Great airports with dog in Schwerin & surroundings

Schwerin is a city of waterfalls, the most popular residential buildings, old city halls and green plants. The reusable Altstadt shines through historical sights and entertainment possibilities. In the city you can find friendly food at Menge Platz and the room for beautiful walks with pets.

On the open-air petticoats at Buchenweg in Schelfwerder, on the hangar terrace in Stadtteil Weststadt, at the Lungenklinik in Stadtteil Lankow, parallel to the Haselholzstraße in Stadtteil Gartenstadt, in the green area on the green forest in Grünen Talünstu so rich austoben.

Hundefreude sollten die generne Leinenpflicht gilt in den Stadtteilen Altstadt, Paulsstadt, Schelfstadt, Feldstadt, Ostorf, Zippendorf, im Bereich des Ziegelinnensees und eines 50 Meter breiten Streifens um den Ostorfer See und den Lankower See beachten.

Wer mit Hunde in Schwerin lebt oder zu Besuch ist, sollte sich zudem diese Ausflugsziele nicht entgehen lassen.

Schweriner Innenstadt

Dog friendly animals can be found together with their livestock breeders. Precious villas, car dealerships or the historic Schelfstadt am Pfaffensee offer sights and entertainment in the past. There is a café and restaurants on the shopping streets with a cozy break.

The Highlight, a city hall with a dog, is, of course, a very popular castle. Dogs do not visit the inner rooms, the branded plant is also open to food.

A shipwreck on the Schweriner See

The “White Fleet of Schwerin” operates the ship’s berth on the Schweriner Lake. From April to December there are departures for different greens. In the winter, a well-organized offer of visitors and wizards from Schwerin can be accessed. The dog is perched on the board.

Schwerin Zoo

Zwischen den Schweriner Seen is located on the 24-hectare zoo. The heart of the teichanlage. On tours you can visit 135 animals in kind and free of charge. One of the highlights of the Schweriner Zoos is 8,000 m2 of large superstructure. Animals and animals can be found here. Photo friends find rich motifs with dogs and exotic animals. The pet camera is also free of charge.

Zippendorfer Strand am Schweriner See

On the south side of Schweriner Innersees, the Zippendorfer beach is a lofty place for all friends. Zippendorf is located in the 19th century on a monday lake. The villas, chic restaurants and cafes are one of the oldest epochs.

The day of the Zippendorfer beach is a popular destination. The fine sandy beach is in good condition. If you also have a lot of children, you can take care of a pet owner.

The Zippendorfer beach is accessible with PKW, bicycle and also available.

Freilichtmuseum Mueß

“We live like 200 years ago! It is only possible to live, as the Landleben am See prefers to hunt, but in the Freilichtmuseum Mueß genau richtig “, says Jesse Reimann of Happyhunde in Berlin. Jedes Mal, wenn die Hundeexpertin und Tierliebhaberin in der Gegend um Schwerin ist, kommt sie mit ihrem eigenen Vierbeiner „Pommes“ hierher.

17 lovingly renowned historic buildings, flower-dressed orchards, brunnes, market-goers and other newspaper works can be found in the long-lived works.

Seasonally find events with entertainment, other crafts and music. The fast 7-hectare surrounding Dorfareal is located directly on the Südufer des Schweriner Sees and is located in the form of a dog.

Bärenwald Müritz

Pets are not allowed on this trip in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This car park near Schwerin is located idyllic nature reserve on the lake. The animal protection project Vier Pfoten has a reserve for brown bears from zoos and circus. The wide range offers natural living conditions. The dog is on the beach and finds a new dog playground in front of the house. For the well-to-do people, there is a bio-restaurant and cozy pick-up areas. The shop sells the animal protection articles, with the help of friends, the work can be done. Das ist eine tolle Gelegenheit, um sich mit einem Pfoten-Cappy, einer schicken Leine oder einer neuen Futtertonne mit Vier-Pfoten-Emblem einzudecken.

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