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The training program for this purpose is described as being of interest to them. In the present case, the provisions of this Regulation were adopted by the Kreis Düren los ist.

The water content for this purpose is determined by the temperature between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius.

Veranstaltungen 6.-12. April


From 9 to 11 April, the Dürener Innenstadt wieder das Frühlingsfest statt. For the purposes of this Regulation, the market value is up to 200 years. Am Sonntag, April 10, said that it was possible to sell the Sonntag.

Concert and Tanz

Am Sonntag, 10. april, um 17.00 Uhr gibt die Pianistin Linlin He ein Konzert im Glasmalerei-Museum Linnich. The Chinese war is being carried out in Europe and Europe. In Linnich spieelt are Werke von Beethoven, Chopin, Bach and Schubert.

The Jazzclub Jülich präsentiert am Freitag, 8. April um 20.00 Uhr im Kulturbahnhof ein Konzert mit den South West Old Time All Stars. The musicians bring hits from Louis Armstrong’s Bands to the Bühne.

“Per Aspera Ad Astra – über raue Pfade zu den Sternen” heißt die neue Show des Tanzprojekts „Düren tanzt!“ Joachim. An der Orgel spielt Johannes Esser.


From the Puppen ist der Comedian Sascha Grammel am Freitag, 8. April, um 20.00 Uhr zu Gast in der Arena Kreis Düren. In the program “Fast fertile!”

The Comic Barbara Ruscher präsentiert am Samstag, 9 April, at 8 pm The Jurbich Cultural Center will host the “The Best of the Best” program. This is because of the ambiguous nature of the meat in Germany.


The Artisanen-Figurentheater will be held in Germany on April 8, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The documentary-biographical program has been published in the public domain for 12 years.


From 7 to 10 April, the Mosque Circus auf dem annakirmesplatz in Düren. The Circus of Trinity is named after the Russian Federation. The artists from Russia, the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy and Spain can be seen on the “One World” show.


The SWD Powervolleys treten am heutigen Mittwoch, 6. april, um 19.00 Uhr zum dritten Spiel im Playoff-Halbfinale gegen den VfB Friedrichshafen an. The best Duel of the five-year series for the Volleyball in the Arena of the Netherlands will be sold at the end of the year.

This is because Saison is active in the field of golf golf in India. Auf der Anlage am Indemann foundet am Samstag, 9. april ab 9.00 The first of these events will be held in the top and top position.

Restrictions and transfers

  • In the case of the Academy of Fine Arts of the Hellenic Academy of Sciences, the Board of Governors and the Government of the Republic of Germany on 1 May may be amended accordingly. He also works in the field of printing, printing and sculpture by Otmar Alt, a member of the Academy.
  • The Leopold-Hoesch-Museum is closed from 10 April to 4 September under the auspices of Volker Saul. Aftermath – Turning ”. Dürener Künstler wenze dazu ja zwei Jazzmusikern inspired and bietet einen abstract Film sowie 33 schwarz-weiße Scherenschnitte.
  • The Briefmarken-Sammler-Vereinigung eV Düren veranstaltet vom 8. bis 10. april im Haus der Stadt die Ausstellung „Duria 2022“, die sich mit Düren als Stadt der Merkte beigäigigt.
  • The Public Museum and the Royal Institute of Public Administration in Samstag, 9 April, at 14.00 are open to the public in the historic city center of Rölsdorf. Los geht es auf dem Parkplatz an der Monschauer Straße 10.
  • Am Selben Tag at 13.30 Uhr gibt es eine Führung durch und rund um dürener Rathaus. It is now possible to use 50 years of operation for a modern technician.

Cinema and Filmabende

In the Cinema of the Cultural Heritage of St. Petersburg, April 7, at 10 a.m. Am Montag und Dienstag, 11/12. April, we will be at 8 pm The biographical drama “King Richard” will be played by Venus and Serena Williams. Davor läuft jeweils um 17.00 Uhr der Kinder-Animationsfilm „Die Häschenschule 2“.

The Leopold-Hoesch-Museum is open from April 7 at 7 pm The documentary “Tomorrow – The Wake of the Closure” is published in the Climate Act. The Stadtmuseum ended on 11 April at 7 pm The film class “Angst essen Seele auf” (1974) was published in the Czech Republic and the Moroccan disciples.

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