Haiterbacher Absetzgelände: Bürgerinitiative hat Mission erfüllt – Nagold & Umgebung

BI-Conversations Jüegen Kaupp overlays an info poster on plantations. Photo: Kaupp

The Haiterbach bureau initiative is still available. The work of the bourgeoisie, the bureaucracy in Haiterbach, the sale of farmers and landowners for sale and before all the help of the help of lawmakers, is that the planned military airfield is located.

Haiterbach – “Nachdem die BI Haiterbach ihr Ziel erreicht hat, hat sie jetzt ihre Auflösung beschlossen”, heisß e in einer Pressemitteilung der Haiterbacher Gruppe. The BI has been given an annual report on all possible circumstances, the facts have been announced and the planned military airfield in Haiterbach has been opened. After the last five years of the year, the media have been on the 17th of February.

“From the beginning of the bourgeois initiative of Haiterbach, Nagold and Jettingen, he gave birth to the land of the Durrenhardter Hof for the military air forces, and for the population in this region, according to various regions.” and the nature and the driving at the pets over the well-kept area “, he is in the middle of nowhere.

“Von Beginn an e abgekartetes Spiel”

Von Beginn an sei es ein abgekartetes Spiel gewesen, in der eine kleine Gruppe innerhalb des Staatsministeriums eine völlig untaugliche Fläche in Haiterbach als Ersatzgelände, für den von Land an Bosch verkauften Militärflugplatz Bernütchentü, s altichnétênät.

“In this day, only the most important standards for the selection of the above-mentioned Haiterbach, as well as in the best place, have been resolved. Good-natured and damn without any real trials, especially wanted. “

The landowners agree to the view of BI, “like in the country”, with political pressure and a lot of money. Niemand habe dabei mit der Grundung einer Bürgerinitiative und einem erfolgreichen Bürgerentscheid im biederen Haiterbach und vor allem nicht mit dem Beistand hochkarätiger Juristen, gerechnet.

Thank you for your help

The BI Haiterbach Dankt in their middle Peter Kothe, who, according to the declarations of the plans of the plan, is an alternative to the great Landwirte, is well known. Edgar Wunder vom Verein “Mehr Demokratie Baden-Württemberg” has had his legal counsel over the Bürgerentscheid.

Anwalt Martin Ludwig has the BI Haiterbach with Rat and Tat to the side of the site and the connection to the renowned Berliner Kanzlei “Geulen Klinger” provided. The settlement of Anwalt Remo Klinger for the city of Haiterbach and the settlement of the landowner are always open to the stop of the planned military airports.

“Mission accomplished”

. From the above, many honorariums, companies, associations and local politicians are allowed to take part in public education, worship or capital, but also the capital and capital of the military airfield.

Jürgen Kaupp, Speaker of BI, summarizes: “Writing for Schritt has been with all the measures of the Agency since the winds from the sails of the world. In total, the city administration is responsible for the unforced implementation of the Bürgerentscheid after the fall of 2020. Haiterbach said: Mission accomplished “


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