FCK macht einen großen Schritt in Richtung Aufstieg – Fussball

The 1st FC Kaiserslautern hat TSV Havelse souverän 3: 0 (1: 0) besiegt. For the benefit of the FCK of the Netherlands, the Competition Authority.

Philipp Hercher und Terrence Boyd wielded a spieler with a score of 3: 0 on the 1st FC Kaiserslautern of TSV Havelse. The boy was not allowed to reach a torque of 1: 0 (12.). It is possible to enter in paragraph 59. Minutes of the FCK-Aktionen beteiligt. The Styrmer said in an interview with SWR Sport that the concrete was described as follows: An invention was performed for an hour with Philipp Hercher, and a mixture of these was used.

The name of the company is such that the ballast is removed from the room during the operation. It is clear that this is an unprecedented war, which must be carried out in the 12th minute. Boyd ließ TSV-Torwart Norman Quindt keine Chance. For the purposes of this Regulation, Philipp Hercher was appointed to the Hand of the Ball. Glück für den FCK, dass es in der 3. Liga keinen Video-Beweis gibt.

FCK-Trainer Antwerpen unzufrieden

The FCK is described above. Und immer wieder war Boyd daran beteiligt. Entweder per Kopf (18th and 45th), with Fuss (40th) or Vorlagen-Geber a Hercher (19th) or Mike Wunderlich (41st). If the result is in the middle, we are able to reach the end of the break, 1 to 0 in pause. FCK-Trainer Marco Antwerpen diesem Zeitpunkt jedoch nicht, vorilem, weil FCK-Keeper Mattheo Raab zweimal gegen Fynn Lakenmacher retten must (9th and 43rd). “It is possible to start the game until the end of the day.”

FCK mit Schwung aus der Pause

In the present case, the scope of the FCK is subject to inspections and tests on the inspection. Herchers left Sching on the other side (51st), and in the case of the Duches of the Dessert Pass with a double passage of 2: 0 (53). The war was quenched. Denn Havelse must be used and the FCK can be used as a container. Doch der Boyd mingewechselte Muhammad Kiprit war zuzerlich im Abschluss (62.) und Wunderlichs Schuss – nach einem Energie-Solo von Boris Tomiak – war dem Stadion-Dach näher als dem Tor (67.).


The FCK is a member of the Swedish National and National Association of the Federal Republic of Germany and is a member of the SWR Sport RLP with Moderator Christian Döring.
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Philipp Hercher is a member of the FCC

After three minutes, Marlon Ritter was given a single dose of 3: 0 (73.). “The war is a stubborn work,” said Ritter. Und Boyd stated: “However, Gegner is not a member of the Schulter genome.

FCK nun mit vier Punkten Vorsprung

With the exception of the FCK, a large number of transactions were granted in Austria. Denn die Pfälzer festigen mit nun 56 Punkten Platz zwei der 3. Liga. The profit of the FCK from the Netherlands has been reduced to 1. FC Saarbrücken und hat next Points of interest above and below Points of interest “This is because the game and the genus are sequentially described as such,” said Boyd. Kommende Woche (Samstag, 19.03.2022) was appointed by the FCK to SC Freiburg II.


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