Kia Sportage 1.6 T-GDI AWD in Test

Sporttasche – so they are the best Kia Sportage in Dauertest-Fuhrpark. Deny and do not have the right to use the vehicle for the rest of the SUV. Ein knallroter 2.0 CRDi in GT-Line war es. Straffes Fahrwerk, 400 Nm Drehmoment, Allradantrieb und durchaus talentiert in Kurven. Ausfälle? Keine. It is possible to use the same material quality and to ensure that the test is carried out at a rate of 40 000 Euro.

This is done in the context of the Sporting Generation Group, which is equipped with a hand-held tool that can be used as a power supply or a power supply for a large number of consoles. Überall kein Filz, keine Gummi-Einsätze – ergo rutscht alles herum, klappert und verkratzt. This is due to the fact that the Hartplastik has been used.

45 490 Euro Grundpreis

In the case of a ladder, it is smooth, free-standing and artificial and velcro-free. Dennoch: That’s what Finesse can do with this Kia schon erwarten. For the top model GT-Line with all-wheel drive and 180 PS standard petrol, Kia is available for 45,490 Euros, and the transmission system is not available on the board. These measures are based on 4.5 meters.

Aber zurück ins Cockpit. In addition, the screen is connected to the panoramic display, which is equipped with a monitor with a diagonal measurement of 31.2 cm. Links to virtual instruments, which are not included in the layout. Rechts der Touchscreen, these are split slowly. Ideal for all of these, the card will be mounted on the outside of the camera and the parking space in the area. It is possible to carry out the treatment of the C-column in Germany.

Rossen Gargolov

Keine Frage – The form of the cockpit with a wall-mounted panoramic display, with a large map display, is attached to the attraction.

Schöner heißt nicht besser

In this case, Kia wie im EV6 is equipped with a multi-mode multi-mode headlamp. Okay, this is the case with Image (and other Kia Teilekosten), used for climate control, information and navigation. If you do not want to use the link, the temperature and the number of passes from the cold to the end of the map will be shown on the map.

Doch einmal im System angekommen, herrscht wieder Frieden. The cloud-based on-line navigation function is connected to the remote control system and has been added to the menu. Self-cleaning and self-catering facilities are available to guests via a car park.

Kia Sportage 1.6 T-GDI AWD, Climate control

Rossen Gargolov

The right to complete the operation must be carried out.

Internship? Ausbaufähig.

These are described in the abovementioned Annex, which are incorporated in the invention. Tip: If you are in the middle of a carriage with a handbag. The photographer interpreted the Bügel gars as a Tablet-Halter – the style of Simply-Clever-Idee from Skoda.

The legality of the sport is determined by the nature of the data and the variability of the data. The accessories of the VW Tiguan are fitted with a fitting or a bank of the same type of equipment, which is designed for the use of high-strength islands and is designed for heavy-duty use. Vier Ösen müssen reichen. Keine Netze, a third member of the Trennnetz, is hereby approved.

For the purposes of this Regulation, the Fund may not be extended to other parts of the environment. An laderaum selbst mangelt es dem Sportage nicht mehr. 562 and 1751 Liter – 59 years or more from the year of manufacture, which is not more than 574 kilograms.

Kia Sportage 1.6 T-GDI AWD, Kofferraum

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Great location, some of them are comfortable and practical.

The sports lessons are completed

So bepackt heißt es allerdings, etwas mehr Reisezeit einzuplanen. The 48-volt voltmeter and starter generator hybridized to a 1.6-liter turbobenzene at 180 PS and 265 Nm to give dynamic ambitions. The sprint is 100 km / h for 9.1 seconds and the 150 km / h distance is reached. In addition, the cylinders of the vehicle can be used to carry out the stresses, stresses and discharges as long as possible.

In the city, the state of the land is still under construction. The first of these buildings will be closed. The overhead power supply of the power generator under the Kraft (up to 12 kW) is designed for use in the field of transport. Kaum in Schwung, schaltet das Doppelkupplungsgetriebe sofort höher und höher – oder an der mitchsten Ampel Gang für Gang wieder runter. In this case, the warming device which is eco-friendly can be used as a motor and then the wrench can be used as a power supply.

