Intel Answering: How the people in Magdeburg and surroundings react

The plans for construction work begin to be unbeatable. Mit dem Bau will start the company in the first half year 2023. The production start is for 2027 plants. “I’m going to make a profit, but I still want to make a profit,” said Brigitte Kelle. “For young people there is a wonderful future perspective.” Round 10,000 jobs are completely different.

The 83-year-old “sings the work of the locksmiths” and enjoys a supermarket in their village. It is not current at all. The Schleibnitzer must be bought for sale in Magdeburg or Wanzleben. “Noch fahre ich Auto,” sagt Kelle, “aber mal sehen, wie lange noch.

Mourn the “good forest floor”

Nicely found by Heinz Schoof. Einzig: Er glaubt nicht daran. “On the basis of our views, the Intel Answer has no major differences,” said the 68-year-old. .

A meeting of the rent is self-sufficient in terms of intelligence. Das sei aktuell slließlich das Gesprächsthema im Dorf. He also spoke about his fur coat and said: “This is a reference for the region and for Germany. It’s great,” said Schoof.

Doch dann kommt das große Aber:

It turns out to be a good forest floor.

Heinz Schoof, Schleibnitzer

The good Börde-Boden, always again talking to people in the region for sale. No wonder, found Heinz Schoof, on 31 years in Schleibnitz says: “We bought a game from Ukraine, we have a problem, we know, but on the other side of the site we have about 450 Intel.” That doesn’t matter. ”

Sein Vorschlag: “Man hätte das doch auch bei Tangerhütte oder sonst irgendwo machen können, wo der Boden nicht so gut ist.” Next to the jetty location is directly on the cross of the A14 and the B81. Damit can be used for high-quality stainless steel and finished computer chips. An additional point of view from Intel: close to Volkswagen’s car factories in Wolfsburg and Tesla in the Brandenburg countryside.

Sei es drum: “Die Ansiedlung ist für die Region insgesamt aber gut”, sagt Heinz Schoof, ehe er seine Schubkarre anhebt und wieterzieht. “I know the best jobs from the region. That’s where the allergies are.”

Why is the floor of the Magdeburger board worth it?
The region of the North overlooking the West to the south of Magdeburg is a fruitful barn. The varieties, on this floor, are flawed, bring a great deal of space. The area under the DDR is the Magdeburger Board as well as the “Kornkammer”. The number of boards in the most important regions of Germany is also high.

Landwirt aus der Börde: Ärger und Chancen

In addition to the collection of views, see Heinz Schoof and Brigitte Kelle, the Schleibnitzer, we are pure speculation. And also Phillip Krainbring saw that. When the Landwirt comes from Hohendodeleben on your tractor, you can see the area, and in addition to the maintenance of the Giga-Fabrik factory.

Krainbring says: “The land is also for the Magdeburg region and for the Saxony-Anhalt a very tainted story. But from the agricultural point of view I have of course also a vineyard. That it is a very negative.”

The fruitful floors are completely different. Outside, “the ground floor has not been closed, but it has been removed only,” Krainbring said. Aber: “It comes naturally to you, who will be again.”

When many jobs are taken and people in the region are located, then the nature and the chance are given, that these days are, their money is also available for regional food.

Landwirt Phillip Krainbring from Hohendodeleben

Doch das sei eben current noch Speculation. Ärgern würde ihn ein anderer Aspekt: ​​”Wir Landwirte haben hier in der Region schon immense Auflagen, um Insekten od gerade auch Feldhamster zu šchützen. Environmental protection is. ”

Doch bei aller infänglicher Ernüchterung: Phillip Krainbring sieht auch eine Chance für die Landwirtschaft: .There is a natural chance for us to be. ”


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