Generationenwechsel bei Mafac: Alpirsbacher Unternehmen hat zwei neue Eigentümer – Alpirsbach & Umgebung

Staffing at Mafac: Stefan Schaal (links) and Armand Oostendorp (right) treats new people and business leaders in the footsteps of Joachim and Rainer Schwarz (notes, links and rights). The company offers more information about the offer. Photo: Heiko Simayer

Since April 1, the company Mafac has had two new members: the chief executive Stefan Schaal and Armand Oostendorp have had the most masculine builders in the year 1968, Joachim and Rainer Schwarz.

Alpirsbach – The company register is the last letter of the regulation, which provides the best management and property of the company, which is a long time ago, and has a good attitude, is in a press release of the company.

First written in 2019

Im schrst Schritt übergab Joachim Schwarz 2019 den Staff of technical management at Stefan Schaal. 2021 followed by Armand Oostendorp in the management and management of the Rainer Schwarz line of marketing, sales, customer support and product management.

Rainer Schwarz stays until March 31st. With the addition of Rainer Schwarz, the company was also informed by the company management of the company.

Solid up

The bill is found on a time point, and the company offers solid, time-efficient and efficient operation and, as well as the leading Hersteller, the main part-time management system is located in the middle.

This development is based on a new company name for many years. Stefan Schaal treats 2008 in the development department of Mafac and takes a stand in the world of construction and development and development of the product and machine development of the product and machine development of the company intensively. Armand Oostendorp has been working in the company since 2001, externally in construction and design, but also in product management. Thanks to its stationary runway, the company also has excellent market and branch offices in the main part of the department.

Sowohl ihm als auch Stefan Schaal wurden über die jahre wachsende Verantwortlichkeiten anvertraut, durch die sie sür für die neuen Aufgaben gut gewappnet sehen, so das Unternehmen further. For the most part, the company is founded by Ernst Schwarz, one of the company members, and the company Mafac is always connected to the company. The new manager and manager of the office is a must, but in the next decade to follow.

Three to the region

In addition to the 2017 year, there are two leading “GL plus” guides and a meeting plan and the activities of the industry, including the company. Topics such as digitization, high material and energy costs, climate change and professionalism are the most important years. On this road, the company of the region is located and the location of Alpirsbach can be found on the beach and commercial construction.

New points

The best way to get to the top with your partner is to be a partner for partners and larger employees. Dabei will be able to set new companies and increase the structure of the structure for the future and secure them. Fundamental education is based on Stefan Schaal’s empowerment of innovative work and qualified workers. “As a technology company in the family business, there is a mafia for contractions and reluctance. This offer is made possible by our employees, partners and customers, and in the future it is worth it. beratender Form zusammenarbeiten zu können “, erklärt er.

Great chance

Sein Geschäftsführerkollege Armand Oostendorp sieht in der zunehmenden Internationalisierung des mittelständischen Unternehmens eine wichtige Chance, um die Marktpotenziale zu erhöhen und existenzsichernde Wettbewerbsvorteile aufzubauen: “Wir wollen die Zukunft von Mafac als global agierendes Familienunternehmen langfristig sichern. Daher werden wir die kulturelle und personelle Vielfalt bei Mafac submit further and other detailed concepts for the development of work and construction. “


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