Stair plan, der für den Fall kurzfristiger Personalausfälle zur Verfügung steht. Stufe 2 has for Kitas, that new hours of childcare are on hand, in the hours of six hours. Stufe 3 offers for kitas a self-supporting delivery of clothes on this day. All children are informed and informed by the facilities, their children can be accommodated on this day.

Und das ist geplant: Stufe 2 gilt in der Kita Traumland, Kita Pünktchen and Anton, Kita Schmetterling and Kita Weltentdecker. In the Kita Spatzennest gilt Stufe 3. Die Kita Biberburg closed.

Alle Horte – Pfiffikus, Nordlicht, Große Biber und Havelfüchse – on the 8th of March in the 2nd century.

Well done

Following instructions in Well done must close Kinderland I, Villa Regenbogen (Ausnahme: der Frühhort foundt statt) sowie der Hort Pusteblume der Löwenzahn Grundschule (Ausnahme: der Frühhort foundet statt). Betroffene Eltern must be paid, but no notice is given.

The settings Kinderland II as well as Kita Kunterbunt Süd left open. It will be held on Tuesday, March 8, and you will only be able to receive a limited amount of time during the city administration. It will be possible to take care of it, but it is also possible for the children, their children to be housed. Jennifer Collin-Feeder, Specialist in Social Affairs, said: We’ll be there for a day. “

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