Faction Volt-ÖDP-Bambergs Mitte beantragt “Round table energy supply Bamberg and surroundings”

The outbreak of war in Ukraine is still free of energy. Dennoch wird in Deutschland, bis heute, massif a fossile Energieträger gesetzt die zu einem grois Teil außerhalb der EU gewonnen werden. Dies hat zur Folge, dass nicht zuletzt aus politischen Gründen die Energiepreise immer wieter steigen. Naturally, there are also auspices for people in Bamberg and surroundings. There is a high energy price for a local business, and others are responsible for all life-sustaining costs.

“The Volt-ÖDP-Bambergs faction, however, is in the wake of the war with the question of who can be treated by the authorities,” said Hans-Günter Brünker of the Volt-Stadtrat. “We know that the whole world is not affected by this policy, but it is also known that the energy supply in the region has changed. Underground with help at our city and regional offices. Zum Beispiel durch einen stärkeren Fokus auf die Gewinnung von Primärenergie vor Ort (Beispiel Lagarde), den Ausbau der Fernwärmeversorgung unter Einbeziehung von geothermaler Energie oder auch durch den verstärkten Einsatz von Flächenphotovoltaik und der Windenergie im gesamten Raum Oberfranken. “Viele dieser Maßnahmen wären deutlich wirkungsvoller and the cost of living is not a common commune in Angriff, but it is worth it as a regional office. In addition to the fraction, the faction of the administration of a round table of energy supply in the region with the acquisition of the city of Bamberg is connected with the commune of the region to which we are interested in our energy supply.

“The war break in Ukraine is now almost as important as our energy supply and demand for the future,” said Brünker. “We have a long way to go before the meeting, we are looking forward to the current free tax increase.

Question: Energy 2040 – Introduction “Round table of regional energy supply”

Very dear Mr. Oberbürgermeister Starke,

A short notice: If you want to enter a certain time, you will have to enter this question, you will be able to make a war in Ukraine or not, but you will be able to do it again. In addition to the necessary short-term costs, the price of energy prices must be self-sufficient, and we can help people in the last months under the higher energy costs. Here we have our request, which we have finished, in the 2nd paragraph.

Dennoch sollten wir auch nach vorne blicken und deshalb stellen wir heute, wie geplant, diesen Antrag der mittel- bzw. Long-term oriented residents are determined by the energy prices in the region.

We are in the middle of nowhere, but the development in Ukraine is also not limited to Bamberg and our country. The prices for electricity and gas on the energy exchange can be found only on the way and it is worth it, but also at the Bamberg City Station and other energy managers in the region, these offices are open to the burghers *. They will be able to meet the regional economic and economic conditions.

When we are from Bamberg, we do not have to go to the global location, but we can give you free gifts, our energy supply from the global economy is more expensive.

For example by:

  • Strengthen the focus on the gain of primary energy before the settlement
  • Further construction of the fern heat in the city of Bamberg and the region for use under the application of geothermal energy from the heat norm in the ground between Bamberg and Coburg or no additional expenses for heat treatment (for industrial processes from industrial plants)
  • Explanation of surface photovoltaics and wind energy in the common area of ​​the Upper Franconia under the City and Regional Works
  • Installation of additional block power plants in the regional power and heat network
  • Provision of decentralized private solutions (stationary fire extinguishers, etc.)
  • Etc. etc. …

As a matter of fact, many of the possibilities are based on the possibility that the possibilities of the dependent, decent energy supply (heat and electricity) are varied. Admittedly, the current and gas prices are still possible, and the solutions are wet and efficient, which can be read as soon as possible.

Only regional and decent energy sources can only be used as bishops, so that the region is able to increase the size of the world’s major markets and other valuables in the region.

If many solutions are found, we should be able to find out what we want to do in the region of Bamberg.

From this background we can find the following:

  1. The city of Bamberg treats in contact with the community in the region a “round table of regional energy supply” is provided. In addition to the round table, there will be a regional concept of “Energy 2040” with 2023, which will be able to identify, regional and sustainable energy sources and identify them.
  2. On the basis of the war in Ukraine, we will be invited, that the city of Bamberg in Zumammenarbeit mit den Stadtwerkenk e den Vorgehen entwikelt wie einkommensschwache Haushalte angesicht zu erwartenden kurzfristigen Energiepreisteigengenterst.

With friendly greetings
Hans-Günter Brünker
Lucas Büchner
Jürgen Weichlein

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