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The first USC Freiburg team in the finals of the German Basketball Championship. Gegner to the Rhineland Lions. In the name of the company, the Selbstvertrauen aber auch, sagt die Freiburger Basketballerin Luisa Nufer.

“I feel that we have been traumatized, and we have not been able to do so,” said Luisa Nufer und strahlt. The SWR Sport has been approved by the General Court of the World Cup (22.4.). An anhydrous solution is applied to the spheres, the teams and the genes are added to the parts.

Half a year can be spent in seconds

This is the case with the title of the Company in the Eastern War and the Drama and the Drama. For example, the Basketball Crimea is set off from the cradle, and the Crimean crab is free from the Happy End. The first half of the first half of the half-race (Best-of-three) with a ratio of 1 to 0 in the first half of the second half of the last half of the year is completed. Wenige Seconds spielende stand es 91:91. Kelternab ververab allerdings einen Drei-Punkte-Wurf und die Eisvögel trafen im Anschluss zum 93: 91-Sieg. This year, for the year 2011, the Finnish Basketball Championship was finalized.

“Mega voller Selbstvertrauen”

Luisa Marie Nufer played as a Shooting Guard in the Damen Basketball Bundesliga Team and studied with Mathe and Sport at Lehramt. In this studio, you can focus on the rays of the Rhineland Lions. This is the case for the German authorities.

The members of the Frequent Insurance Agency, which are collectively employed in the Federal Republic of Germany. “Were you like a self-employed person. If you find it, the team is very busy with it,” said the spirit of the 19th Spirit of the Trainer Harald Janson. “Jede einzelne Spielerin aus de Team was added to this puzzle.”

This is the first year for which the final year of the year 2011 has been completed. In this case, the team will be able to meet, “We will be able to help you.”

The fines for the final year

The Pensum, with the result of the final decision, is not in force. In the case of the Community, the landline of the country, which is less than 400 kilometers long distance from Freiburg and Bergench Gladbach, to the Rhineland Lions in Austria. Kein Wunder, on the other hand, the training is not the same as in the case of the wake. The focus is applied to the gaseous preparation and analysis of the chemical system. Und trottz langer Anfahrt gelte es vom Kopf her dann am Freitag “direkt ready” zu sein.

Rhineland Lions: Treasury of the Land

However, the Freiburger basketball team will play the field, the offensive team will play and the team will play in the field, and the Rhineland Lions will play a charter. The batches in the process were treated with pure chlorine (89:96 and 55:61) and the lions were treated with other spices. “Das ist so die größte Angst”, says Luisa Nufer. For example, the Rhineland Lions have been involved in the tactics of the Freiburger. Aber: “I would like to say that we would like to find out about and make a difference, and that is not the case with the concept.” Yasuma was briefly present with Hannah Little and Christa Reed as the top scorer.

Heimrecht liegt bei den Rheinland Lions

In the case of the German authorities, the Lions have been relieved of their duties by the team from the Bergisch-Gladbach – they have been found to be able to do so. The applicant therefore claims that the Court should: In addition, the company in the country, Freiburg:

The Chance of the Title is da

As a result, it is possible to obtain an opportunity, and the opportunity arises. I can say that the realistic Challen, “is a good idea”. In this case, the energy supply and the team will be used as part of the operation of the ball, and the Freiburger will also be able to operate the system.

Dass am kommenden Montag auch ihr Semester wieder startet, kann warten, sagt die Lehramtsstudentin noch lachend. For the start of the final year. The focus of Luisa Nufer is to avoid the possibility that the Basketball Championship will be closed – with a clearing and financial position.

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