Holzmadener Ehepaar hilft 20 Gefluchteten from Ukraine – Weilheim und Umgebung

The garland with the book “Herzlichen Glückwunsch” hangs in the living room as well: This zwillinge made the first birthday served, it is at the expense of the woodcutter Ehepaar Janina and Elmar Büchler fast to the Nebensache. Denn seit in der Heimat seiner Frau der Krieg ausbrach, herrscht bei Büchlers Ausnahmezustand. “Das fühlte sich so unrealistisch an,” said Janina Büchler. Als ihr Mann sie am Morgen des 24. Februar weckte, um ihr zu sagen, dass der Krieg ausgebrochen war, konnte sie es nicht glauben. At this time there is Janinas Vater with the friend Sochnes Daniel for visiting in the woods. Quick stand fest: You don’t want to go back to the Sumy city of Sumy in the north-east of Ukraine.

Your mother and two brothers are sitting in the big city of Charkiw fest. There are other businesses, such as Neffe, which, while operating an operation on the air, is a drainage trunk and in Germany it is still necessary to operate. Elmar Büchler found a lot of flea markets in the old town, and their contacts, personal contacts are half full. “Das Krankenhaus has not been given this time, it can be, we have to pay for it,” said Elmar Büchler. Aber dieses Problem ist momentan hinten angestellt.

15 hours in the train without flying water

Mittlerweile is also located in the booth in the living room of the bookkeepers and plays a video game. On the screen, the Panzer can be seen, the 14-year-old is really excited – it is possible to help, but the experience is possible. A young woman flirts with her baby, her 13 years old son and mother in the train. “You have 15 hours in a S-Bahn art track, without running water in the toilets,” says Janina Büchler. “You look forward to it, but here I am,” said Mann. The young mother is a middle-aged woman with five guests at a time in the woods.

At the Büchlers, the most important things are the most popular and famous from Sumy. While living in the woodshed with their children and two guests, you will not be able to make any new constructions, you will be able to live again in the upper house, you will be able to choose the right ones. Short-term accommodation is also available with water and electricity, as well as furniture. “We have a lot of help from the town and the region,” said Elmar Büchler.

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Dagegen bereitet ihm die bureaucracy am master cobblestones, wie ein Detail zeigt: Er muss Mietvertvrgage mit seinen Gästen absließen, um Nebenkosten abrechnen zu cannnen. I don’t have any travel expenses yet, I only have to hear the Cyrillic alphabet. Only the Ukrainian consulates in Germany are open to the public. In addition to medicines for your mother-in-law, you can also help yourself. A commitment to the arts in Sumy is one of the possibilities. “Die Ärzte hier schicken einen ins Krankenhaus, dort behandelt man aber nur, wenn es ein Notfall ist.” Irgendwann klappt es dann doch irgendwie.

There is also a light: On Thursday the day of Elmar Büchler with 17 Ukrainians and Ukrainians on behalf of the Land Council, a notice of residence was granted. Round four hours later the procedure was completed, but the Erfolg was crowned. “We have an extensive business,” said Elmar Büchler, who published 150 documents in the middle of nowhere. Da traf es sich gut, dass ihm sein Arbeitgeber eine Woche Sonderurlaub gegeben hatte. In addition to the first costs of the Landkreises are more than three weeks, and the number of wood workers can be used: For up to 20 people, the first weeks of payment are paid. Many of the Ukrainian bargains are located together, but not in Germany: Keine Bank exchanges Hrywnja in Euro.

Doch die Anstrengungen loNote: The recommended children stay in Weilheim on the school, but also on Sundays. Es gibt eine Lehrerin, die zwar kein Russisch od Ukrainisch kann, aber Deutsch als Fremdsprache. “Help is just a great way to find a lot of support,” said Elmar Büchler. Er and seine Frau sind trotzdem froh über ihr kleines bis mittleres Chaos, in dem sie derzeit leben: Denn alle sind hier erst mal in Sicherheit.

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