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Helpful people for Ukraine are also among the most privates in the Landkreis. Photo: © tashatuvango –

Ukraine is well-founded. In addition to the region, there are many institutions and real estate, spending on gatherings and transport to organize, including auctions from Betzweiler and Besenfeld.

Loßburg-Betzweiler / Seewald-Besenfeld / Region – Vährend in einer vom Landkreis Freudenstadt coordierten Aktion derzeit Spenden gesammelt werden, um die im an der ukrainischen Grenze gelegenen Partnerlandkreis Tomaszowski ankommenden ukrainian cluzgerenge und verschungegruenge aufgerufen zu helfen. Dazu is also close to Natalija Beyelgrad and Reinhard Links from Betzweiler and Beatrice Weise-Kühn and Sven Kühn from Besenfeld.

Since 2015, an active network has been built

Als Deutscher mit ukrainischen Wurzeln und als Ehemann einer ehemaligen frei gevählten ukrainischen Abgeordneten baute Reinhard Links bereits 2014 ein aktive Netzwerk für Ukrainehilfe auf. It organizes many years of international sports in Ukraine. Links read about a large transport 2015, from six trucks, four cars and a railway car, and many other medical devices, as well as a large ultrasonic device for the Chernobyl Children’s Clinic.

At the time of their organized transport, there are Ukrainian friends, and the distribution of land in the country. Von ihnen werde er derzeit permanent über die aktuelle Lage und die versvweifelten Bemühungen des ukrainischen Volks, sich zu verteidigen, informiert.

Links show pictures of self-propelled Molotov cocktails, read from the most popular Lappeen, with the most popular people, the openings of the enclosed panzer to be included, and from the nails, the women of the world.

Heat and medical products

Play a great role, so Links, the many active Ukrainian freelancers, their affiliation with “holding a camp and representing the Volksiderstand”. It is important to be aware of the benefits, and at the end of the day you will be able to find the most important information that is a medical product. A selection of teachers, a member of the Board of Education in the Freudenstädter Waldorfschule, a meeting place (see info).

The plantation is, in addition to the first Hilfstransport Freudenstadt am Samstag, the most popular Hilfsgüter meeting together, the rest of the week. From the Hofbauernhof Schömberg, ready-made carriages bring the Spenden to Dresden. Dort sollen Dresdener Freunde des Ukrainehilfe-Netzwerks die Hilfsgüter übernehmen und sie an die polnisch-ukrainische Grenze bringen. “Our Ukrainian partners are waiting for the Ukrainian border and sorrow for transport and the new stars,” the links read. Importantly, so Links, you are also looking for the treble for the Hin- and re-entry route. Related links, Images to be found, are always accepted. Further information is provided by e-mail at

Humanitarian help as a heart project

Spending on Ukrainian accommodation is also available at the Weise-Kühn / Kühn family in Besenfeld. As Beatrice Weise-Kühn reports, she has a personal choice for Ukraine, but she is also engaged in many years of undisputed men. “Humanitarian help is a heart project of peace,” he said. It is also possible to provide special information for Ukraine in the social media. In their collection point on Römerweg 5 in Besenfeld (infos by phone 0160/433 33 10) there are many places – from Krücken, Decken bis zu Isomatten. On Monday, a 20 percent liter of disinfectant is added. All Spenden is well connected in the Waldorf school and is well maintained.

What a benefit

On the day of the day, the most important ones can be found, given bindings, compresses, large patches, everything else for the collection of medicines, blood-stained medicines, but also schmerz- and end-of-life medical care, no-non-stop.

Hilfreich sind zurem Erste-Hilfe-Kästten aus dem Auto, kleine medisinische Geräte, einfach alles, was, so Reinhard Links, in einem Rettungswagen zu finden ist, auch Defibrillatoren, Ultraschall- und Beatmungsgeräte.

Convenient storage facilities for 500-meter-wide, rotating-toothed lamps, white light for easy use, small rings, power banks for handy and long-lasting food, canned food, canned food, food. It is also open to Zelte, Schlafsäcke and Isomatten, a unit to the poles of the ladung and as Beipack, on the transporter without a lot of weight to make and one of the devices to be transported, transported also for the many members.

Spence can be entered at the Weise-Kühn family in Besenfeld or daily between 5pm and 8pm at the Freidenstadt Waldorfsstadt in Frerieden-List-Straße 14 is open.


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