KI-Innovation: Semantic Text Analysis with

Entities such as subcontracted branches are usually regulated by the mind, whether it is a hand, a handkerchief, a text, a note or a translation to be checked and inserted. The individual artistic intelligence in the subconscious mind tends to be more focused on the focus of the media than just the media. concentrates on the Analyzer text message and once a KI-Solution has been entered, with only the data (50 – 100) in the next semantic text analysis.

With SemanticPro you bring to an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution on the market, with the largest input of information from a selection of text documents to extract, classify, analyze or retrieve.

Thanks for their patentability and patentability, the neurotransmitters are based on SemanticPro in the Lage, the text of the text to be read. With this F kanhigkeit can read the complex, unstructured Documents such as Certificates, Drafting Policies, E-mails, Anhänge or other newsletter and close as a man.

The unambiguous KI-solution of can only be viewed and specified up to 100 Reference Documents in the Training Date. SemanticPro is designed for an intuitive user interface, which is designed for Geschäftsanwendern, KI-Models are designed for both, both internally and externally KI-Experts can be viewed.

New SemanticPro solution:
SemanticPro is an IDP solution, the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) provides automatic, unstructured Documents and Texts to automatically extract, classify, analyze and interpret. It supports Human-in-the-Loop or automated workflows and lists problems in integrating Business Intelligence-Tools or Internet-based tools.

With SemanticPro your utilities in the room, the manual up to 80 percent to reduce. No-code- and low-code-constructs are supported by one Geschäftsanwender, each of which has individual KI-enabled workflows and input files.

Patent Semantic Folding Ansatz:
SemanticPro based on a patented, neurowissenschaftly terminated Ansatz zum Verstehen natural language, the so-called “Semantic Folding”. Semantic Folding stars Words, Sutures and Absorbs as “semantic Fingerprint”.

The semantic fingerprints are translated into Wörtern’s additional statements, while the Cluster images and semantic translation messages are sent to the Analysis of the Documents the specific meaning of the words in the Context. Upload this advanced technology using SemanticPro for a comprehensive training training data on all KI language models.

100 Reference documents, z. B. Returns, Datasheets or E-mails, sign up for a SemanticPro on a new follow-up to train. SemanticPro is generally considered to be the best, the SemanticPro-KI is self-sufficient to train – Specialists for Machine Learning are not supported.

Technology for a single drop-down, and below:
Most IDP Solutions benefit from the documentation of your Systems to train. Das erfordert oft Monet der Vorbereitung u Implementation. From this point you can concentrate these solutions on a specific application file or on the structured document.

Thanks to the Semantic Folding technology based on, you can use the SemanticPro to train the training data for each dropout training. The solution is also conclusive, so that the documents in the various languages ​​can be translated, without any translation being possible.

SemanticPro is in the Place, unstructured Documents such as Certificates, Version Policies, Accounts, Leasing Certificates, E-mails with Announcements, Posts in Social Media etc. with all generosity and generosity to be redeemed. Bei der Verarbeitung von unstrukturiertem Text erreicht SemanticPro ein unubertroffenes Maß an Genauigkeit.


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