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Berlin (dpa) – The Group for the Football Association of the 21st and 18th of December in Qatar. Some international presses:


“Telegraph”: “Trauma-Los für England. In this case, the team from Gareth Southgate in Qatar was taken over by the Land of Germany and the State of the State and the Iranian Group.”

“Times”: “I have been involved in the northern part of the country of England, with the exception of the grouping of the grouping, or (in the case of the United Kingdom, Wales, etc.). “

“Guardian”: “Half of the finalists in the Weltmasters’ Association, the finalists in the European Championships, in England from the beginning of 1966 in the Tournament “Mr Blick, who has been a member of the team, has been involved in the work of the team.”

“Mirror”: “The grouping for which the WMD is based on the name of the company and is then available for England.”


“Le Monde”: “For the French team, the establishment of the FIFA President Gianni Infantino, in the form of a” Dialogue “and a” Frieden and Einheit “in Welt. For the purposes of this Regulation, Group B shall be adopted in the year and until 2018. “

“L’Express”: “France is a member of the Office and Déjà-vu.”

“L’Equipe”: “Die Blues sind gut dran, Schock Deutschland-Spanien.”


“AS”: “Deutschland hat ein Problem. La Roja hat die drei letzten Pflichtspiele gegen die Deutsche gewonnen.”

“El País”: “The Kingdom of Spain is the largest country in the country of Spain.”

“La Vanguardia”: “Germany is a member of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the case of Germany, the German authorities in the country of generation in Germany.”

“Sport”: “Knight of the Weltform. The Kingdom of Spain is a member of the Republic of Austria. It is the only country in Brazil, the country of origin in Argentina and the country of origin.”

“El Periódico”: “The Spanish triumph in Qatar is a country of origin.


“La Nación”: “One of the perfect readers for correcting and correcting: Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland. Gegner a Topf 3, die Poland.


“Globo Esporte”: “This is a single group of natural persons. “

Costa Rica

“La Nación”: “Keine Frage, die gärtesten Gegner der Nationalmannschaft sind nicht Spain or Deutschland. Der schwierigste Gegner is Neuseeland.


“Nikkan Sports”: “Japan is a member of a major group in Spain and the Netherlands, which is a member of the German business.

“Hochi Shimbun”: “The President of the Japanese Football Association, Kozo Tashima, said:” There is a group. I bin begeistert. “

“Japan Times”: “Japan’s boss has said that the winners of the WM-Auslosung.”


“Algemeen Dagblad”: “The term of office with the perspective of Louis van Gaal with an orange wall is very large.

“De Telegraaf”: “Traumausus für Oranje. Mit der Kristallkugel de Louis van Gaal ist liest in Ordnung. We have been able to use the right of the seine. “

“Member States”: “No 20 (Senegal), 46 (Ecuador) and 51 (Qatar) in the Community of the Netherlands for paper-based production in Africa, South America, Asia. Gegner. “


“1news”: “Wenn die All whites in ihrem Playoff zur WM gegen Costa Rica – die Number 31 der Welt – nicht bereits ebergabigen aunden, so wird die group, in which it is a member of the Siege commodity, sherherlich eine Herausforderung darstellen. “

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