Weriger verbrauchen will kann zum Diesel greifen

The following measures apply to the company as a result of the action. Dennoch is a low-density tank and the test drive is 8.4 l / 100 km or less. In addition to the use of the eco-circuits, the water content of the water is reduced to 6,8 liters. Immer noch zu hoch? Dann hält Kia weiterhin einen Diesel bereit – mit 136 PS, 320 Nm Torque and also GT-Line acceptable 950 Euro manufacturer.

Kia Sportage 1.6 T-GDI AWD, Engine

Rossen Gargolov

Part 1.6 Liter Aggregate can be removed.

Wie auch immer – eine Probefahrt loicht sich in jedem Fall. Denn ansonsten fährt der Kia tadellos. With the exception of 1.64 tonnes, the SUV curve is pruned and gutted in Angriff. The body and mattresses are used to reduce the problem of the problem, and with the aid of the console can be used for the production of cells in the feedstock, the feedstock and the feedstock.

Mit Sicherheit gemütlich

Self-sufficiency is guaranteed for the benefit of the Federal Government. In the case of the group, the equipment is used and the equipment is fitted with a spatula and the concrete is completely removed from the system. What you can do with sports equipment and sports equipment and GT-Line – electronic dampers.

These measures may be applied. If the ground clearance is 130 km / h, the distance between them is 11.35 m / s2 – resp. Sicherheit spielt beim Sportage ohnehin eine große Rolle. In the case of non-airbags, externally operated LED screens, adaptive speeds, insurances or other heavy-duty devices, for the purpose of the overhead connection, shall be provided. Und es functioniert gut. Also the DriveWise-Park-Plus-Package (course P6, 1390 Euro) is available.

It is possible to arrange the passport of the applicant. Grocery, weights, modifiers and trailers – Sporttasche passt da and nun nicht mehr. Also eher ein stylisher Weekender? Zu klein. Ein Rolling-Thunder-Trolley? Zu wild. Oder einfach ein Sportage? Andere Vorschläge? Gerne per Mail an die Redaktion.


Eine Mogelpackung

Eine sinnvolle Verbesserung

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Vor- und Nachteile


  • Großzügiges Platzangebot
  • Großer Gepäckraum
  • Hohe Zuladung
  • Tolles Cockpit mit intuitive
  • bedienbaren Tasten …
  • … aber auch teilweise billig wirkenden Materialien
  • Ablagen in den Türen zu klein
  • Kein Gepäcktrennnetz
  • Infotainment with you
  • ablenkender Menüführung
  • Ask the Court of Appeal

  • Bequeme Sitze
  • Lenkrad- und Sitzheizung
  • Guter Federungskomfort
  • Umfangreiches Infotainment

  • The mixture will follow
  • Mäßige Fahrleistungen
  • Ruppiges Anfahrverhalten
  • Gerade noch akzeptabler Verbrauch

  • Gutmütiges Fahrverhalten
  • Gute Traktion

  • Zahlreiche Assistenzsysteme
  • This is a constant and constant state of Bremse
  • Adaptive LED scanner with light source

  • Exemption of recycled art
  • Wirksamer Eco-Modus
  • Verbrauch Erhöhter, insbesondere auf der Autobahn
  • Ölwechsel less than 15,000 km

  • Sieben Jahre Garantie
  • Learn about Ausstattung …

Mehr Platz, mehr Komfort, mehr Sicherheit – abgesehen vom unharmonischen Mildhybrid-Antrieb legt der neue Sportage im Vergleich zum Vorgänger deutlich zu. Besser als der Tiguan? Abwarten.

Technical Data

Kia Sportage 1.6 T-GDI 4WD GT-Line
Grundpreis € 45,490
Außenmaße 4515 x 1865 x 1650 mm
Coffer volume 562 and 1751 l
Hubraum / Motor 1598 cm³ / 4-cylinder
Leistung 132 kW / 180 PS and 5500 rpm
Höchstgeschwindigkeit 201 km / h
0-100 km / h 9.0 s
Verbrauch 6.0 l / 100 km
Testverbrauch 8.4 l / 100 km

All technical data are available


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