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Viele Ukrainer haben in den vergangenen zwei Monaten ihr Land verlassen. Photo: Seco / dpa

Round 1,200 flights from Ukraine are among the most popular in the Rottweil region. This number of telephone conferences on Wednesdays in the frame of the telephone conference. The situation is well known, the number of trains is still high.

Kreis Rottweil – The Kriegsbeginn in Ukraine is located in the middle of nowhere as well as two months ago. Dass in dieser Zeit annähernd 1200 Menschen in den Landkreis Rottweil geflohen sind, sei eine enorm hohe Zahl, machte Sozialdezernatsleiterin Angela Jetter deutlich. Round 900 people are privately engaged, the rest in the community of land districts.

From now on, two weeks in the folklore “versont” can be found at the meeting of the Flüchtlingen from the Landeserstaufnahmestellen. Das liege vor allem daran, dass man die Quote im Landkreis bereits gut erfüllt habe, so Jetter. Once upon a time in the Monat Mai, the Ukrainian Flüchtlingen was no longer on the 15th Flüchtlinge from other Herkunftslandes in the Rottweil Landkreis.

Don’t pay the price

However, the mangele is an indispensable number of people, as many flights from Ukraine are overcrowded in Germany, as well as in Baden-Württemberg, according to Landrat Wolf-Rüdiger Michel. The required number of employees is not subject to restrictions and passes with respect to the land from the Landkreisen. The best facts can be found, and for some farewells and summits and free shipping in the country can be found.

There are about 320 Ukrainian flights in the Kreis, about 320 in Rottweil, 160 in Schramberg and the rest in other cities and towns of the Landkreises. At the registration of the guests you are on the runner-up, Thomas Kreger. Dabei comes to the PIK station, a sound hardware, the identity of the person is definitely established, to the point. One more time in business.

Accommodation is very popular

The running hours of the accommodation are very different, thanks Angela Jetter an. Many of the landowners are only a few years old, but the development only takes place. There is also an option for extension, in the absence of the owner of the building after a year or so again. Many other accommodation has been open for two to three years.

General Lebe Man at the Theme Unterbringungen von der Hand in den Mund, meinte Landrat Michel. Also, the location in the Rottweil Land District is stable, and at the end of the flight the airwaves are closed in the next night, but not on the turn halls or other options, you can return to the menu.

Faire Lastenverteilung gefordert

One topic, that the Landkreis derzeit stark stschäftigt, ist der geplante Rechtskreiswechsel des Bundes zum 1. Juni. This decision was made, according to Ukrainian law, and the law on services was maintained by the Social Security Council and was not subject to asylum law enforcement.

This bill of exchange is also available from the Landkreis, the Landrat Wolf-Rüdiger Michel at the telephone conference. It may not be, because the Landkreis on the dadurch entstehenden Kosten sitzen bleibe. It has a fast-paced solution for the Bund and the country, and is a “fair share”.

According to current regulations, the Ukrainian flights are based on 530 business associations, partly with. Preferably, a round of 90 percent of junipers from the job center is available (Hartz IV) and a percentage of percentages from the district social services (land registry at the alter).

Preferred children

Was the health of the famous guests, so the Heinz-Joachim Adam Auskunft. In the service center in Rottweil there is a round of 750 Ukrainians. 65 Percent davon seien weiblich gewesen. Zudem waren laut Adam 30 Percent of the interviews between zero and zero years alt, 20 Percent between eleven and 19 years alt and other 20 Percent 30 to 39 years alt.

57 Persons have had to meet the Crown, said Adam. 60 percent of the interviews are not recommended, but one percent of them are available, recommended.

Follow-up for masseuse error

For the masses there are 90 people. 68 Percent of the interviews you have had to share, you have a good time. Since March 2020, I have been able to use the protection of the masses, after all, since 1970, the members of a community have been trained in a school or a kindergarten, and the impulsive protection is necessary. Man habe den Flüchtlingen deshalb angeboten, Blutuntersuchungen vorzunehmen, um dort mögliche Antikörper gegen Masern feststellen und einen schriftlichen Nachweis austellen zu konnen.

In Sachen Tuberculosis has been registered in this year as well. There are more than one number of new employees per 100,000 newcomers per day.


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