Hochwasserschutz: Baiersbronn bekommt Anhänger für mobile Dämme – Baiersbronn & Umgebung

The high water protection in the municipality is thanks to the company Müller Mitteltal nun mobil. Bei der Übergabe der beiden Spezialanhänger dankte Bürgermeister Ruf für die Umsetzung der Sonderkonstruktion (von link): Dirk Frietsch (Müller Mitteltal), Bernd Finkbeiner und Benjamin Teufel (Feuerwehrabteilung Baiersbronn), Michael Führerleister Müistertelister Büsterleister Oliver Hartart Hartler Hartart Hartart Ruf. Photo: Brown

With the high water protection in Baiersbronn goes further. A hose system for mobile women can be found in the municipality of Hochwasser. Now the large hoses with some constructed trains are also transportable.

Baiersbronn-Mitteltal – Die Firma Karl Müller GmbH & Co. KG has built in a special offer trailer, with the help of mobile phones, on the trommeln used damn nun an jeden beliebigen Ort gefahren und dort hydraulisch ab- und aufgewikelt werden kann. The two trailers can be used to transport and transport Trommeln hydraulically. Jede Trommel has a walker from three meters. On the trumpets there is a total of 528 meters of hydrobuffle raised, the mobile high-rise in the forest fall can be built.

Distribution of land

At the Übergabe am Standort des Herstellers in Mitteltal Dankte Bürgermeister Michael Ruf Firmeninhaber Oliver Hartleitner and his team for the reunion-free delivery of the trailer. “Our freud is risky, but we will be here before the meeting. You are predestined for the construction of special specialists,” said Ruf in the back view of the description.

The mobile women’s system, in 2019, is in a significant part of the high water protection in the community. It functions only, but it is also mobile.

The cost of the trailer and the long-distance trumpets will be 123,000 Euros. Davon konnte im Rahmen des Hochwasserschutzprogramms 70 Percent Landesförderung in Anspruch genom be.

Ruf bentonte, dass sich sufrund der Klimaveränderungen schnell kritiche Hochwasserlagen ergeben können. Through a system of knowledge, the community reacts to the situation and flexibly and relatively quickly builds up. “The baffle is filled with water, we have been able to do it with a high water, but we can also find this mobile Damm,” said Ruf.

Benjamin Teufel, head of the fire brigade Baiersbronn, and his stelvertretter Bernd Finkbeiner are also able to train and enjoy the new mobility and employment services. “First of all, we have the buffalo on pallets paved, doch fast packed, that the transport and also the abbau a problem darstellen”, so Teufel. The build-up has been in trouble for a long time, but the build-up and the water supply with water are high. “Nun können wir den Schläuchen dank des Anhängers ein Gefälle geben, sodass das Entleeren deutlich leichter wird,” sagte Teufel.

Surveys bring routine

At high water level, the bishop is no longer able to use the hose system, but at the same time the building is equipped for the purpose. The background of a special coating is also unknown. “We have already received some charges with the mobile water protection. So we have in the fall and the routine at hand,” said Teufel.

Oliver Hartleitner, as a member of the community for the search and the latest, wrote a report on the high water protection. The company Karl Müller GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1929. He is a family member in the third generation and employs 190 employees. “We build for 1500 rounds per year,” says the company chief.

The construction manager of the Müller company, Dirk Frietsch, spoke of a construction permit at the construction site and the construction of a special trailer for fireworks based on non-negotiable transport routes. “We have a model as a cable trailer. But in this wide hose you can pick it up and transport it, it’s very special,” said Frietsch.

In the previous conversations with Martin Frey, the members of the Baiersbronner Fire Brigade were killed. A large preview of the cable car, the Baiershof Baron Bronn is also a cable transport trailer from Müller, and now there are good simulations possible. Around three months ago, the construction and construction of the special trailer were completed.

A large steel trumpet is set up on the other side of a large wooden trumpet, and thanks to a used petrol engine, the Trommelantrieb is operated by a train driver. “A trailer runs with a trumpet and a hose round 4.3 tons and offers a basis of additional total weight of 8.8 tons per reserve,” said Oliver Hartleitner. Two fire trucks have been used. You are located at the fire station in Baiersbronn.

In Baiersbronn stationed

Er hoffe, dass Baiersbronn von neuen Hochwasserereignissen verschont bleibe, zwei seien es 2021 gewesen, sagte Ruf. “Jedes Hochwasser ist anders, daher sind wir froh, nun bestens gerustet zu se”, erklärte der Bürgermeister abschließend.


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