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Thomas Müller ist Mann der claren Worte: Mit Blick auf seine Zukunft stellte er nun eögliches Career 2025 in den Raum. This is also the case for FC Bayern Gedanken machen, wer auf das FCB-Urgestein folgen könnte.

The transfer of Thomas Müller to FC Bayern took place in Germany. Sport brilliant is a 32-inch wall mounted on the wall, mounted on the wall and mounted on the wall. Müller is currently based in Europe for a number of years in the division of Saison (19) and in the Scorer League of the Champions League.

The first step is to improve the quality. For the purposes of this Regulation, the identity of the staff member shall not exceed that of the team. As soon as it is locked, it is possible to read the art and then the light source “Radio Müller” is used and not accepted by the Mannschaft.

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Thomas Müller was a member of the FC Bayern Munich and the German National Network. (Video Games: 2:34 Minutes)

Dass die Ära Müller aber irgendwann enden muss, rief der Bayern-Star nun höchstpersönlich in Erinnerung. The press conference of the National Executive Committee of the DFB stated that: “It will take place until the 2025 years of the Top-Level Football Championship.

The FC Bay bleiben also wore a pair of years and a large number of children. Doch wer käme mittelfristig überhaupt als Müller 2.0 in Frage?

Do you want to play sports in Müller?

The internal solution

Jamal Musiala

The option is limited to music. In the case of FC Bayern, it is considered that the Müller-Backup and the shelf can be stored in the same way as in the case of the Federal Republic of Germany. For the benefit of Stuttgarter, the former Bayern talent is represented by David Alaba, who is a member of the professional team of record holders. The wall was built in 2026.

The first part of the plan for the Bayern of Müller-Nachfolge wall.

Paul Wanner

This is a candidate for employment under the banner. The youngster in Anfang in January with 16 years and 15 years of employment was promoted to a member of the Bundesliga in FC Bayern. The Club of the Wanners Vertrag wenig später langfristig bis 2027.

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In the video (Länge: 25 Seconds) is the Bayern Trainer Julian Nagelsmann to Paul Wanner.

Bei Julian Nagelsmann had a great deal of success. “There is an unparalleled talent, such as the ball, and the ball,” says the FCB Coach:

For the purposes of the Manner, the name of the company is set out above in the center

The external options

Florian Wirtz (Bayer Leverkusen)

Der Leverkusener passt ins Beuteschema der Münchner. The talent is a member of the Bundesliga and the German National Association. The 18-gauge glove for the purpose of the mixture is described by the manufacturer and 14 Assistants, which are also used in the construction of the vehicle. Das Problem: Wertz hat bei Bayer noch einen Vertrag bis 2026 and steht nicht nurim FCim auf “Watchlist”. The composition of the method is to be used in the same way as in the case of Bavaria.

Giovanni Reyna (Borussia Dortmund)

The Shooting Star in Borough of Dussmund has a special profile in the form of a passport. The plant of the BVB plant is transformed into a 19-inch plant and can be used as a plant in the center of the plant. Der Vertrag des US-Nationalspielers Läuft 2025 aus. The Bayern dürften den Youngster also zumindest im Auge behalten. Reyna wären jedenfalls nicht der erste Top-Kicker, den es von Dortmund nach München verschlägt.

Christoph Baumgartner (TSG Hoffenheim)

Baumgartner ist ein echter Allrounder. For the purposes of this Regulation, the central and internal requirements of the Agreement shall not apply. The Austrian scheme was approved in 2019 for the TSG-Jugend for professional and special purpose in the field of signaling and lighting. The wall was built in 2025.

Dani Olmo (RB Leipzig)

The Spanish Government was re-appointed to the RB Leipzig in January 2020 with a meeting and 14 meetings in the 56th Bundesliga Party. All the players from FC Barcelona have grown up in the middle of the year, and have played in the Jugend. For the year 2024, Leipzig has been approved as a landlord. The interests of the interests involved in the conduct of business.

Kai Havertz (FC Chelsea)

For the time being, the Federal Republic of Germany, in addition to Havertz. This is the case in the case of Bayern in the formulation of an externally treated iron ore. The first of these applications was initiated in the presence of FC Chelsea. The Treaty of Accession will run until 2025. The National Assembly of the German National Assembly will be responsible for the implementation of the Treaty of Munich.

Martin Ödegaard (FC Arsenal)

Im Sommer 2025 left the Vertrag von Ödegaard in London. On the 23rd day of the meeting in Real Madrid in 2015 as well as in the present year, the establishment is located without the focus. Here, Sommer played the role of Norweger in FC Arsenal and ended up in the field (according to Tore and Assistants in 26 PL-Spielen). The aid granted to Pep Guardiola is subject to the conditions laid down in the Regulation.

Wer can you go to Müller?

With all the qualities allotted to Müller, FC Bayern is not eligible. In this case, the quality of the product is determined to compensate for its quality.

Als Führungsfigur

In this case, the Leader of the Bayern with Joshua Kimmich was the Leader of the Committee. The 27-year-old team will be on the team and conducting a college in the middle of the field. As far as possible, the mixture is treated with a green tow and has been shown to be suitable for sympathetic treatment.

For the purposes of this Regulation, the General Government of the European Communities shall apply to Leon Goretzka. It is possible for you to plan the transfer to Säbener Straße. The duo of the Dühführungsrolle von Müller übernehmen.

Als Identifikationsfigur

In this case, the identification identifiers may be used as a reference. This is not the case in the case of the manufacturer’s professional staff in the field of music, which is the subject of the contract.

You can use the Chrome Browser, which is a video player with optimization.

FC Bayern: Multitalent Alphonso Davies imitated the Backstreet Boys (Quelle: Tik Tok – VIDEO LÄGE: 56 Seconds).

To Bayern-Urgestein, aber ein Typ Müller ist vielleicht Alphonso Davies. “Phonzie” advances from Beginn an in Munich to Fan-Liebling. In order to ensure that the training is carried out in the same way, the network has been set up by Thomas Müller.

Müller hält sich Abschied offen

Natürlich ist das Abschied von Müller 2025 nicht in Stein gemeißelt. “The criteria are set out in passing, which may be replaced by the following:” However, the criteria set out above shall be as follows: Jetzt wird’s langsam mal Zeit. ” Und irgendwann hat bekanntlich alles mal ein End …

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