Ford Mustang: Model S650 erwischt

Ford arbeitet an der nächsten Generation des Mustang. The type S650, which also has a hybrid connection, has been used in particular. And I found an exclusive part of the Einblicke ins Cockpit.

Ford brought the 2023 as a 2024 model to the next generation of the Typkürzel S650 from the coupe and convertible. The iconic Muscle Car is in the next generation as the S550 in 2013 and handled in 2018 and facelift.

Silhouette bleibt erhalten

The jet is equipped with a special type of prototype for the photographers, which is not suitable for use in the bodywork of the model, the bodywork of the bodywork of the S650 is also available. Dennoch also appears to be the same as the new silhouette of the motor vehicle, the front and rear axles of the motor vehicle. The optimum speed of the Pony Car is such that it can be used only. Für den Innenraum bleibt es bei dem viersitzigen Layout.

The device is used as a digital tool for graphics and speeds and is designed for the use of sports equipment. These are described by the fact that the equipment and the information system and the air conditioning system are used. In the case of airbags, the upper part of the air conditioner is equipped with the same function. Natürlich gibt es in Generation sieben das neueste Infotainment-System sowie Fahrerassistenz-Systeme.

Stefan Baldauf

Immediately after the coupe in the convertible and the other.

For the purposes of this Regulation, the front end of the front end of the vehicle must be rebuilt in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation. For all of these components, the components or parts of the electrolyte may be selected. Ford is able to use different types of water.

V8-Hybrid wahrscheinlich

The hybrid equipment for the new Ford Mustang was approved in October 2021 as a Ford Ford vehicle. Macher der Mustang7G-Fanseite henprechende Infos auf den Antriebsstrang entdeckt – im Linkedin-Profil von Pedro Maradei. The vehicle was sold in August 2010 in Brazil and the USA and the Ford am Mustang program gearbox. On July 2020, a hybrid of the Mustang of the Generation S650 was used. In this case, the V8 Hybrid version with a 5.0-liter engine is available. The hybrid variant is a hybrid variant with a 2,3-liter motor. The project is based on MY23 – also Model Year 2023. The second generation of the Black Generation system, which is a hybrid variant, has been used in the US for 2025 years. Ford commented on the link between the applicant and the manufacturer, which did not meet the conditions of employment.

Hybrid kommt erst Ende 2025

Ford Mustang Hybrid Teaser


The new hybrid medium is used.

Bereits im Juli 2017 that the American Hybrid-V8 will be patented. The number 1000002796733 and the title “Twin motor drive system for a hybrid vehicle” are used in the system with two electric motors. Diese sind mit einem konventionellen, längs eingebauten Motor gekoppelt. The braking motor is found in the kraft and the feeder. All of these are available from the City of the United States. Dies teilten Unternehmensvertreter bei einem Treffen in Dallas ihren Händlern mit – eine offizielle Bestätigung dieses Termins steht seitens Ford noch aus. The US competition is based on the introduction of low-voltage electrical technology: GM has developed a hybrid model for the use of electric vehicles. The Verdwortliche der Stellantis-Marke Dodge is best equipped for the year 2024 with the electric electric car on the market. If the vehicle is not connected to the electric motor via the control unit. The patent system is designed to be connected to a separate motor system. There is a patent for a V8 engine for this. Bereits Ende 2018 hatte Ford in seinem Video “The Future is Build” is also a Mustang with Blue logo and blue illuminated V8. To this end, Ford must use a “Hybrid V8-Power with the same torque as available”.

Ford Mustang Hybrid-V8

U.S. Patent

This is a patent application for a V8 engine.

Neuer Mustang auch mit Allradantrieb

The Ford Electric SUV Mustang Mach-E is equipped with a heck or all-wheel drive. The original Mustang-Coupé is also part of a traditional trade show that is not suitable for the Rädern. The company, which is a member of the Mustang Generation Group, is responsible for directing Ford: Jim Owens from the Mustang Markenmanager. This product is available from the US-Ford website. Owens hat in the background of the operation, which is considered to be due to the performance of the performance. For Fans and Experts, the clearing member of the company is responsible for the use of the card, which is not relevant to the use of the beard, but also for the use of all-purpose speculation. The technical bases for all vehicles are fitted to the Patent Office.

As the base of the Ford Mustang in the next generation of the CD6 platform, the Ford Explorer is used. This is also an integral platform for the operation model with allradiation options. If the Allrad-V8-Hybrid drifts and the new Mild-Hybrid-Version of the Acid Cylinders is used, it is possible to use it. A 2.3-liter intermediate cylinder was used as a starting material. Fraglich ist, ob es hier noch das Schaltgetriebe geben wird. The current motor is a must with a single gate-type or a 10-gang automatic gun.

Neue Getriebe-Option möglich

Ford Patent automatisertes Schaltgetriebe


The new system is equipped with automatic controls.

New patent applications from Ford are also available for automatic maintenance in Germany. For the slope and the conveyor system, the switch box is equipped with an electronic coupling and the coupling is switched on. The switch box can be operated automatically from the pulse by means of a switch. The use of electrically controlled antennas is carried out in the form of an air supply, which can be used in the manufacture of “feed”.


Klar, Hybrid-V8 ist geil!

Nein, diese Ikone soll pur bleiben!

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The new Ford Mustang is 2023 with hybrid and optional accessories. The V8 is equipped with two electric motors. Aber a verbenner dürften zu haben sein. For electric motors, the devices are automatically automated.


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