FAhrbericht Kia Sportage Plug-in-Hybrid PHEV

This Kia Sportage is equipped with a plug-in hybrid. It is functional, but also suitable for the 265-PS-SUV.

Does the company have the right to use the new Sportage PHEV for this purpose? Only the Frage der Sichtweise was used. The plug-in hybrid is described as having been used in the form of a clear-cut device, which is suitable for use. The combination of the crystalline E-type with the above-mentioned T-GDI-Benziner is designed to be used in combination with a system of 265 PS for the PHEV-Sport system.

The Lithium-Inone Polymer Battery is 66.9 kW in the form of a battery that is 13.8 kWh. For the purposes of this Regulation, a total of 70 Kilometers of electrical energy, including 78 Kilometers, shall be used. This is the case in which all the elements in the E-Module are used in the theory – the doctrine can be used.

In this case, a combination of such devices, such as a type of radar sensor and a combination of radar sensors, may be used in combination with an optical unit. The ladle valves for the stroke are not so large, and the manholes are not optimal, so that the ladder can be cleaned at room temperature. The Kia Sportage Plug-in Hybrid is available with a maximum power of 22 kW and a maximum power of 7.2 kW. An optional 11-kW wall box is provided with a single power supply of 3.6 kWh in the “drop-off”, but is provided with an open air.

These measures are in addition to the provisions of this Regulation. These include the 19-inch system, the function of the system and the system, or the main navigation system of the PHEV series, which has the features of the control unit. Until: The Sportage Plug-in-Hybrid is equipped with all the accessories of the PHEV SUV from the Volkswagen Group.

From here to Platz

These are also used in the manufacture of a mixture of naturally occurring PHEV-specific compounds in the console and hybridization for hybrid technology. The light source is set at 40 millimeters above the measuring device. “Soll” is used as a practical means, in which case it is possible to use the same type of equipment in which it is used.


The combination of instruments as well as combinations for the panoramic display costs can be accessed from the Spirit package.

Alternatively, 1,6-liter gasoline in the form of a sport is used to automatically switch to a high-performance, high-performance plug-in hybrid and automatic circuit breaker. In the case of a DCT double-stranded circuit, the gangwheel is subsequently and all harmonically tuned. Lediglich bei abrupter Licensing and conversion of gas permits – the best of its ability to be used as a landing gear on the ground – the concept of automatic transmission of the concept, which can be determined in the form of a kickdown. For the purposes of this Regulation, a total of 265 PS shall not apply. The test is performed at a distance of up to 191 km / h.

The electricity system in the open air

The Kia Sportage Plug-in Hybrid was licensed and sold in the winter. For this purpose: The S-Machine has been used solely in connection with the operation of the inner part and on the ground floor of the plant. Until the maximum speed, a maximum of 140 km / h is applied to the electric drill. These, in addition to the PHEV, are 1.35 Tons per tonne of Sport Plug-in Hybrid for a long-term use in the field.

Kia Sportage Plug-in-Hybrid PHEV Fahrbericht


The petrol engine must be heated and heated to size.

In which the problem of Kia-Konstruktion, die Grohden a kostengünstigen Gleichteile-Strategie mit varianen variants sie si ist ist: Rein electrical wiring harnesses which are suitable for heating and air conditioning are reactivated. It is present that the water is warm or dry, and the gasoline is used. For example, the air conditioning and heating are not connected to a plug-in hybrid and the electrical system of the manufacturer, which is connected to the model according to the model. The compartment is connected to the headboard and is fitted with a spreader at the end of the air. According to the idea, the addition of a stroke to a gasoline boiler (and a precursor of the gas) is used, but the sport PHEV can be used in all the underlying conditions. In this case, the electrical components of the air conditioning system are equipped with a standard air conditioning system, and the air conditioning system of the motor unit is connected to the motor unit during the winter.

Kia Sportage PHEV – der Preis

With a base model of 44,390 Euros, the base model for the Kia Sportage Plug-in Hybrid is currently available in the front of the model. These are obtained in the form of a yellow gel and a solid, which is not present in all the cells, but which is completely reduced to 7,177,50 euros. This is due to the fact that the all-terrain version with 136-PS-Diesel or 180-PS-Benziner and DCT was of interest to Angebot. For the purposes of the present invention, the retardation of the feedstock and the retraction of the PHEV-Main towing system will be carried out by the manufacturer (2.677,50 Euro incl. Steuer).


And, in the case of electricity, the electricity supply is reduced.

Nein, die Nutzung der Plug-in-Möglichkeit überwacht ja keiner.

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The Kia Sportage is a general purpose SUV in the unmatched class of the Plug-in Hybrid. We are able to provide the PHEV comfortably with a sporty prize in the field of operation, which also has a high level of operation. In the case of electrical equipment, the power supply is set at the same level. For example, the plug-in sports is provided with an additional power of up to 70 km with the power of the device, which is not included in the power supply.

Technical Data

Kia Sportage 1.6 T-GDI Plug-in-Hybrid
Grundpreis € 44,390
Außenmaße 4515 x 1865 x 1650 mm
Coffer volume 540 to 1715 l
Hubraum / Motor 1598 cm³ / 4-cylinder
Leistung 136 kW / 185 PS and 4000 rpm
Höchstgeschwindigkeit 191 km / h
Verbrauch 0.0 kWh / 100 km

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