Hochwasserschutz: In Baiersbronn geplanter See hangs in addition – Baiersbronn & Umgebung

The new seats on the Forbach can be used for additional quality. Photo: Brown

Hochwasserschutz in der Gemeinde Baiersbronn schreitet wieter voran. Nachdem im Teilort Röt die Arbeiten nun abgeschlossen werden konnten, beginnt am Forbach in Baiersbronn der zweite Abschnitt in wenigen week.

Baiersbronn – Thomas Kuntosch, Bauamtsleiter in Baiersbronn, speaks in conversation with our editorial office at the latest meeting on the Neumühleweg. . As soon as possible, you can still use this natural sandstone, and you will be able to use it.

Begehbarer Wall

“Dort, wo wir mehr platz haben, also im veiteren Verlauf der Straße, wird ein Wall aufgesttet, der auch begehbar sein wird. Dieser ist rund 50 Meter lang und endet in einer Art Aufenthaltsplatz,” erklärt der Amtsleiter. The square is surrounded by 7.5 by 6.5 meters and is well maintained by the Iven Therapy Center.

You are also important, but a pervasive driveway is worth it. “The costs for the high water protection are currently available at a round of 380,000 Euros, which was estimated at 75 percent.” From the parking lot, the additional roadway can be found, all inclusions and parallels of the Murgtal road are included in the Schelklewes.

“We will be able to do everything that allows us to build, and we will be able to support each other, and we will also be able to find a course of time for a short time,” said Kuntosch.

In April, the work will be completed. With the baubeginn will be Mitte Mai. Die drei Bauabschnitte sollen rund sechs Monate in Anspruch nehmen. After the high water protection, the road construction follows. Optimal sei die Fertigstellung noch vor dem Winter, sagt Kuntosch.

Erfoligicher conclusion

It can be concluded that the Hochwasserschutz am Forbach is located on the Schelklewiesen hill with a view of the Bach. “We have a bypass built and the Ufer has been cleared, sodas at the old rain and high water the water direction of the Schelklewiesen can be found,” said the Bauamtsleiter.

Through the gable, a small island is opened, which is also optical in the flow picture. On the high-speed Uferseiten, there are a large number of seats, which are equipped with water. It is also possible to make wood tiles, which are made of double glazed wood.

A quality of living space is available, new trees are planted and the bike path is still open to the public. One more light of the way is the best Kuntosch ebenso vorgesehen.

Deutlich aufgewertet werden sollen die Schelklewiesen noch durch einen kunstlich angelegten See. .

Gespeist wurden soll der See mit Grundwasser, Dachregenwasser vom angrenzenden Altenheim und aus der Rappenquelle. Although it is also guaranteed, a clear water exchange is possible and the view is not included in the sign. “We are in a state of despair with the view of nature, of course by reason of the community,” said Kuntosch.

Further projects plant

With a view of the new garden show, there are other projects planned. Dazu has an inclusive playground in the vicinity of the therapy center. In addition to the combination of Forbach and Murg, special special offers can be found. “A jungle garden, a masterpiece and also a youth-active area with a pump track can be used in various concepts,” said Bauamtsleiter.

There is no other space required for plant protection. Early breakfast is free of charge, trees and huts are available.

“The calculations and floor surveys have been reported, but a massive high water protection wall has been built, but only under the full scope of the Sankenbach street can be found,” said Kuntosch. It is currently available, and other solutions are available – with a built-in base with short-cut curtain and a massive building. Doch machbare Vorschläge gebe es bisher nicht.

Complex renovation

“Der Hochwasserschutz ist eine komplexe Herausforderung, und alles sollte noch vor der Gartenschau im Jahr 2025 fintig gebaut sein”, sagt der Amtsleiter. The investments on the grounds of the planned Daurian plant are still in the year without the garden show. Hinzu kamen bei allen Planungen die unsichere Kostenseite und die uncontrolierbaren Preissteigerungen.

“As soon as possible, we have a request in the high of 300,000 Euros for the plans of the Gartendorfs at the railway station,” said Kuntosch. It is a business, only wood construction projects. He also had to take care of his hair, he was tired and he had to go back.


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