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Tomasz Flammer Photo: Flamner

After learning to run, you have to attend an annual music school at the beginning of the year, as well as in the new year, you will be able to learn more.

Nagold – Den Beginn is very close to the beginning of the year, Nadine Wagner, a new teacher for music and education, the aftermath of Barbara Ehmann’s questions, the 20-year-old at the music school Nagold is in charge. Nadine Wagner was born in Nürtingen, she started her musical education with 14 years and after this time she was in concert at the Gesangs class. After graduating, he studied at the State Music School in Karlsruhe. 2009 schlosss sie ihr Studum als Diplom-Konzertsängerin sovie Diplom-Gesangspädagogin mit Auszeichnung ab. Danach also offers their education at the Institute for Music Theater Karlsruhe. Nadine Sonja Wagner is a scholarship holder of the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, the Richard-Wagner-Verbands and Preisträgerin of the international opera-and-fashion classics Mania in Vienna. It is important for them to travel to their homes, to their homes, to be on their trips, to be alone, to be free, to be able to copy, and to copy as well as different genres and styles, and to be at ease. further to develop.

Followed by Dieter Schumacher

Zum 1. März übernahm Tomasz Flammer die Nachfolge von Dieter Schumacher, der nach fast 30 Jahren als Lehrkraft an der Musikschule Nagold in den Ruhestand ging. Tomasz Flammer comes from Kraków, where he began to play, play the piano and piano. His Diploma in Music Studies was closed in 2002 at the Academy of Music in Krakow as a smuggler and smuggler with a sample. Master classes at the most popular classes are Nippy Noya, Don Famularo and Bernd Maseli. After studying at the Tomasz Flammer Studio in Germany and undergraduate music schools in Germany and Switzerland, there are also orchestral musicians and active ensembles. Tomasz Flammer is in Allen Genres zu Hause und Liebt es auf der Bühne zu sein und sein Wissen und Können an seine Schülerinnen und Schüler further.

Violin and Viola

In addition to the violin and viola lessons, there will be a bill on Wednesday in April. Margret Hummel, who, on the basis of her lessons, is also a student at the end of her last year at the Nagold Music School. Kaoru Minamiguchi is located in Japan, and in the region it is well known and interested in many years at the Wildberg State Music School as well as teaching for violins and violas, as well as the WARD method and the land survey program “Singles-to-speak”. Herrenberg. Your studio with the orchestral music and concert halls is located at the Manchheim State High School for Music. Dora Szilágyi is from Hungary and has a musical education at the Liszt Ferenc University Budapest in the Graduate School of Violin Pedagogy and Art Education. At the Music School in Freiburg, the Baroque violin master’s degree and its Baroque violin studies at the “Vincenso Bellini Conservatory, Palermo” fort are completed. Neben ihrer kunstlerischen Tätigkeit ist Dóra Szilágyi an der Städtischen Musikschule Lörrach als Lehrkraft für Violin und Viola tätig.

Double bass player Nico Karcher-Wald

With a view to its popularity in June 2021, the double bass player Nico Karcher-Wald is also relatively new to the College of Music Schools. He studied at the Music School in Mannheim and Frankfurt am Main in the Graduate School of Artistic Education and Instrumental and Vocational Education, Hauptfach Double Bass, by Christoph Schmidt. In addition to the main studio, there is also entertainment under the direction of Baroque Bass / Violone, Jazz Bass and in the Alexander-Technik and Mental Training and learning classes with many facets of instruments and their teachings.

Nico Karcher-Wald compiled an orchestra performance as a member of the German Philharmonic, in the SWR Symphony Orchestra of Baden-Baden and Freiburg, in the Mainz Chamber Orchestra, the Hessian State Orchestra and the Stuttgart State Orchestra. Since 2014 it has been a member of the double bass group of the Philharmonic Staatsorchester Mainz. His teaching experience, from the beginning to study for students, began in the year 2011 in addition to his two schools in Frankfurt am Main. From 2015, its presence was extended to Mainz, and since 2019 it has also been used as a lecturer at the Peter-Cornelius Conservatory. He lives with his family in Nagold.


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