Forschende entwickeln KI zur Erkennung von Burn-out:

Schweizer Forschende has a method method, and only one online post can be created, either by the Verfasser or the Burn-out leader. The Swiss National Funds (SNF) support Forschung by Mascha Kurpicz-Briki, Professor of Data Engineering at the Berner Fachhochschule in Biel, and then Team in Frontiers in Big Data verifentlicht (BurnoutEnsemble: Augmented Intelligence to Detect Indications for Psychology).

The authors have party, since it is not intended to be, burn out. Unsurprisingly, the Symptoms of Diesel are like other Cramps or Syndromes. They do not want to, in the case of psychological tests, support the questionnaire, the limits, and the subjective subject matter. Zudem trauen sich die Befragten nicht, bestimmte Fragen ehrlich zu beantworten. Forschenden sind der Ansichht, dass die automatkeche Sprachverarbeitung (NLP) diese Mankos ausgleichen kann, indem sie die Anzeichen von Burn-out in frei im Internet veröffentlichten Texten sukt. The Fragebögen würden dadurch überflüssig. You can scan Algorithms for Conversions in Networks, to automatically identify Businesses that are still your Craft.

The algorithm trained with “Reddit” -Texts:

For the project the Forschenden Texte, the English language on the platform “Reddit” will be verified. If the “Reddit” -Communities, which are surprised by the burn-out, are not found in the Inhabit bots, while the KI to train, then the Forschenden anhand von Schlüsselwörtern (“Burn-out”, “burn out”, “burning out”, usw.) Texte von der gesamten Plattform aus. Anschliessendierten eliminene sie Inhalte, the diese Wörter in anderen Zusammenhängen verwendeten (zum Beispiel “the tires are burnt out”) and entfernten diese Wörter aus den Texten – andernfalls hätte die KI sie wahrscheinwich alleiz together.

Whenever the Corps or Burn-out Texts are locked together, they are swung together with the Nicht-Burn-out-Texts, if the KI is to train, if it is delayed. To this Zweck collect more texts on “Reddit”. Please note that the Forschenden over 700 Texte, which is located at the Hälfte on the part of the Inhalten Islands.

On this primary and similarly versatile techniques the data center is used, a model to be tracked and validated, the text, in the Burn-out order is effective, the other texts can be retrieved. Forschenden concretes, while at the Optimization of their Models there are all sorts, the Zahl der älschlicherweise negative Ergebnisse zu minimize and zu verhindern, dass ein Burn-out-Text von der KI nicht erkannt wird.

Please note that the results for closure: “These results have a great potential, in an interdisciplinary way to give a new generation of intelligent people the opportunity for the clinical psychology to be fully understood, let alone a broader spectrum and a psychic sense.”

Limits of Models:

The Schweizer Forschungsteam durchgeführte Project project with the Pulse of time to be. The mental health is interested in the data centers: Die Applied Machine Learning Days, die Ende März an der EPFL stattfanden, boten einen Track an, der ganz diesem Thema gewidmet war. Zahlreiche Studies show today that the most interested people are interested in the mental health of their employees. The remote control of the Pandemic route is usually low.

The study also shows the boundaries of the individual entries on: Zunächst einmal gibt es manchmal eine grosse Diskrepanz zwischen dem, was an Modell tut, und dem, was es vorgibt zu tun. In this Fall, for this study the model is not there, but a person is burned out. It is in place, useful for people, to have a text that is properly worded out (or an antwerp on a single text). Dasselbe gilt jedes Mal, wenn die Verwendung eines Wortes als Teil der Realityä betrachtet wird. If a model does not have a photo of a cat, it must be seen in Wirklichkeit voraus, it must be a manly color, it must be a photo of a cat. Even if it is not a psychological problem to diagnose, it is not just a philosophical question.

Technical data technical data.

More than just the data center transmitters of technical scheduling operations can be difficult. In this Fall have the Forschenden their KI optimized, the slightest false negative results (not cheap Burn-outs) to get, was to Folge hat, while the Zahl of false positive results (Ergennung von Burn-outs), the gar steigt. The team was released immediately: “In the fall of Burn-out-Erkennung is to be the best, the most or the positives with a translation of the positives of the False Positives to be displayed, as the Positives to be translated. “For mental health, take care, always. Please do more than one analysis at a time.” The phrase, which Netz must not use or selectively select, will always be used in the line of the competent authorities and the persons, where the texts of the algorithms are analyzed and the data registers are not.

Algorithmic translations and man-made examples. Completely different digital mechanisms are used to react to the human problems involved and controlled at the same time, as the translation of the Objectivity has already taken place. In this Fall the concept of the Ergennung damit begründet, dass man den Antworten, the Menschen in Fragebögen geben, nicht trauen kann. In the case of the Model, which is based on the Analysis of the Texts without the words of Nutzer, a solid Grundlage’s beeten. Allergings are not meant to be a biomarker and also an objective reality, even if in a social network the network is compromised.

Darüber hinaus wirft die algorithmicche erkennung von Burn-out zahlreiche weitere Fragen auf. Is there no guarantee of success and success of the manager, to the team member? Which masses should be screened, which of the following on burn-out is best? Is Burn-out and Your Behavior a Problem of Individuals or Organization?

Appropriate Social Media: Also, when posting on social media negatively on Berufsleben can also be found. Hier können Sie lesen, wie Sie das verhindern.

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