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The Champions League League won the title of FC Barcelona and VfL Wolfsburg with over 90,000 fans at Camp Nou. The NDR overrides at 18.45 pm in the Audio Report.

von Matthias Dröge

As the Wolfsburger spielerinnen vor dems Abschlusstraining am Donnerstagnachmittag den gepflegten Rasen im leeren Stadion Camp Nou betraten, zückten sst eernmal ihre Smartphones. These are hochen and machten Selfies. For example, the green space is not used, for the purpose of the transfer. The wolf bobsleighs are instantly painted, and the ballast and the balloon are still visible.

Fridolina Rolfö, Alexia Putella and Aitana Bonamati (vl) v FC Barcelona feiern and Tor gegen Real Madrid im Camp Nou.

At 18.45 o’clock (live in the Audiostream / NDR Livecenter) a room was opened and the city center was opened. For 98,000 fans, I would like to go to the New Year’s Eve and go to Frauenspiel. Im Viertelfinale gegen Real Madrid kamen 91,553 Fans in the Fußballtempel Kataloniens. “It’s a good thing, but it’s all over the air. It’s a big deal for me,” said Wolfsburg Trainer Tommy Stroot.

Schult: “Ein legendäres Stadion – das ist wunderbar”

Aluthh Schult of the Torhüterine is considered to have been excluded. “The situation in the country is well under way. “Camp Nou is a legendary stadium – for the first time in the Champions League. It is possible to enter the Champions League at the start of the event, which is a regular and the current title of the event.”

Stroot sieht Barcelona als beste Clubmannschaft

Dieses Erlebnis bei diesem Gegner dürfte bei allen Spielerinnen bleibende Eindrücke hinterlassen. “For the time being the best member of the Clubmannschaft,” we said that the company was a member of Catalan. The Spanish master hat dieser Saison under 27 Liga-Spiele gewonnen and dabei 146 Tore geschossen. “Daran haben sie extrem gearbeitet,” said Alexandra Popp of VfL-Kapitänin.

“Camp Nou ist ein legendäres Stadion – für uns Fußballerinnen eigentlich unerrebarbar.”
Torhüterin Almuth Schult

In Alexia Putellas, the guests of the company were represented by a footballer in the country. “These are well-suited situations in which we are still involved and very important,” said Popp ihre Gegnerin als “Dreh- und Angelpunkt”.

Popp will den leten Schritt zum Finale machen

The sport team is a member of the Strawot team for the best time in the field. “If this is not the case in Germany, it is possible for the applicant to do so”, as described in point 33 of the Trainer, which is part of the Committee of the Regions. The winners of the Bundesliga and the DFB Cup-Finalist were awarded a European class. Zuletzt set out for the winners of the FC Arsenal. Jetzt darf es nach 2013 and 2014 wieder der Champions League-Pokal sein.

“I do not have the right to take part in the work of the farm.
VfL-Trainer Tommy Stroot

On the 21st day of May in Turin:

Oberdorf whitened

The captain of the captain is the beginning of his life. These are described in the description of the defective non-refillable air conditioner which, at the same time, is used. Popps exited the position of the trainer and the press conference from the outside.

Für das Rückspiel am 30. April (18 Uhr) gibt es noch genügend Tickets. Were 20,000 wagons in the Wolfsburger Arena, then the VfL at the end of the country was replaced by a poppy with the same size. The Best Markets for Heimspiel der Wolfsburgerinnen liegt bei 12.464 Fans – aufgestellt 2014 in der Bundesliga gegen den 1. FFC Frankfurt.

Aber erstmal gilt es, beim Fußballfest im stimmungsvollen (und wahrscheinlich ausverkauften) Stadion Camp Nou zu bestehen.

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