Groß Ziele beim VfL: Bochums Unabsteigbar-Plan für die Bundesliga – BUNDESLIGA

The strategy for Bochum is based on strategic strategy papers. Darin geht es auch um einen Investor, der 20 Prozent des Klubs übernehmen soll. SPORT PICTURE of the information provided.

In the case of the Stock Exchange, the Bochumer Stadium is located in the VfL area. Hier haben Boss Ilja Kaenzig (48) and Sportchef Sebastian Schindzielorz (43) ihre Büros. These are the Baumeister des Erfolgs. And here is the specific plan, we have a “unabsteigbar” wirder!

Der Kern des Plans

Bochum soll auch in Zukunft der Gegenentwurf zu Schicki-Micki und Protz sein.

Fußball pur, nahbar, erfolgreich. Kaenzig: ‘The name of the company in question is the same. Uncertainly at the same time: “Eest fester Bestandteil der Bundesliga. So in the 80’s and 90’s, the beginning of the “Unabsteigbaren” was described. Bochum war immer ein kleiner Klub, aber immer dabei im Oberhaus. “For the sale of non-commercial fossil fuels”, the proposal is based on the Strategic Papers of the European Economic and Social Committee. The title of the Limited Liability Plan for the year 2018 is amended as follows: „Das nächste Kapitel“. For this purpose, the VfL is used to paint a large part of the wood. Die Botschaft: Bochum will anders sein, will be able to meet the needs of Dortmund and the Swiss countryside. “For the purposes of this Regulation, the activities of the Glamor, Gelding and Entertainment industry” are described in the footnote. For Curiosities: Caution and solidification of the vision of the VfL are due to the presence of paper and paper. In the case of a monopoly, it is possible to use the same name and the same image. The above-mentioned plan is set aside for this purpose.

Als sie 2018 starteten, kämpfte der VfL ums Überleben in der 2. Liga. However, the company is responsible for stabilizing the situation and stabilizing it. 2021 Gel der Aufstieg mit ihrem Trainer Thomas Reis (48) nach elf Jahren in der Zweitklassigkeit. Jetzt stekl der Klub auf Platz zwölf mit sechs Punkten Vorsprung a Relenationsplatz. Bochum can be found in the Bundesliga plan and in the area of ​​Germany. The formulation will be white and solid, derived from 2023 yellow, verbal. The provision for 2018 is currently valid. Nahbar soll der VfL bleiben. Description: Fallen die Corona-Beschränkungen, wärdas tagliche Training der Profi-Mannschaft wieder öffentlich sein. The spheres are designed, autographed and photographed with fans. Auch niel Spielen im VIP-Raum. Bienienen anderen Klubs bekommen die Anhänger ihre Idole gar nicht mehr aus der Nähe zu sehen. The stadium with its own atmosphere is connected to the football stadium and the entertainment arena is not covered.

Ein Investor beim VfL

However, the investor has not been notified. The work in Bochum is concrete. In 2019, the title “Unabsteigbar” was issued. Darin wurden klare Richtlinien formuliert, was an externer Gönner neben seinem Geld mitbringen muss. It is therefore possible to carry out the application to the Club and to obtain a contract for the sale of the product to the VfL without speculating object. Wer einsteigt, muss mindestens 20 Prozent des Klubs übernehmen. For the benefit of Bochum, this is not the case. A total of EUR 150 million has been raised. In this case, the Investor will therefore be able to obtain the same conditions as the German authorities. This is the case with the Möglichkeiten. Kaenzig: ‘In that regard, it was amended as follows: We have the potential to become a member of the League. ‘ Manager Schindzielorz is currently responsible for the management of the staff in the field of employment. For a total of EUR 24 million, the Euro-Professional Association for the Corona-Krise has been granted a total of EUR 1 million. For the purposes of this Regulation. Er sagt: “We are in a state of ambition that has the potential to do so. Wir wollen ein bodenständiger Verein sein, bei dem der Fußball im Mittelpunkt steht. It is a tradition which has not been established. ‘

Bochum zeigt, dass man auch ohne Bling-Bling erfolgreich sein kann.


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