Jetzt brennt auch Russia – mit neuer Nadelstich-Taktik schlägt Ukraine zurück

Gegenangriffe: Rockets on Russian cities: With the latest Nadelstich-Tactical approach to Ukraine back:

In the last days I have been to Angriffen in the Russian cities in the New Ukraine border. Dreht die Ukraine nun den Spieß um verlagert den Krieg auf russisches Gebiet? The Ukrainian Army has only been able to use a large number of Waffenarsenals for training, both of which have been trained in a new Strings.

The Südrussische city Belgorod unweit der Grenze zur Ukraine ist in der Nacht zum Montag von zwei schweren Explosions erschüttert worden. If you have any information about Schäden or Opfer, then’s Governor Wjatscheslaw Gladkow in Angaben’s Russian State Agency Tass. On Twitter, video footage and postings about Ukrainian drones on Belgorod and Einsatz from the regional airline will be released, while Echtheit will not be unanimously supported. Have a look at some of the highlights of Angriffe’s Ukrainian Militia in Ziele in Russia.

Immer informed: Kriegsverlauf in der Ukraine im Ticker – Kiev: Russian spy in Ukrainian General Staff enlisted:

So is am Sonntag im Westen Russlands nahe der Grenze zur Ukraine am Sonntag eine militaric einrichtung in Brand geraten. The fire broke out in the Belgorod region “on the territory of one of the objects of the administration of the Russian Federation”, written by Governor Wyatscheslaw Gladkow on Sunday in the Education Telegram. Sieben Gebäude seien beschädigt worden. In Belgorod, an April Fools’ Day (s. Bild) took place. Russia does not respect Ukraine very much – the best of Angriff is not there at all. Am Samstag brought Ukraine to the Russian Darstellung just to have the upper hand of the Russian Kursk region attacked with grenades. Ziel war eine Eisenbahn-Brücke.

Wilcha, Totschka and Bayraktar – with rockets and missiles on the border:

For some reason Angriffe gab is from Kiew jewels without any support. Theoretically, the Russians could have the Encyclopaedia also self-published, with a false argument for further escalation. Where is Ukraine located in the lagoon of the equestrian, unlucky at the distance of 80 and 100 kilometers between the Russian cities of Kursk and Belgorod?

Tatsächlich has Ukraine with the Wilcha-System, a modernized Russian BM-30 Smertsch, a short-range missile in their arsenal, the one with a 130 Kilometer long border bombing of cities in Russia. Also the Boden-Boden-Rocket 9M79 Totschka with a Reichweit of up to 100 Kilometers brought to the Waffenarsenal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Also the Russians lost the 9M79.

To start Russian flights to Ukraine at the base of 20 Kampf- and Expeditionary Departments of Turkish Types Bayraktar TB2 – Reichweite 150 Kilometer, extended by laser-guided missiles. Bayraktar-Drohnen sailed from Morgenstunden in Schwarzen to the Black Sea as the Raptor Patrouillen boot of the Russian Militia was evacuated, directing the Ukrainian State Agency Ukrinform to the General Staff General Valery Saluschny.

The United States will not allow more Kampfdrohnen than the “Phoenix Ghost”, each of which has returned to the Reichweite.

Sabotage Specialties: Ukrainian Green Berets and SAS trainers:

Militärexperten wollen sich gegenüber FOCUS Online nicht festlegen, wie die Ukrainische Armmee die Gegenschläge in Kursk und Belgorod bewerkstelligt haben köntnt. Short circuit breakers seien swizzig abzufangen. The rocket launchers of the Wilcha-Systems were delivered from a Stalinorgel: A salve with a sniper rifle can be fired within 20 seconds. The 9M79 Totschka and the Wilcha-Rockets fly with the low-key air force at their level. Und Drohnen can also be seen under the Russian Radar.

Möglichweise sehen wir den Übergang zu einem ukraine Guerilla-Krieg, der Russland immer wieder zermürbende Nadelstiche versetzt. The Green Berets, Special Forces of the US Army, train instructors from all over the Ukrainian Soldiers. Ebenso wie der Special Air Service, der SAS, a Special Forces of the British Army. Both units are specialized in Sabotage operations under certain lines.

Guerilla-Krieg: Putin hates Crete in his own land:

The largest Russian government in the country will be last week, with the SAS currently undergoing a sabotage operation in Ukraine. Das Untersuchungskomitee – Moskaus wichtigste federale federal Ermittlungsbehörde – erklärte, es werde einem Bericht der russischen Nachrichtenagentur RIA Novosti nachgehen. The RIA quoted a Russian security official as saying that up to 20 SAS members in the western Lemberg region, near the border with Poland, had been targeted. And with the information from FOCUS, the Green Berets of the US Army visit the Ukrainians in Houserkampf.

More about the topic Here:

Most of the Ukrainian Strategic Partnerships were based in Russia, and some Debakels were sent to the Soviet Union in Afghanistan-Krieg (1979-1989). With the Waffenlieferungen in a US-led Alliance, the Soviet Union demolished the Mudschains in a single country, chained and dismantled the guerrilla movement. Do not be fooled by the fact that Krieg is also active in Afghanistan. Erstmals spürt Putin Putin nun die Folgen seiner Aggression auf eigenem Boden.

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