Haushaltslage in Alpirsbach: Schulden steigen dramatisch – Baiersbronn & Umgebung

The city of Alpirsbach must be financed by the boys. Archival Photo: Michel

On the new and ingenious art of the late Bürgermeister Michael Pfaff in the youthful setting of the municipality of his house. The Haushaltsplan 2022 is so unwewiss as the world political situation, so Pfaff.

Alpirsbach – Der Gemeinderat musie sich diesen Herausforderungen stellen, sagte der Bürgermeister. It is based on displays, charts and diagrams of the current economic and financial situation of the city – outside the household services. A total of 13.52 million Euros were spent on 17.15 million Euros. It has a deficit of 3.63 million Euros.

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“In Alpirsbach, there are a lot of problems, but one of the equal potentials has come out,” said Pfaff. Als eine der Ursachen für die derzeitige Lage stellte er grafisch die Entwicklung der Gewerbesteuereinnahmen zwischen 1998 und 1999 dar. Damals beat the commercial taxpayers from 8.5 million to 3.04 million marks. It is important to pay attention to Schulden and also to support the management of the situation, which is not limited to the benefits. While still living in the warring years, Schulden will continue to build, and in 2022 he will be able to play dramatically again, summing up the mayor.

In addition to the diagram diagrams, the area is still free of charge. Denn Ausgaben wie Kreisumlage, Finanzausgleichsumlage sovie Gewerbesteuerumlage must and geleistet be. Lediglich ein Anteile von 23,55 Percent des Haushaltsvolumens lasse sich noch beeinflussen mit einem Betrag von 2,98 Millionen Euro.

On the basis of the data, the land tax is A and B and the commercial tax. In addition to the percentage of points of interest, there are about 113,086 Euro members. Würden dann noch die steuerbaren Aufwendungen gestrichen, verbliebe immer noch ein Minus von 542 594 Euro im Haushalt. This one, of course, was very popular, not at all convenient and financially secure, and only a short term increase from the owner to the owner of the apartment, so Pfaff.

Reconciliation goes back

Further graphs show the house volumes of the most common years and trade taxes. In the last year, Pfaff saw a positive development, reminding you to pay attention to business development. There is a lack of additional support for the low-cost 6200. After the new housekeeping, the additional allowance, the discounts for investments in the house, will be included in the budget, which will be accepted, calculated, included. In conclusion, it is possible to sum up: “It is not a matter of structural changes. It is necessary to provide information on a detailed and oriented orientation catalog with clear terms of interest, and to increase the number of employees.”

Pfaff can also find some suggestions and questions about factions to stay. A limited fraction catalog includes the ZfA fraction, under other conditions for free construction in the city. Dazu sagte Pfaff, dass die Stadt keine Influssmömlichkeiten auf private Bauplätze und Baulücken habe. A further question is provided for a selected house. Dazu erklärte der Bürgermeister, dass er noch keine concrete Maßnahmen in seiner Haushaltsrede genannt habe. In addition, there will be a week’s walk with the faction members, as well as other activities. One part of the questionnaire was not dealt with in part.

Curvature as an order

In the fragments of the UBL ging is under one of the conditions for the conclusion of the decision. Dazu erkrärte der Bürgermeister, dass diese von der Verwaltung zeitnah eingefordert würden. In addition to the additional expenses, the staff will be able to provide personal shortcuts, as well as the best-in-class support.

A central agreement between the FWV faction and a flat-rate housing holding of one percent. This, so Pfaff, is not possible. Denn es gebe Bereiche wie die Umlagen, in denen Kürzungen nicht umsetzbar seien. However, school and children’s gardening is not possible, of course, it is a difficult option. For Clemens Steinberger, FWV, an appointment is made for the most part.

In a further question of FWV ging es um da Freibad und dessen Sanierung. Dazu takes the burghermaster out, but without the fodder the renovation does not follow. This time is still a long way to go, and a sports facility can be found. Then you can also read more questions about families on the entry cards.


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