Home Workout: 6 h Fufige Fehler:

Training zuhause is engaged – aber nur mit Sinn and Verstand. If you say that, you will not be able to find the security guard at the moment

Since Corona-Shutdown and the closure of both Gyms is for many of the top Wohnzimmer at Yoga-Studio, or the Schlafzimmer for the Fitness-Studio. Zuhause trainers are as normal as the Home Office.

These are all practical, other motivated things as well, even new sporty Ziele to set. Denn, let´s face it: At Home Gym you can only have one, even if you have a lot of fun. Welche Übungen du zuhause machen kannst? Na, am besten from our Plan:

How can I get home-workout safely?

Training only for and without which is a fundamental problem. Do not enter a single workout without interruption, even if it is completely complete in the Vollen. When it comes to ideas and sets for fitness, people just don’t want to set aside. Zumindest nicht, wenn man zuhause alleine ohne professionale Anleitung u Hilfestellung trainiert. To pass from Übermut to Unfall, zack, is a gelenk verknackst.

Das Ziel, zuhause einen Spagat oder Flic Flac zu lernen, ohne das vorher je gemacht zu haben, ist also absolut keine Option. Genauso ie es keine gute Idee ist, sich einfach eine Langhantelstange zu orderellen u plötzlich zuhause olympisches Gewichtheben zu machen. Bessere Tipps hier:

Wie senke ich beim Workout im Home-Gym die Verletzungsgefahr?

If you want to see more and more regular trainers, the trainers checked and verbssert the word, white du der Regel, was du tust. If you want to get the most out of your life, you’ve got a hard time. No Experiments!

Sprich: If you have been through 2 to 3 weeks of the Yoga War, you have to be very careful and calm, as long as the Trainer is at ease. Mainly: immer sehr langsam an Übungen herantasten. Denn: If you go directly to your home gym, you will find the risk of a minor injury. And the fact that the last one was really bad. Where would you like to get a pandemic in a different note?

If you want to stay in Notfälle immediately, please contact the public service office in Krankenhäusern together with the relevant Dingen, as well as the Knie, überdehnte Bänder, an angeknacksten Fuß oder a Mittelhandbruch z.

How many times have I been sporting a pair of shoes?

Do you train and train regularly in a Wohnzimmer? If you want to start this 6 Fehler unbeding vermeiden, if you want to take a risk:

  1. Send comments: If you want to train at Zuhause, you have to make the most of everything, so you can also do it in the gym. The height: Begin with an easy warm-up, with a cruise control in the swing to bring the muscles up and down the armpits. Study shows, in the event of an accident taking place. Nach dem Workout is a Cool-Down unattainable. Take 5-10 minutes to complete your training session and finish your training session. Also selected is: You just want to be a part of Fall Fall. The best warmings for Warm-up are found here.
  2. Schwierigkeitsgrad zu hoch: In Yogakurs bist du eher so herabschauender Hund, im Wohnzimmer willst du jetzt aber den gedrehten Paradiesvogel und einen Kopfstand machen? Das ist keine gute Idee. Die Regel lautet: No complex new entries, you do not want to miss. Also a Classroom Workout for Zuhause: Sealspringen makht super fit.
  3. Translation information: Also the upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. Please note the training situation and as soon as possible, you will be notified. Dubernimmst du dich, ist nämlich im Zweifel niemand da, um dir zu helfen oder dich zu korrigieren. The study shows the most important results in fitness training as well as training.
  4. False exit: Womit wir auch schon beim nimchsten Thema wären – falsche Ausführung und mangelnde Korrektur. In the Gym or a Course is the Normalfall Immer’s a Coach in the Now, the corrected falls can be corrected and the correct exhaust support is supported. If you do not want to go to the gym at any time, only if you want to stay close to the gym and train the coach. Translate us: Das Warten lohnt sich.
  5. To see Training: Wer sonst auch nur einmal die Woche hatiert, sollte jetzt auf keinen Fall mit 7 Tagen die Woche durchstarten. Tighten your training to a maximum Percentage and geek accuracy with your wrenches. Gerade in turbulent oil makes the body look like oil for regeneration. Study zeigen, dass zu häufiges Training das Verletzungsrisiko erhöht.
  6. For more information: At any Home Workout you will not fall into any of the Falls, as you would like to have a flatbed seat. You do not want to be the first on the job, if you can find the right one for you. Beim Training solstest you have no constant Angst haben, etwas anzustoßen oder mit dem Gesicht im Glastisch zu landen. Schaff amen the best open plaza bevor du anfängst. Here are 6 fitness tips, which can be made on the couch.

Which of my points do you think are not perfect?

If you want Fitness Übungen, which contains the most important part of the basic solstice, you can still use the oil in the general health department. Also z. B. diese hier bitte unbedingt bleiben lassen:

  • Breite Liegestütze: – if not brought more than one, free the Schulterkapseln stark
  • Hampelmann mit Kurzhanteln: – a single cardio effect has the same effect as enormous contraction joints
  • Kopfstand or Schulterstand: – alles was Kopf und Wirbelsäule belastet oder verletzen könnte, ist tabu

Can I also try out new Home Gyms?

Naturally there is no need to run only those programs. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. Welch das sind, hat auch mit deinem Trainingslevel zu tun.

If you have been trained regularly and you are safe, you must be very careful, and it is possible to integrate new services into your training. During this training you will be able to safely and ordinarily exaggerate, then take a break and tighten your grip. Please see some tutorials for you:

  • So schaffst of a Klimmzug: Do you want to make your training equipment so easy to use Kraft? Stark, dann bist du jetzt bereit für deinen ersten Klimmzug. Our tip: Klimmzugstangen can only order online for Zuhause. Klimmzug 1×1: So schaffst you first pull Pull Up!
  • Your first handstand: Kraft, Balance, absolute Kperrperkontrolle – A Handstand is the discipline of discipline. With your Tips you can write from Schritt for Schritt langsam and his first handstand herantrauen. With these tips the largest of a handheld:

A lot more fun, even if you try new, when it comes to Fitness Courses, you can also find more and more online sites. When it comes to training, follow-up training to train, without taking any risks.

Do you really want to be motivated and do you really want to start at Home Gym? Das ist super. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. You do not have to wait. Hauptsache, Review!

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