Hartenstein and Clippers play a role in play

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Hartenstein and Clippers play a role in play

In the case of the European Community, the profile of the Norwegian Americas is limited. Was in the night of American Football, Basketball and Eishockey.

Basketball: Hartenstein and Clippers play in the playoffs

Basketball nationalist Isaiah Hartenstein and the Los Angeles Clippers have won the Chance to Play-offs in the Norwegian American Profile of the NBA. In addition, the Play-in-Tourists in California have been involved in overnight stays in the Minnesota Timberwolves with 104: 109.

The Clippers, who attended the Western Conference of the European Union for the Qualifications of the National Association of the Orthodox (4.00 Uhr / MEZ) in the Sieger des Duells San Antonio Spurs, the New Orleans Pelicans, Meisterrunde zu lösen. For the time being, Hartenstein is then treated for two minutes with the aid of a large amount of oil, which is then mixed with Memphis grizzly.

Auch die Brooklyn Nets um Starspieler Kyrie Irving stehen in den Play-offs. These are described by the Cleveland Cavaliers in terms of qualifications as 115: 108, with the addition of 34 points being added to the field of operation. The Nets match for the Playoffs of the Boston Celtics and Daniel Theis.

The Play-in Tournament will be played in the same place. The conferences, meetings, services and services of the Conferences are co-sponsored by the Play-off-Starter. The number is shown as a number and the number is a number. For the purposes of this Regulation, the possibility of obtaining a contract for the production of “Neun gegen Zehn”.

Basketball: Nets bestürzt über Schüsse in New Yorker U-Bahn

Spieler and Trainer for Basketball Teams Brooklyn Nets was used as a mediator for the sake of the Vorfall and the New York U-Bahn. “It is very difficult to see the tragic Morgen. Wir sind am Boden zerstört für die Gemeinde und die direkt Beteiligten ‘, said Nets-Trainer Steve Nash laut der “New York Post” am Dienstag. As a result, the team at the close of the Blocks enters the Play-in-Play in the NBA to the Cleveland Cavaliers, as set out in Nets 115: 108.

For the start of the contract, the amount of the contract is for a total of EUR 50 000 (EUR 46 000). What was said about the results. “We are a U-Bahn station for a training center and an office,” said Nash. “Meine Kinder gehen nicht sehr weit von da zur Schule.”

Ein Mann hatte laut Polizeiangaben in der morgendlichen Rush Hour in einem Zug Richtung Manhattan das Feuer eröffnet. It is possible to use an art gas mask and a canister, such as a nebula or a solid iron. “If you do not have the details yet, please contact us if you have been contacted by the New York Post,” said Nets-Spieler Kevin Durant on the New York Post. .

Nets-Spieler Goran Dragic, a member of the staff of the Training Hall, has been asked to do so. “It simply came to our notice then. Until the end of the war in the U-Bahn, there is no connection with the United States. ‘

Eishockey: Stützle trifft doppelt bei Senators-Sieg

The name of the Superstar Leon Draisitl hat die zweite Niederlage in Folge für Edmonton Oilers in der Nordamerikanischen Eishockey-Profiliga NHL nicht verhindert. The Angleifer was treated with a 1: 5 end stand. Es war der 51. Saisontreffer für den gebürtigen Kölner.

The transfer was carried out at the beginning of the year by the authorities of Tim Stützle. On the 20th of March, the Styrmer War was a 4: 1 win over the Ottawa Senators in the Red Wings of the United States and the Assistants were asserted. In this case, the third edition of the “Empty-Net-Goals”, which was published by Thomas Greiss den Kasten for the use of the upper part of the class. Bei Detroit topier Veritziger Moritz Seider immerhin den 41. Assist in this NHL Premierensaison.

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