Featuring in Salzstetten: Theater theater for the first time in the jubilee year – Horb & Umbebung

The actors are still on New Year’s Eve: Sören Werner (from the links), Thorsten Rumpelt, Petra Guadagnoli, Jutta Reitz, Marga Kempeneers, Oliver Dettling, Annette Schulz and André Werner. Photo: Maier

On the 25th anniversary of the year, the Salzstetter Theater will be able to enjoy the premiere pieces again. Light from – Spot an: Vorhang auf für “Nix wie Kuddelmuddel”. The first opening will take place on Saturday, April 9, at 7.30 pm in the public hall. Further presentations are on April 23 at 7.30 pm and on April 24 at 5 pm.

Waldachtal-Salzstetten – Der Zweiakter über eineinhalb Stunden ist vielversprechend: Die selbst ernannte Wahrsagerin “Madame Kassandra” lässt das Pendel swwingen, legt Karten, schaut gar in die Sterne. Can you also help Geister? “The view in the sphere is reflected in the unsettled visions in the measured dimensions,” said Hellseherin.

Tribute to Iris Fischer

The reunion of these turbulent lust games in the Jubilee Year 2022 is also a tribute to the unique Galions-Figure of the Salzstetter Theater Theater, by Iris Fischer, the most famous wood. “We play these comedies and their lives,” said Oliver Dettling. The Paraderolle by Iris is overlooked by Marga Kempeneers.

Als sich die Salzstetter Teaterpatza vom Liederkranz obgenabelt sich als selbstständiger Verein etabliert haben, so berichtet Dettling, wurde im Jahr 1997 erstmals da lustspiel “Nix wie Kuddelmuddel” aufgeführt. “We may be able to use the Corona situation as well as the actors in the rehearsals and on the stage, but we will have these independent theater pieces again from the school’s disposal,” said Dettling. Here you can only get Acts and not 14 of them.

Corona-Fall is worth a visit

Dettling says: “We sit on some ticking time bombs and hoffens, but we don’t have to be able to play in the Quarantine. We have a lot to do and try to find the best things to do.” Er berichtet: weiter: “Unter strösten Corona-Regeln proben wir seit Ende Januar 2022. Vor jeder Probe testen wir uns alle.”

Back: 1997 Haber die Akture die Stück gleich viermal u Gemeindesaal Salzstetten aufgeführt. “In total, we have made this piece of food in the surrounding area, we have played in Dettingen, Fischingen, Dettlingen, Ebhausen, Hallwangen and Schopfloch,” said Dettling. At the planned opening of the castle Dießen has the rain a line through the calculation.

There are two more players in the other country with roller skates with, since 1997 on the stage: The 57-year-old Marga Kempeneers, who is in the middle of 32 years with the name Kübler, also, of course, the 58-year-old Oliver. Many years ago.

Laienschauspieler haben große Lust

Ein Aufatmen ist den Laienschauspielern anzumerken: “Endlich öffnet sich wieder der Vorhang und wir cannnen auf die Bühne.” There is a typical general rehearsal and a theater premiere, which the singer wants to know. Manchmal are more or less likely to be able to work or not at the general test. Aber: After a bad miss, the rehearsal can not take place at the premiere, right? The second act of the Comedy is seen.

The Acts

Sieben Akteure wollen die Lachmuskeln strapazieren: Marga Kempeneers (Wahrsagerin), André Werner (Regisseur), Oliver Dettling (Mann von der Telekom), Jutta Reitz (Putzhilfe), Annette Schulz (naive Frau Buchfink), Thorsten Rumnent Bpel (Souffleuse). Regie führt Theaterspatza-Chef Oliver Dettling. The mask is made by Monika Dettling and Sören Werner den Vorhang. The technician is Walter Eschenfelder. “We bring a lot of action on the stage and the only possible locker to take out,” says Dettling with the highest-ranking Miene. However, this request is not easy. It’s a “hard piece”.

As the kitchen cook, Andrea Saller was invited to the helm team by her favorite choice. On the menu you can find roll rolls with potato salad, broth with potato salad, casserole and casserole. The number of places is limited to the Crown Place. Einlass been den den Avesndvorstellungen ist jeweils ab 18 Uhr und am Sonntag, 24. April, werden die Suschauer schon ab 15 Uhr mit frischem Kaffeeduft und Kuchen empfangen, wie Pressesprecher André Werner ankündigt.

Info: The pre-sale

Info: The card sale starts on Monday, March 14, at Oliver Dettling, Phone 07486/91 60 or Mobile 0170 4 66 04 52. Sale of “Category I” for Euro and “Category II” for Euro. According to the dinner box, the cost of this card is two Euros in the category. The payment and collection of the cards is provided on the basis of the selected opening hours in the community hall.


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