Ishaq El Karrouch vom Karate Do Erkrath steht im Nationalkader:

Portrait of Ishaq El Karrouch:
Karateka des TuS Erkrath schafft es in den Nationalkader:

The effect of the airplane year 2021 is for the ambitious TuS Erkrath Sporters in the Nachwuchs National Team.

With all the ins and outs of the German national team for the talented Karateka of TuS Erkrath, Ishaq El Karrouch (15), in the event of a year of trauma in Erfüllung. Nun will der the amusing German Wizzmaster of the European Championship finals in this year Jahr win, as well as the best Junior from the World to WM to win.

Zweifelsohne hat der Sport ihn in seinem jungen Leben geprägt. If discipline and disobedience arise from it, you should be pleased with your commitment. With a perfect bodybuilding position of the 15-year-old Ishaq El Karrouch at Rande der Sporthalle, he is confident and cheerful. The Blick is focused on the trainings and its jungle junger Bruders Loukman is closed. The smallest Makel must naturally, as soon as possible, train the Kindheit to train each other, even if they are stubborn and motivated to be strong enough to hold highlights at the same time, as if they were holding back, in Thuringia with 300 Karateka from Germany.

The El Karrouch-Brüder, which are still under the best four places, use the tournament as a prelude to the upcoming German championship and the Youth League End of Money in Cyprus. Das der ältere von beiden nun in den deutschen Jugend-Nationalkader einberufen wurde, macht den jüngeren Stolz. Neid games under the Geschwistern no Roll. “Es spornt mich eher an, es auch dorthin zu schaffen”, says Loukman.

You can find it all at the same time, even if you only want to do it with Karate in Karate. “My father shows us the damsels of the movie ‘Karate Kid’, and they also want to make it,” said Brother’s older brother. “Als Kinder waren wir beide motorich noc nicht so gut, aber wir fanden die Technik von Karate gut und es makhte uns viel Spaß”, erzählt Loukman. All rights reserved. One year at a time, the Brüder country will be the first Wettkämpfen to take part in Ishaq. The junior erzielte bei seinem ersten U 8-Turnier einen Podiumsplatz. Danach follows the Bewährungsphase.

“The first one, where the Wettkampfjahre went to get to Erfolge”, erzählt der 15-Jährige. “If you want to buy a train, train more, get a technician.” If you want to go there, you can also go with the follower. Best Platforms and other titles Title the Brothers to be blinded, with some to Gewinn of the NRW Landsmithschaft by Loukman and the German Junior Businessmen by Ishaq.

For the most famous Karate-Brüder with Moroccan Wurzeln blew trotz aller Titel der TuS ihre sportliche Familie, auch wenn sie mit immer weiter steigendem Erfolg immer häufiger Angebote von anderen Vereinen erhalten. “If you do not want to leave your home,” said Ishaq El Karrouch. All you have to do is learn about TuS and be your trainer and mentor Herbert Büsing unknowingly thank you for investing in it. Back to when you want to work in the workplace and in the middle of nowhere, while you are training TuS, train children and train with Nachwuchs, as if you were Flohkarate, all of them with the help of Maruten.

The war between the years in Schatten der Pandemie for the Brüder is not complete. Zum Glück, sagen sie, hätten sie einander. “You can always find online training at home as soon as possible,” said Ishaq. Also at Wettkampf-Rhythmus kehrt langsam zurück, wenn auch bislang nur unter strengen Corona-Regeln. The training center in Bergisch Gladbach, where Ishaq is located, is not available. “I hope that my brothers and sisters will be punished and that one or more of them will be abducted,” said Loukman and the green-skinned man.

Your next green is clear, the European Union says this summer in Prague and today at the best Fall of the World Cup in Turkey. The longest trauma on which the sporty Karate Brüder will take place, Olympia.


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