Great Feast: DRC Orient Association celebrates its 70th anniversary – Dornstetten & Umgebung

With Martina Krause and Jörg Umbach (Mitte) there are two members of the DRC-Ortsvereins Dornstetten, Glatten, Schopfloch for their long-term unity and their merits with Urkunden, Gutscheinen and the Dornstetter city media in Gold. Johannes Braun (links) die Laudatio auf die Geehrten. Photo: Günther

With a feast and a day of open tour of the DRK-Ortsverein Dornstetten, Glatten, Schopfloch, its 70-year-olds.

Dornstetten – Vorsitzender Johannes Braun looks back on your holiday language and focuses on current activities. Deutlich wurde, dass sich s dem Ortsverein eine Gruppe Ehrenamtlicher zusammengefunden hat, die sich mit großem Engagement und Oinsatzbereitschaft, verbunden mit Sachkompetenz und Hingabe, der Hilfe und Menschlichkeit verschrieben.

Multiple in nature

Like Brown, the number of members of the DRC community has reached 800 members. 20 days ago for the active helpers in the company. There is a great deal of entertainment for seniors, seniors, gymnastics and dance sports.

The 20 active in the business are provided by the medical services, which are active in the health care and the support of the health care service. Beispielen machte Braut deutlich, dass das Engagement aber noch weit darüber hinaus geht. It is recommended for members of the “Lothar” assault, the remittance services in the area of ​​the law enforcement agency. Also, in Dornstetten, it is very possible that the first Crown Test Center is worth a visit, but the DRC company is very active.

The most popular are the 20 members of the Catastrophe Protection of the Crisis engaged and secure the first meeting with. Some of the companies founded in 1984 by the DRK-Schnelleinsatzgruppe, the “Dornstetter model”. Diese Gruppe hatte die Aufgabe, im Ernstfall schnell vor Ort zu sein, um bis zum Eintreffen des Rettungsdienstes Erste Hilfe zu leisten, berichtete Braun. Among other things, the model of the “Helfer vor Ort” system is “developed”. Brown thanks to the pastor Timo Stahl, who, with the help of their employees, fell in love with it, so that he can be found in addition to professional helpers.

Halle vor 20 Jahre bezogen

Before the 20th year, the Halls in the Hall in the Dornstetter Bachhalde were taken. There are all DRK vehicles as well as the vehicles for disaster protection and material storage. It can be redeemed from the Ehrenamtlichen with a lot of self-catering in the Obergeschoss a contracting room and sanitary facilities.

Congratulations on the Jubilee overturned Dornstettens Bürgermeister Bernhard Haas. He is also “thankful for one of the well-established DRK-Ortsverein”, which is also a practitioner’s last night’s practice and is widely used.

The DRC District Committee President Kurt Deckelnick has a “70 Years in the Service of Humanity” and a speech from the Ortsverein of his affiliation, which has its power of attorney under a certain reputation. Deckelnick criticizes that the “Helper vort” as the first member in the retrieval case for their inconveniences, uniforms and services is a public offering, without having to finance it.

With the celebration, “We are free, but we still have 70 years to live” for free.

In the name of the Driller Hansele, Benjamin Stahl for the collaboration work and the support of the community at events. For the musical entertainment sorted by the Duo Derya and Metehan with fetzigen Rock-Rhythmen.

Look at the history

A look back at 70 years DRK-Ortsverein Dornstetten, Glatten, Schopfloch gab Vorsitzender Johannes Braun.

Under the motto “Seit 70 Jahren im Zeichen der Hilfe und der Menschlichkeit” ging er auf die Infänge des Ortsvereins ein. Zwar gab es auch zuvor bereits Aktivitäten des Roten Kreuzes in Dornstetten, aber erst am 5. Juli 1952 wurde der Ortsverein Dornstetten und Umgebung zgründet. The area of ​​the newly founded DRK-Ortsvereins includes Dornstetten, Aach and Hallwangen also Glatten, Böffingen, Schopfloch, Ober- und Unteriflingen as well as Waldachtal. Da da Gebiet zu groß war, wurde es in den 1980er-Jahren geletil und der Ortsverein Waldachtal grugründet. The first DRK Ortsverein Dornstetten and surroundings are located in the DRK Ortsverein Dornstetten, Glatten, Schopfloch.

See the year after the foundation of the first flower bed in Dornstetten. As Brown is out, there is a middle ground for the year of the Blood Suspension in the town hall in Dornstetten. It is worth 1100 slices of canned food. The ground floor of the Ortsverein is 45 out of a total of 800 members.

Brown thanks Andreas Ammer, for the exhibition of an exhibition of historical songs about the Vejuinsjubiläum together.


Also available at the event. Martina Krause is responsible for the construction, organization and leadership of the juvenile association in the DRC community, as well as for their membership in the DRC community and their enormous activity as a district juvenile. “You have one of our most powerful engines,” Brown said. The new teacher of the youth cross-section group, Sophie Brakopp, has been brought together with two interpreters of their group. Dornstettens Bürgermeister Bernhard Haas is valued with the rent of the Dornstetter Stadtmedaille in Gold die Verdienste Krauses.

With other and more extensive DRK-Mitarbeiter Jörg Umbach, a further DRK-Urgestein has been appointed. In the vicinity of the DRC Stuttgart since 1981 in the Kreis Freudenstadt district, work and work has been provided for its accommodation at the DRK-Landesschule Pfalzgrafenweiler. Damals lives in Dornstetten, which is very popular in the Ortsgruppe group and is married, so Braun, the DRC company in a modern, sleek corps. 1987 übernahm Umbach den Vorsitz des DRK-Ortsvereins. Stets habe er es dabei verstanden, “Jung und Alt zu motivieren”. On the basis of all these verdicts, Umbach was included in the meeting. Bürgermeister Haas is also a member of the Umbach for his services to the Dornstetter Stadtmedaille in Gold.


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