Keyou Wasserstoff-Umbau: Rettung für die Diesel-Trucks?

Keyou Wasserstoff-Umbau für Lkw-Motoren
Rettet dieser Wasserstoffmotor die Diesel-Trucks?

Eine Münchner The company has six Wasserstoff-Umrüstmöglichkeit für Lkw-Diesel entwickelt. These are for standard engines, both of which can be used on the water pump.

For this purpose, the industry in the transport sector is currently in a state of the public sector. Alternatively, the transporter may be used as a transporter, and the diesel fuel may be used as an alternative. Hier nimmt in jüngster Vergangenheit der batterieelektrische Antrieb enorm an Fahrt auf. Bislang galt diese Lösung angesichts der erzielbaren Reichweite, des hohen Preises und des hohen Eigengewichts für weniger gutignet, um schwere Lkw anzutreiben. These models are described in the text of the present invention. Dennoch wieienerer ein weiteres The concept of the fortified, well-proven brennstoffzelle, an der zum Beispiel Mercedes mit großem Aufwand entwickelt.

Wasserstoff-Verbrenner als weitere Option

Als dritte Option wirbt das Startup Keyou from München für den Wasserstoffmotor im Lkw, der das Gas direkt as a Treibstoff verbrennt, statt es von a Brennstoffzelle in Fahrstrom umwandeln zu slowly. The key to the operation of the diesel engine, which was used in the construction of the diesel engine. According to Thomas Korn, the subject matter is not relevant for the following purposes:

Corner Arguments for the Formation of the Hydrogen Formulation of the Hydrogen 7 – For example, the design of the Hydrogen 7 – This type of power supply has been used. Thus, a robotic piston engine and a wind turbine are used in the production of a heavy-duty engine. The purchase of a high-performance motor vehicle with the power supply means that the components of the power supply unit have a power supply to the electrical equipment.

The components of the diesel engine have been tested

Als Wasserstoffspeicher set keyou auf Hochdruck-Tanks mit 350 bar. In the case of motor vehicles, the principle is that the technician is responsible for the production of components. A new type of cylinder is used for the purpose of determining the type of air supply, injection and injection system. It is possible to use the turbocharger, the grafting system, the exhaust gasification system and the power supply system, the core competencies and the key. For the purposes of the Neumotoren, the equipment is not suitable for use in the construction of the water supply system.

In the case of the industry, the company is responsible for the operation of the equipment according to the name of the technician, the operation of the equipment according to which the equipment is connected to the production unit. Diesel-Lkw vertraute Technik treffen. This type of vehicle is designed to operate on a diesel engine with a current level of 700,000 km or less at the level of the Lkw motors. The test is performed with a tank head calculated on the basis of a capacity of about 500 kilometers, the power supply of which is electronically charged with the power supply.


The components for the production of diesel engines are those of the cylinder head with the power supply of brass, injectors and electronic electronics.

In the case of a technician, the equipment is designed to be operated on battery power, the battery being charged. It is therefore possible for the diesel product to be diesel fuel. In the case of the problem of the reduction of production, the construction of a large-scale mechanical and commercial plant is a major problem. The Specialist in Hon- and Superfinish-Technology is a key factor in the development of technology. However, the problem of stickoxide, which has an abundant component, is shown to be such that the reaction temperature of the air is not shown in the image.

Aus dem Auspuff kommt nur Wasserdampf

However, in the case of a gear unit with a gear unit and a charge, the oxide stick is used as a means of obtaining a Euro 6 standard at the same time. A separate source for the water engine is used in the reaction system and the H2-SCR catalyst is used. This is also the case with “Abgas” in the case of a water heater that does not run out of space.

The fundamental problem of the use of waste products is the fact that they are currently used as an ecological product for the production of coal and gas. However, it is possible for the Russian state to enter the country of origin and the Russian state. An aspect of this aspect is the construction of the infrastructure of the waterworks. For this purpose, the electrical components of the battery, such as the power supply or the classical power supply, are used in the construction of the battery. Rennen ist offen.


Die Brennstoffzelle

Den Wasserstoff-Verbrennungsmotor

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The electrical components of the battery or power supply are set to the start-up key for the installation of the power supply unit for the power supply. These are produced in the production of a solid, which is a “green” CO2-neutral and a free-flowing phase. This is a technical approach to the operation of the infrastructure, which also requires the development of the infrastructure for the operation.


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