Graz surroundings: With the camera recorded: Wolf shows himself to Graz

First of all, in the surroundings of Murtal, a wolf is seen. Now there is a wild camera in the community area Eisbach-Rein ebenfalls a wolf see. A hunter On the basis of the map of the Wilderness, the pictures of the pictures are found, he is from the Styrian countryside.

“The picture is on May 3, 2022 at 5.28 o’clock,” he said at the Landesjägerschaft. You are the wolf expert Aldin Selimovic from the Research Institute for Wildlife in Vienna overstated.

Expert: “A unique wolf”

Selimovic selected, that the photos with his truthfulness show a wolf. “The head shape fits. And in addition to the eyes – they are selected and added. And before that the animal has a dark drawing,” said the expert. Small newspaper. All this is Hinweise, dass es sich um einen echten Wolf handle. The photo is still a good picture, it was the best.

The wolf was born in a car crash, and he was able to get the stars together in the eyes and on the head. “Es kännte Räude sein, woran Hunde od Füchse genauso erkranken können”, said Selimovic. A genuine investigation is not possible for the Tier als Wildtier.

Land whirlpools and hunters informed

Tier is the most popular country in the country. Wolfe seien Wildtiere und scheu, aber es gelte erhöhte Achtsamkeit für Landwirte und Jäger. For hikers, you can choose the marked paths for daylight hours.

“In addition to the situation with the situation, the situation will be protected, enlightened, and a pervasive unit will be opened or extended in the area of ​​the country. Franz Mayr-Melnhof-Saurau. The following hunters and hunters are the only experts in order to gain weight from DNA spurs.

“Wolf is also responsible for protection”

He is one of the most popular landowners and district master Harald Schönbacher You can also inform the regular hunters and give them a good time. For information about the country, this information is important, and our information is protected and protected. Chamber President Franz Titschenbacher again at Wednesday’s standpoint, but from the view of the chemical country and agriculture “a co-existence with the wolf in our cultural landscape is always serious, but not possible.” “Zumal immer mehr Fälle von Tierrissen innerhalb von Weiden zeigen, dass der Wolf auch Herdenschutzmaßnahmen umgehen kann.”

More photos are available

The Wolfexpert of the Veterinary Medical University of Vienna, Selimovic, said: “We will always see more photos of different Wolf’s views.” The joint work with the hunting agency is very effective. The expert is grateful for the pictures he took, but also “the best photos in the best quality from the most beautiful meters of the world with handy food are worth it”. Although many people are confused and difficult to identify. Und oft würde sich ein Fall auch nicht bestätigen.

Why in the spring more Wolf views?

Albin Blaschka, Leiter des Bär-Wolf-Luchs-Zentrums in Raumberg-Gumpenstein. Spring Zur Welt, bis zum Wurf im nächsten Frühling bleiben die jungen Tiere im Rudel. If there is a new Wurf, you will be able to take care of the people of Rudel in search of new experiences and partnerships. ” “- deshalb könne es auch sein, dass sie sich” näher an menchliche Infrastruktur heranwagen. Den Menschen scheuen aber auch junge Tiere. “Österreichweit konnte man laut Blaschka im Vorjahr 36 Wölfe eindeutig identifizieren. >> Mehr dazu in diesem Interview:” Der Wolf ist schon da “<<

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