Feuerwehr Eutingen: Ehrungsmarathon bei der Hauptversammlung – Horb & Umgebung

Einige der Geehrten mit Kreisbrandmeister Frank Jahraus, Bürgermeister Armin Jöchle and Kommandant Tobias Plaz. Source: Unknown

Am 24. Juni fanden sich circa 100 Feuerwehrmitglieder der Gemeinde Eutingen im Gäu in voller Montur zu ihrer Hauptversammlung in der Korntalhalle in Göttelfingen zusammen.

Eutingen – Unter den Teilnehmenden beren der Eutinger Bürgermeister Armin Jöchle, Kreisbrandmeister Frank Jahraus und Vertreter der Feuerwehren aus Nachbargemeinden. After a congratulation by Commander Tobias Plaz, the commander-in-chief Anton Nesch and the members of the fire brigade, the comrades in the war and all men, were not allowed to attend the fire brigade.

Corona leads to the break

At the end of the year, the development of the fire brigade was reported, as well as the Plaz mehrmals concrete, which is the first fire-fighting summary since 2019. In March 2020, the service of the fire brigade is fully established and ” “, indem Übungen nun online stattfanden. The plaz noted that the fire brigade of the Eutingen community was currently at the “11 Fire Brigade Chamber and 161 Fire Brigade Chamber”.

The fireworks are on their way, 183 Mal seit 2019 alarmed and is on 96 units equipped – also with two attachments to Ahrtal-Katastrophe im vergangenen Sommer. The most common gigs of the Glück glimpflich aus and selbst Corona konnte der Firewehr keinen Strich durch die Rechnung machen, da es nie vorkam, dass eine Abteilung complet in Quarantäne mustte od krankheitsbedingt ausfiel.

It’s too much for you

The most important topics, the fire brigade currently in force, are the responsibility of three new drivers, the leader is a “huge workload with you”, and the comrade’s part. “Hier gilt es viel nachzuholen”, so Plaz. All in all summed up the commander, that “the commemorated month on any fall will be long and a lone lockdown will be fatal.”

At the conclusion of the summary, heifer-led Heiko Krüger made the most important contributions to the period and also found out that the Eutinger Fire Brigade had a convoy for the warlords of the Ukrainian War in March 2022. This is located directly on the Ukrainian border.

Order cash register

It follows the report of the cashier Klaus Glaser, who is the leader of the best must, but “the sports team while the Corona trains, the fire brigade does not.” In addition to the details and excerpts of the fire brigade, the details of the case and the loot, a contract for payment, are paid, the total cash register on April 5, 2022 on. Kassenprüfer Klaus Neff and Andreas Gauß attestirten ihm eine ordnungsgemäße Kassenführung. Cashier Klaus Glaser and the editor-in-chief Heiko Krüger will be able to provide the best cashier, the cashier will be a member of his court and heiko Krüger, who will be appointed in 2007, will be the head of the editorial board.

Kreisbrandmeister Frank Jahraus gives a speech and the information in the staff. Darunter was René Auberger and Rouven Bühler, the brand master was beaten, and Thomas Renz was beaten by the Oberbrandmeister. Jahraus war froh, berichten zu können, dass die Feuerwehren im Landkreis Freudenstadt gut durch die Pandemie kamen und es keine Austritte aus der Feuerwehr gab.

Numerous greetings

He was given a “one-time performance marathon” today, and in the year the last main event had 48 events. From this ground of content, the leader is only for the sake of the guerrilla, he is over 40 and over 50 years old members – this exercise is first of all Kurzeme. You can watch fireworks, welcome to bronze (15 years of service), silver (25 years of service), gold (40 years of service) and for 50 years of service in a special offer. It is a matter of urgency for all members of the Ministry of the Interior.

After the erroneous payment, all guests should speak a word, a gift, a gift from the Eutinger Bürgermeister Armin Jöchle, Horber FW-Commander Marco Schlagregen, Dieter Eger from the Empfinger Fire Brigade, and the director of the Kreiswehr Fire Brigade. They are all affected by the lousy work of fireworks and reports on one of their standings.

Info: Ehrungen

■ For 15 years the service was attended by: Michael Dettinger, Michael Feinler, Marvin Stark, Marc Creuzberger, Jan Pfeffer, Peter Wolf, Manuel Kalmbach, Martin Kalmbach, Johannes Kieferle, Stephan Wolfersberger, Thomas Wolfersberger, Rainder Bader, Heiko Krüger, Oliver Leins, Patrick Schmid

■ 25 years of service: Alexandra Plaz, Andreas Sökler, Daniel Feinler, Stefan Graf, Bernhard Walz, Frank Fidomiski, Michael Fischer, Thomas Renz

■ 40 years of service: Uwe Creuzberger, Klaus Glaser

■ 50 years of service: Bernhard Kramer, Winfried Seele, Helmut Seele, Bernd Creuzberger, Günther Teufel


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