Freeways and baths in Cologne and surroundings

The official start of the Cologne holiday season is on 14.05.2022. The opening hours can be varied, also before the best online on the page of the independent beach or free rides.



Directly at the FC Stadium there is also a large outdoor pool with swimming pool, sprung and baby baths. For the children you can find a sand-water playground and a backpack.

Opening hours: daily 06:30 to 21:30

Prices: Extensive € 5.80, Youth € 4.10, Children (under 6 years) € 0.50

Waldbad Dünnwald

Mitten im schattigen Wald gibt es neben Schwimmer-, Nichtschmimmer- und Kinderbecken auch eine kleine und ein grosßere Rutsche. If you don’t have it, you can play sports on the beach volleyball court, or you can enjoy it at Minigolf. A restaurant and a kiosk are also located with care.

Opening hours: Di.-So. and public holidays: 10 am-6pm

Prices: Extensive € 6, ready € 3.50


An oasis in Cologne with a 50-meter natural history. The rucksack and children’s planks are also open, as well as a water playground. Und wenn es doch mal zu kalt wird, kann man einfach ins Hallenbad umziehen.

Opening hours: Mo.-Fr. 6: 30-22: 00 Uhr, Sa. + So. 9: 00-21: 00

Prices: Extensive € 5.50, ready € 4.10


Naturally, I also have a good time in the 25-meter outdoor pool, and in the children’s pool you can plan a sunrise. The largest ancillary power is about 80 meters long wild water.

Opening hours: Mo, Do: 10: 00-21: 30 Uhr; Di, Mi, Fr: 6: 30-21: 30 Uhr, Sa, So: 10: 00-21: 00 Uhr

Prices: Extensive € 5.50, ready € 4.10


Various outdoor pools are available for people or to enjoy. Massages, spruce treatments and wooden beds can be found in the wellness area. Young guests come to the main channel in the main channel or at the “Sand Matsch playground” at their own expense.

Opening hours: Mo.-Fr. 6: 30-21: 30 Uhr, Sa. + So. 9 am-8pm, Wednesday closed

Prices: Extended € 5.80, Children / Youth (under 18 years) € 4.10, Children (under 6 years) € 0.50


Water for cleaning is also found in the outdoor area, located in the 4-hour lakes, in the children’s plains or in the large lakes with breweries. For the small playground there is a playground and a spa, which includes a sand-water playground or a large cellar. Wer Lust has a tidy picnic, he can use the grills.

Opening hours: Mo. 16: 00-21: 30 Uhr, Di, Mi, Fr 6: 30-21: 30 Uhr, Sa + So 9-20 Uhr, Do geschlossen.

Prices: Extensive € 5.80, children / teenagers € 4.10, children (under 6 years) € 0.50


The Aqualand is one of the largest swimming pools in Cologne and has a dementia-like nature and a large outdoor area with streams, salt flats and sunbeds.

Opening hours: Mo-Do 9: 30-23: 00 Uhr, Fr. 9: 30-24: 00 Uhr, Sa. 9-24 o’clock, sunny and holiday days 9-23 o’clock.

Prices: Ewachsene (2 Std.) € 17.90, Youth € 13.90, Children € 6.90

Claudius Therme

The wellness area is just outside the area of ​​Claudius Therme naturally in front of the ground. The thermal baths are completely different, it was easy to sleep. Bonus: The view of the house.

Opening hours: daily 9-24 o’clock

Prices: Sunday 15 € / 2 std., Weekly / holiday 17 €

Further free riders and all important information can be found here.


Naturfreibad Vingst

In the old Baggersee there is a beautiful sandy beach and a large place on the beach. The Kleinen can be found on an adventure playground or on a water playground.

Opening hours: daily 10-19 p.m.

Prices: Adults € 4.80, children € 3.90

Escher See

In Kölner Norden there is a “Sundown Beach” with its sandy beach to the sun and baths in the absolute south south. The palm trees and the beach bar make a well-kept short vacation within the city limits of Cologne possible. Wer Lust auf bisschen mehr Action hat, kann sich hier zum Beispiel ein Stand-Up-Paddle mieten.

Opening hours of the beach: Mo.-Fr. from 12 o’clock, Sa. + So. from 11 o’clock

Prices: Extensive 6 €, ready 4 €, children 3 €


Here you have the choice of a beautiful beachfront or a spacious bed in the south winds of Hürther Sees. The beachfront beach has a large beach club with a gastronomic offer.

Opening hours of the beach: daily from 12 o’clock

Prices: Extensive (from 14 years) 5 €, available 3 €

Fühlinger See

The Fühlinger See is risky. Baths can also be reached in See Number 5, on the Badesee. The dormitory beach has a non-smoking room for children. On the sandy beach and palm trees you can also relax here. Directly, there is also a high garden garden for additional nerve endings.

Opening hours of the beach: daily 10-20 o’clock

Prices: Extensive € 4.80, ready € 3.80

Further information about the Cologne baths here.


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