I want to train more F1-bicycles with light sensor:

(Motorsport-Total.com) – For the most part Formel-1-Wheel play Rituals for the Rennen a special role. Only one, if any, of our files will be completely aborted, and the Kopf will be free. Then kick back the garage with a balloon, hop on the Herzfrequenz zu erhöhen and their Reaction zärfen.

Max Verstappen has shared BalzePod-Technology below:


Pierre Gasly goes to the base of the reaction test with his coach, the tennis player from his hand dropped the list, the AlphaTauri-Fahrer fangen soll.

Similarly, the BlazePod-System also works, but it also has a high degree of reliability. With all the light sensors and dazzling hands-on app coming from the hottest Sportstars – back to football, the NFL, tennis, Formula 1, MotoGP and the NBA – get your hands on the stimulus.

After training around 300,000 Profit and Amateur athletes on the world with the BlazePod, there is no immediate difference between Formel 1 and Fahrern. Alex Albon gehörte zu den ersten Nutzern. Andere Red Bull-Fahrer like Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Pierre Gasly.

The support is simple: Mithilfe einer Reihe von Leuchtstationen – entweder aufen Schreibtisch flatziert oder an einer Wand montiert – reagieren die Fahrer auf leuchtenden Blinkimpulse, indem sie so schnell wie möglich darauf drücken.

Reflextraining dies soln ihnen helfen, das bestmögliche “Priming” zu erreichen. Whenever a psychological process is described, when a body is reached, a reaction is made, and the reaction to a single step is positively affected.

Short reaction time in Training with BlazePod:

In Formel-1-Context it means: Even if the Reflexes with the BlazePods are tight, even if the driver in their cars is strong, their reactions (sovohl cognitive but also physical) in the seconds, in the races on the strings come, but the best – and not the first paar gefahrenen Runden.

If the Blazepods for a sports car from Sportarten are attractive, they are easy to transport, easy to install, easy to use and easy to use individually. Athletes can use the Reaction tests so easily or as easily as they want.

Do not want the system at Sportstars to be as good as the Blazepod-Gründer Yaniv Schneiderman: “We can not ignore the Tatsache, because it’s Spanish, it’s very easy to use. It ‘s amusable, but the Professionals are free.”

“If you go to this intensive training facility, then you’re going to be in Spain, you’re going to play a game,” Schneiderman said.

Dabei is written for the systems parts, the Formal 1-Fahrer also has Faust: It is best to have an official Partnership with a Team, since the Pilots have been assigned a Marketing Deal to get involved.

System available data for driver and team:

The staff is logged in, the function is enabled and the driver is enabled. “It’s a pity that the Geist harassed us, and that the Nervvensystem was up and running and that Körper was on the lookout for action,” said Simon Jacobs, Leiter der Abteilung für Aus- and Weiterbildung bei BlazePod, im Gespräch mit ‘Motorsport.com’.

“If they are given a car, they are for the qualifying or the Rennen self, they are good and they can be lost. They will be able to respond to all the questions, they will be seen”, said Jacobs at the time of his trainings with Blaze. .

Es liefert zudem wertvolle Daten. This system is designed for any vehicle: The generated reaction rate for each reaction is shown, as well as the current setting of the vehicle and the fact that your Fortschrit takes place within one of the tests. This date has been added, and the Fortschritt im Laufe der Zeit zu verfolgen.

Jacobs fugitive hinzu: “Man bekommt Zahlen geliefert und kann die Fortschritte sehen. Die App zeichnet nicht nur die Zeit auf, sondern man sieht auch, in welcher Bewegung derjenige Fortschritte oder eben keine Fortschritte macht. Stagniert er hier oder dort?”

“If you go there, the data will be read, the people will be able to read it, and if the data is used, you will be able to search for the Athletes. angehen, to analyze the data and give the athletes a break. “

Companies can have more than one property:

Blazepod is a relatively new Start-up, it was launched in 2017. Jacobs gluubt, das es sein Angebot erweitern u Sportlern küntftig einen noch größeren Nutzen bieten kann.

“It’s too big to see, when it comes to priming, but it can also be used for other things,” he says and turns on: “You can read about Kraft- and Conditioning training. You can read about it for Reha. You can also use it for your entries and benefits.”

“If you drive a car with the vehicle locked, with the driver, when you react to the autos, the links and rules will be fixed once and for all within the milliseconds. Get there.”

Jacobs plays Vergleich on American Football: “Even if I work with a linebacker, you can easily react to a single linebacker, and when a quarterback hits you, you can create a sports-specific application.”

“Wir nehmen unsere Lichter u richten sie auf ein bestimmtes Ziel aus: Wir verwenden dieselben Lichter, um das gleiche Ergebnis zu erzielen – schneller reacting Sportler.”

Some sportarten müsse man dazu drängen, die Vorteile zu erkennen, räumt Jacobs ein. “But even though the Sportarten is like Formula 1, it’s never been a short shot, it’s always worth the effort, and it’s pretty much Spanish.”

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